Friday, November 20

Good Bye

I wore black today.
As if its a funeral.
Its my last paper.
Its my last day as a student.
As much as excited I am to finish this ,
Deep down inside, its just sad to part with this comfort zone.
This is the day that I face the fact that I'm that little fish in the big blue sea
Not the little fish in the pond.

Goodbye 'the middle of no where',
Goodbye student life.
Goodbye all the interesting people

Happy Unofficially Graduation
Selamat Menanam Anggur.

Jump of freedom! , taken by ejat

Tuesday, November 17

eye bags

need decent sleep at a decent time peacefully. blergh.
and I don't need cough syrup or anti-depressant.


FYP does not come from storks

After months of stress, sleepless nights, coffee, tapau food, gaduh with bf, and mood swing kalah perempuan mengandung.

I finally hardbound my dissertation report and get my system functioning.

In other words, I'm done, finish tip top my Final Year Project.


an inch to graduating :D

Friday, November 13


Dear Bimboes, fashion addict, and readers,

Pisau Cukur is a must watch movie. It was worth every Ringgit. Seriously. I wouldn't mind watching it again and be happy. Its not your typical Malay drama that we always avoid to watch because they are too sappy but its simply Panass!

Why should you watch it? because:
  1. As far as I can remember, this is the first malay chick flick.
  2. Its funny. Plus the 'hidden dirty jokes', the thing that the Datuk gatal did with his briefcase was priceless if you get what I mean. Friggin hilarious, LMAO. I do wonder if LFN gets those dirty jokes or is it too abiguous for them to understand.
  3. Ok, typically they do have some comel scenes that you'd go awww... so cute.
  4. There's this 'gigi besi' cutie (Redza Mihat, picture below in the blue shirt) who's uber sweet.
  5. Oh my DIOR! , Oh my PRADA! Oh my Jimmy CHOO! - you people will feel giddy because combining Fazura and Maya Karin together equals to spontaneous gedik-ness but not pretentious. So, its not annoying at all.
  6. Its not boring at all, full with excitement and I didn't finish my popcorn (finishing my pop corn is one of the sign the movie is too dull)
  7. Its the perfect combination of P.Ramlee's Madu tiga, mystery case file and a small hint of Legally Blonde.
  8. Bunyi moaning dari laptop, adegan2 hot Sharifah Sofea and Datuk gatal and gay ness of Naz-T was so unexpected. Tak filter kot movie ni.
  9. Story line is interesting and the ending was twisted.
  10. This movie PROVES that no matter how bimbo you are, you can still be independent and intelligent. Its not just a pretty face honey.

But a tiny bit turn off about this movie is ... LIYANA JASMAY superficial and konon spoiled brat. Please go and learn how to be naturally gedik.

And don't expect their apparel would be like in Gossip Girl that would blow your mind off and make you say Oh my Prada! Nama pon pisau cukur.

Hurry up and watch it so that you guys know what am I merepek-ing about and why am I excited gila.

Panas! ok.


Wednesday, November 11

home sick

saya sangat rindu kamu dan kamu. bila la saya nak balik.

p/s: papa tak cakap good luck dan memberi kata2 semangat. saya merajuk sekarang. One down 2 more to go. Oh saya dah 'register course', anda bila lagi? <--- ayat bakar untuk budak2 yang ada satu lagi semester. muahahhahahahaha. sucks to be you. :P

Monday, November 9

future f1 driver and future fashion designer

What do you get when two bored people decided to play around 'unprotected'?


He came across this make babies website and wonder how our kids would look like. But out of the odd, how can we produce a blonde baby? Am I that bimbo till it reflects on my baby girl's hair? But my baby boy is so hadorable. Can I have a real one honey? pleaseeeeee
hahah joking :P don't get freaked out.

Saturday, November 7

'study week'

funny pictures of cats with captions

Adreen's study routine for this week. very 'productive'.

Thursday, November 5

yes you.

Kalau gaduh dengan yang tercinta. Sila dedicate lagu yang comel ni.

Wednesday, November 4


Gabby: What a blank of a day. Earl at the office is such a blank. I wanna kick the blank out of his blank.

Carlos: Oh yeah? how bout that blanking hair dresser totally screwed up my blanking hair look at me. I'm totally blanked.

Gabby: The blanking client didn't sign the deal and we lost a blank load of money. waaa .....blank! blank! blank!

Carlos: Okay, we are both at fault but you're home schooling her.

Gabby: Fine, but I know someone who isn't getting blanked tonight.

Carlos: Fine with me, I blanked off earlier.

-desperate housewives-

They are seriously hilarious. I love Gabby and Carlos. Even when they argue, it never fail to crack me up.

Monday, November 2

mok mok fatty ass.

today i had ikan bakar, ice kacang, sushi, takoyaki, aunty anne's , one large coke and tosai paper
yesterday i had egg mayo and peanutbutterjelly, bbq ayam, loads of candies (halloween meh!)
day before yesterday i had... i can't really remember but i remember eating meggi goreng telur mata tak sedap dah kat ameeth pastu tak puas hati and donate the left over to kawan sebelah kanan pastu order roti bakar telur manis CHEESE! oh memang babat macam teddy bear. and its not cute.
this depression is making me eat more more and more.

macam mana la aku tak jadi lebih gemuk.

note to self: please go jogging satu UTP and swimming 10 laps.

p/s: dear lanun, in the end I search for you to tell you how I feel. oh how I wish you can respond and tell me its just a nightmare. when i wake up its all going to be normal again.

Sunday, November 1


i miss that excitement we used to have.
this cold war is giving me shivers.
come back will you?
you who i know. and love.


cik lanun

My photo
I used to believe that we can live on clouds.