Thursday, February 25

Whistle along

I'll be gone for 2 weeks plus. Induction thingy. Pretty long huh. Maybe so that I won't pump petrol from other petrol stations.

I'm thrilled! (not in a sarcastic way)

I am determine to be more organized. This includes not to be late and plan ahead. Wondering how can I do that because I'm reckless spontaneous.

p/s: I'm craving something chocolatey gooey. Firah, lets.

Saturday, February 20

Busy rupanya.

Hari ini


1. Pegi buat medical check up. Terbump into classmate and got excited.
2. Takut dengan jarum so darah tak keluar which leads to kena cucuk for the second time.
3. Malaysia ni panas, jangan nak berangan jalan from Prince Court to KLCC tengah hari buta.
4. Rasa macam nak pitam sebab tak makan since yesterday malam.
5. Semua orang kerja kat KLCC dress up cam stylo je. Demm.. habis gaji to bajus je.
6. Decided maybe I would sell Charlie. No hard feelings Charlie. You're too expensive for me.
7. Had french toast at old town with the girls but french toast didn't agree much with my tummy.
8. Said goodbye to Nina (she's flying to aussie tomorrow)
9. Buat skype just because I miss you.
10. Rasanya macam kembali addicted to fb,blog,chatting and blog hopping.

this explains why I'm not asleep yet now.

Wednesday, February 17

New Chapter

I haven't been updating much.
Didn't expect that I would be busier at home compared to UTP.
But I did experienced things that opened a new chapter to my life.
I am finally employed, my office is in KL but my bf moved to Bintulu. Work purposes.
So.. Its a new chapter and a big challenge.

What do I feel?
Lucky, excited, scared and indescribable.

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