Wednesday, April 29

happy birthday ika

HAPPY 22nd BABY!!!
Ika, let me remind you again.. you are no longer 12.
Look how grown up you are now. I always know it here that you'll survive med school in Indon.
Sometimes it feels like having another sister when you're around. You'll always be someone who could laugh like a maniac with and cry my bluest days and heart ache to. Remember the time when the prefects scold us because we were laughing out loud for I don't know what reason. We always get those in assemblies. And our names written intentionally at the back of our class on our last paper so that maybe one day we'll go back and check it out if its still there. And at prom we were really mean for being pleased because someone couldn't make it to our prom. As I reminisce this, it seemed like yesterday those things happened. All the childish giggles and the konon hate bitch. haha. We have outgrown those now haven't we?
Love you lots and lots and lots.

Tuesday, April 28

status gtalk

babes, we three have been doing this 'status-gtalk-berkaitan-macam-la-we-cannot-chat-je' for quite a while.
i miss you babes.

p/s: I am not being in denial. memang tak terbakar. ade korg bau kucing hangus? tak kan.

Monday, April 27

Art Attack with Charlie

ini la hasil die. sejam dalam kepanasan parking lot pocket c.
Charlie ngade2. Can't close that window.
So kene letak bandage.
Uuu.. u look so pretty Charlie. Wearing MNG.

Sunday, April 26

lazy days, crazy dolls.

I got tagged.

Anda rasa anda hot?
sentiasa. (jude, do you need a bucket ?)

Upload gambar kegemaran anda

Kenapa anda suka gambar ni?
sebab gamba ni dari salah satu babak sequel cerita kami iaitu kamu.

Bile kali terakhir mkn pizza?
on my 22nd birthday lunch with mama, papa and yuni.

Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikn tag ni?
buat laundry. bercita-cita untuk mandi lepas buat laundry.

Selain nama sndri, anda suka dipanggil dgn nama apa?
joanna. jangan tanya kenapa.

Tag lg 7 org?
1. Noin
2. Tasha
3. Hafiz benc
4. Ina
5. Iylia
6. 1412 (tak tahu nama tp selalu kasi comment a.k.a pengomen misteri)
7. kak su

Siapa no. 1 kepada anda?
cinta hati ku.

Siapakah org no. 2?
pendengar setia,setia kawan,tukang gossip, radio rosak. erm.. cinta hati ku juga.

Orang no. 3 ade hubungan dgn sesiapa?
his status is unknown.

Bagaimana dgn no. 4?
her status is also unknown.

Kata sesuatu berkenaan pada orang no. 5?
cantik rambut iloi hari ni. (ayat ini perlu diucapkan sebaik sahaja iloi bangun dari tido)

Pesanan kepada no. 6?
lama tak singgah blog.

Pendapat anda tentang no. 7?
married but still hot.

Thursday, April 23

tiba-tiba dia datang

Sape?? sape??
There was this crazy lady who I happen to know.
She called me and said "Adreen!!! I'm at UTP" in the middle of the night.
Ye crazy lady.. I did not percaya u came. I tot you're gonna prank me.
But you did. so terharu biru.
If you seen two girls screaming and running cam 10 tahun tak jumpa kat belakang v5k semalam..
tu kami la.
Anyway.. thanks for coming. I was hoping for a sleep over. lagi banyak boleh gossip kan. haha.

sape hebat cuba teka sapekah crazy lady tu antara 8 orang gadis cun ni ,termasuk tukang ambik gamba . yang pasti bukan saya.

p/s: jude law, anda bila lagi?

Tuesday, April 21

kucing ku lari gagah berani

oh please get me out from the sun

jual mahal eh tak nak ambik gamba. cam ni laaa..

sniff sniff....

ok. get ready.. set...

baring! this is what i call sunbathing

gedik kau nak sunbathing kat car pourch.

Monday, April 20


I feel butterflies in my stomach.
A feeling that I almost forget about.
Currently at cloud 9 and refuse to come back.

Sunday, April 19

all random things

These red itchy spots on our feet are from F1 and jq. Our skins are too sensitive. Princess ok. mana bole muddy places. hahaha

I'm broke because the stupid summons I have to pay or not they won't let me take my exam slip.

I did party and slept like a log the next day.

I discovered I can't get that much high with LG. But I laughed hysterically after 10 minutes playing twister (literally terguling2 on twister mat) due to the LG.

I did not alter my dress. Instead I wore my skinny and something. main twsiter kot. no flashing allowed.

Tomorrow is a public holiday and I have no idea why am I in UTP.

p/s: i want ice cold watermelon! and i'll remember about the chocolate flakes. :P

Friday, April 17

lakonan semata2

y: (i was wondering how this dude looks like hope he's not a 40 yr old pedophile)
x: (haha.. ingat cerita kami the movie ke)

Wednesday, April 15

crush crush crush

When others don't seem appealing,
There will always be the one that stands out.
But the one that stands out
is always the one that is hard to get and also hard to forget.
So mysterious, less annoying, fun to talk to.
Zillion attentions was given,
Not even once filled the missing space you left me.
My tongue is tied into a bow,
I can't say more than we're just friends.
But I wish you would say we're more than friends.

p/s: maybe this won't even work. screw it. trash it. stop hoping. let's see.. the grass is greener on the other side, maybe someone better on the other side? throw away this newly developed feelings. I'm not supposed to have feelings. sheesh!

Tuesday, April 14

i need a fairy godmother.

I was invited to this party.
Its this Friday and kinda sudden.
If I decided to go then..
BIG problem.I left all the nice dresses at home.
Along with my clutch and heels.
coz I didn't think I'd be partying again this sem.


Solution : modify this plain boring wrap dress of mine!

All i need is
1. my plain boring wrap dress
2. a black sash
3. needle and thread
4. imagination

when i succeed modifying my dress. I'll upload a picture aite?

p/s: i need a mask, heels and clutch. anyone want to lend me ? hehe.

Monday, April 13

jay kay dan topi ajaibnya and botb utp

It's annoying kan internet in UTP.
refresh 10 juta kali.
like we don't even know it coz everyone is complaining everyday.

anywhos.... jamiroquai was kickin awesome funky! worth paying 50 bucks, having some sort of allergic on my feet (bintik2 merah gatal2 tot it was chicken pox) and getting wet just to grove and most of all turning my red aldo pumps into a fader color. thank you muddy place.
conclusion: beli la kasut plastic macam crocs if i were to go to places like that.

step into my transporter so i can teleport ya all over my heavenly body!

too bad he didn't play electric mistress, dynamite and corner of the earth.

this weekend: euphonious (utp's own version of botb) and this adds two years ago excuse me was on that very stage performing starlight and bunyi gitar. kebaya top and jeans was their trade mark because no shorts / short skirts/ sleeveless/ off shoulder allowed infront VIP. and disaster keyboard tak bunyi masa starlight and violin was out of tune.

I'm not gonna complain more but I yawned throughout the event. except masa bunkface and doc mat and superfriends. credit to pdus yg finally the only one that i think ketuk drum kuat gile terkejut aku dari menguap! so enthusiastic. and to bunkface, yang tuka setting amp and rock the stage sampai rasa macam nak lompat macam kat gig. terima kasih. akhir nya. ini la live band. amp kuat yang best didengar. baru feel.
the contestants were .... and one of the emcee was fucking annoying jerit kat mic like we're pekak and the winner was so unexpected. ade ke buat lagu mammamia bunyi cam punk rock tapi cakap tu heavy metal. wei pg dengar metallica la wei! boo!!!

p/s: apesal semua emcee C for the past and present eupho annoying? i'm not racist.

Sunday, April 12

all by myself

karma strikes twice
and being alone in this jungle is not funny.
without friends,
without a boyfriend.
now i can say that i know what is it like being alone once.
and talking to people just online. 50% of the people i talk online are the people who i no longer see even when i'm at home.

a year ago.. whenever i get abandon i'll always have my ex to be with. Now when i get abandon its just me, myself and i.
oh wait, how can i get abandon.
I don't even have that much friends here. now.
I get it others have other obligations and i am a L.
why don't i have a bf now?
because all utp guys are losers. haha.
no.. i'm just not interested regardless utp or not.
i wish to feel belonged to a group of people who i can click here.
Just like when i'm at home. i feel belonged and comfortable. explained why i'm always home during weekends.

oh how can i bear with it for a month or more. i'll miss you....
Ayuni who is more sensible than i am
Firah. I'll be missing our starbucks time talking bout getting rich and listening to you babbling
about politics.
4 amazing girls back at home who loves to dress up once in a while for a fancy dinner
the one in Germany who can make me empty my atm in a day with shopping
the one in indon who'll come back in july. I'll be waiting baby! terharu gilak gue.. lo membuat
panggilan dari sulawesi pada hari lahir gue. sorry ya ika, webcam gue nggak berfungsi dan
internet gue di sini sprti siput babi.
nggak dapat gue melihat pipi lo yang semakin tembam. hahah.
my perasan handsome brotherly suka band mate saya sort of brother
and you who's reading my blog, i don't know or know who you are. haha.

Thursday, April 2

I want it all

ok ni wish list birthday. Sile post semua ni ke 7, jalan ...... ......... 2, ..../....B , 40100 , Shah Alam or just give it by hand to me. thank you. love you.

1.purse <--- mama dah volunteer nak beli. :D
2.skinny jeans grey (hint:miss selfridges) flats(that one is at pull and bear) hamptons in raspberry or something similar
5.ipod nano in red specifically. shades.gedik ok. running! because the old ones tapak nak tercabut n i just want a new one.hmm interesting book.(hints:to ilai or tasha because I know I'll read whatever the book is as long as its not as annoying as twilight)
9.a year supply of fruits.(macam impossible and merepek tapi nak)
10.trip to perhentian.
11.waist belts black and red
12.dress comel that won't make me look like a pregnant lady.
13.gladiator-ish heels at zara.
14.painting of a daisy.
15.sewing machine
17.sponsor backpacking to europe
18.chocolate molten cake + 22 candles. heheeee...
19.belanja movie + chilli's (number 18 is included)

what I don't need is ...
1. cardigans - too many
2. teddy bears - they just freak me out.
3. chocolates
4. anything purple unless its nice in purple

p/s: tinggi sangat cita2.Nak masuk 22 pon kuat berangan lagi. oh joanna, step in reality.

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