Thursday, June 17

Baby Blue and White Stripes

"Arg 3 Korea1?"

"Arg 4 Kor1. U missed a beautiful game."

" girl knows football :') "

Some interest of mine are best kept quiet. Indeed it was a beautiful game (They played smartly and both teams are amazing don't you think so?).
Nice one!

Wednesday, June 9

Baby, baby, baby, ooohhhhh

I remembered when we went to Bora Asmara and there's this live band came to our table and sang 'Can't help falling in love' by Elvis Presley.

It was dedicated to us. I guess they seen sparks between us.

I decided it should be our song.

I love you Jude.

Looking forward to discover you more. It never ends doesn't it?

Monday, June 7

Hello Goodbye

1. I can't sleep thanks to dozing off from 3 pm till 530 pm. Weird dream was I owned a pair of armadillo heels (go google if you are curious) and wore them to work along with a sky high shoulder pad blazer. po-po-po-poker face

2. The world cup fever is on. I got my argentina jersey. wear it out with my mum tho she thinks i look a bit boyish. heyyy mana ada... reen pakai head band.

3. The other week i strained my ankle and unable to wear heels for almost a week. boo! My mum told my opah that i strained my ankle because i played futsal. Then my opah said "laaa... awat main bola.. budak perempuan mana boleh main bola" hahah comel la opah ni.

4. I love the fact I ironed my working clothes over the weekend and I'm gonna annoy my family with this statement " best nyeee tak yah iron baju malam ni" 5 times a week.

5. Why sex and the city 2 is not in Malaysia's cinemas? sigh. I want another girls night out.

6. Encik Jude was home. for a while. cheers to long distance and be merry. At least I have someone to miss.

7. Can I not think about the stupid policy and not think about the consequnces in the future. I' m just too scared to think about it. Why do they need to make me choose between love or career.

8. In this order : wayfarer- blackberry-car-designer handbag-whatever comes next.

9. I still drag to go to work because of the kiasu people cari parking at lrt station and the fact I have to wake up 520 every morning.

10. I still have 3 hours 20 mins to sleep.Still fresh awake. Goodluck with that. Goodnight people.

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