Thursday, July 24

Blush Blush

This was us a year ago before we broke up. And now we're together again which was suprising how much you changed to a better person. And i love you for that. hee~


I felt really tired yesterday.And today my throat hurts. Had to walk all the way to klcc tower 1 today. which was far and... level 59. tak boleh tinggi lg ke? huuuu.. laptop berat sumore, the highest heel that i have and a tight skirt. Good combination for walking long distance. Now my throat isn't getting any better and porridge is all i can accept. Feeling feverish is making me whiny.I want to sleep. zzzzz....wraped in my mum's shawl feels kinda warm.

Wednesday, July 23

Good morning

Breakfast as usual. Fickle la. hummmmm..

Tuesday, July 22

Di manakah orang2 ini?

I miss every one of you.
I miss how close we are in UTP.

Monday, July 14


Not even my birthday. But i got my belated birthday present. wee~ tq syazwan.Present awak sgt comel and useful. Laptop sleeve.. hee. One more thing that made me excited is... my result~ not dean's list. But i'm glad. Scholar x kene tarik. fuh! By the way, this was on Friday. So after i checked my result and was ok with it, me and syazwan went to carl's jr for lunch. Adreen is restricted to shop from now. Weekend was depressing. Need retail terapy. huhu. Spot a nice dress that is far cheaper than WareHouse. but.... i'm broke. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 2

Botol Kosong

Sometimes i wonder why am i so choosy. Sometimes teringin jugak nak ada someone to be happy with. There are choices but don't seem anything would happen and i just refuse to go on a date. I'm not desprate or anything. Kosong... that is how i feel. There's nothing to look forward to. Not even the weekends. macam sedih je bunyi.Kinda kot.I long for someone that i wouldn't have any problems going out with or i don't have to sneak out or get yelled at for going out with that person. I asked my mum and dad what kind of guy that you guys will be okay with if i were to date someone? result is.. dad yelled at me because he thought i was talking about my ex. So that was out of the topic. And now i don't feel like seeing anyone. Ever thought of will i meet anyone? I am so passive now. Gosh i need new friends.

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