Wednesday, September 30

sometimes its better not to say

Remember a game we used to play in orientations? The game where you say something and pass it to the person next to you then the person next to you pass it on to the next person and it goes on till the last person.

I'm 100% sure what the last person heard isn't the same thing the first person said. Its all twisted and delivered in a different sentence but gives different meaning that could cause chaos or can even turn friends to enemies.

Just so we know its common that people gossip or talk behind back. But most of the time the message delivered is not exactly what it's exactly is. You get what I mean? Probably I said A and you heard it was B and get it all wrong.

Yes its just a misunderstanding and No I did not say that. Sorry :)

Friday, September 18

ucapan rasmi hari raya

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin saya ucapkan kepada semua kaum kerabat saya tidak kira di kl, taiping ataupun kelantan, rakan-rakan saya yang berada di luar dan di dalam negeri.

Saya ingin meminta maaf jika terkasar bahasa secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja, post2 saya yang menyakit kan hati setengah pihak dan juga jika ada apa-apa salah yang telah saya lakukan, 0-0 ye.

Tidak lupa juga, halal kan makan minum saya... eh ni ayat cliche yang selalu diucapkan pada pagi raya dalam keadaan tersedu2 menangis masa salam mak dan ayah.

Ok kembali kepada ucapan tadi. Saya juga mintak maaf jika saya telah annoykan kamu atau menjadi singa betina dalam masa 10 saat. Maaf banyak2 ye. Saya tahu saya garang tapi comel. hee.

Sorry lah kepada usual suspects, gfs dan bf-s? tak tak bf je. yang tak terima kad raya dari saya tahun ini. Saya tahu kamu tertunggu2 posmen hanta kad raya dari saya (perasan betul saya (-.-')). Selalunya saya akan buat handmade kad raya tapi sumpah tak de masa sem ni. Tapi, dengan teknologi canggih blog dan paint, saya handmade lukis kad raya untuk korang pada pukul 3 pagi sebelum bertolak balik kampung. Terharu tak?

Oh kepada semua orang yang dikenali, sila la kemari ke rumah saya. Tapi bagitahu dulu ye .kalau suka hati ambush, makan biskut kering dan ribena sejuk la jawab nye.

alamat saya :
no7, jalan xxxx xxxxxxxx 2,
9/xx, xxxx,
xxxx xxxx.

no phone saya: 012-abcdfeghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

from Taiping with love,

Lanun comel.

p/s: saya sedang berpacking untuk balik taiping ni. sesapa yang ada di taiping, jangan segan2 kemari ke rumah opah saya. pasti ada soto dan mungkin duit raya. :D

Monday, September 14


Ass also referred as punggung, bontot, bum, butt, dubur or whatever you call it in million other languages. But unfortunately, no I'm not gonna show pictures of asses or describe a woman's butt but just rant about boys who act like asses.

1. the ungreatful ass
Imagine this situation. You work really hard to surprise your beloved. So you bought cupcakes and carried it with care and tender on a 3 hours trip on a school bus. Then carefully lure your beloved to a place and get your friends to help bring down the cupcakes. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! all you wanted to see a smile of joy instead you got a very sour face. Reason? where's my present? what will I tell my friends if they ask me what was your present? So girls, if you are stuck with this kind ass, do yourself a self relief favour and trash it in the bin.

2. the vulgar ass
Have you ever encounter something like you beloved describing how nice and fluffy your girl friend's tits are? Or heard your beloved telling you obscene things he imagine? Its just too disturbing to describe. A man like that is no man at all. He's just a kid who is reaching puberty and about to be one perverted pscyco. Seen this kind of behaviour on your first or second date? Please do step out of the door, walk out and never turn back. He's just not worthit.

3. the rude ass
This one just have too much temper in him. So he yells at you even if its just a simple misunderstanding. Or say things that are plainly rude and unacceptable. Please be civillized. It does not hurt to be polite. If you want something just ask nicely no need for the annoying statemets like "you ni masak ikan goreng pon tak pandai. mak you tak ajar ke? you ni perempuan bodo ke ape? tak paham2 I nk ikan goreng yang garaing2. eesh! karang simbah minyak baru tahu". ecece.. typical malay drama la pulak. But its rude if you ask me.

4. the clingy ass
I just don't get you. Why do you have to be so emo? Girlfriend nak spend time with kawan2 pon nak emo. Girlfriend tak reply message in 3 hours sebab tolong mak masa pon nak emo. You think having a girlfriend stick with you 24/7 like a tumour is fun? No wonder long distance don't work your way. So girls, when a guy tells you he's jealous when you spend your time with you gf yang dah bertahun tak jumpa, just toss that boyfriend out of the window.

5. the diva ass
You don't call youself DIVA if you're not Mariah baby! Boys, when they become divas its just a pain in the ass. Like seriously. Dah la lelaki pastu nak diva. Kalau lelaki lembut bole paham la. Imagine this. You put an ass hole and a diva together and you see how annoying like hell it is.

Situation example is you live in Klang but your beloved lives in Wangsa Maju. Both don't have car and train is just tiring anyway nak pegi OU cm penat kot nak stop kat KJ pastu naik bas. The only car you can use is your momma's old school kancil bunyi grengegnengegneng cam nak tercabut pintu dan tayar. So your beloved demands you to pick his lazy ass at his home with your momma's old kancil that the furthest can go pon Bukit Raja. Reason: penat la nak jumpa you jauh. PENAT ok! so you translate that sentence in your brain. Its like he's saying its tiring to see you. Like its not worthit to travel that far to see you. bukan tiap2 hari kot naik train jumpa gf. pfft.

Well I hope this helps you for not falling for asses. Maybe you can share your experience with the asses ;)

Thursday, September 10


I'm not being racist but its just my observation. Anyway I am a Malay. I do not mean to offend anyone. But these are the typical things we can see (at least what I see ) in Malay culture.

1. Herds
In schools, in college and also at work place we can see people group (esp Malays) by their home town, school or even popularity. Home town for example, I'm from Kelantan and you're from Kelantan. Lets be friends but we shall not mix with other states. I honestly rarely see these people mix around with non-Kelantanese. It goes the same to people from boarding school or even same courses. What's wrong with mixing around? Is it gonna tarnish your reputation?

2. Lalang
Here's the scenario - a girl messes up with another girl from a group and just because of that the whole group hates that girl eventho they don't even know her.These people are indecisive. When their 'ketua' hates some one, the whole group will hate. When the 'ketua ' declare peace with that person, so does the whole group. What happen to individual preferences? The lalangs are also in offices. They normally kipas bontot your bosses and talam dua muka to you and your collegues.

3. Knowledge
Ever heard of people with information is powerful? But not giving out the right information to the right person is not cool. Cam mana Melayu nak maju? Simple things also must keep it a secret kan? Its like I'm not sure is it chapter 1-3 for test but you surely know its chapter 1-4 for test but refuse to tell me when I ask just because you are insecure. or just plain jerk The thing is don't keep important information to yourself. Information not important a.k.a gossip nak pulak cakap kan.

Envy is good but too much envy sampai nak guna witch craft ape cerita? Here's a story I'd like to share. Years ago my uncle had a small laksa store opposite his house. Beside his store there was another store selling goreng pisang. His laksa was famous among the residents there. Suddenly for a week he had no customers. Pretty odd eyh? Then one day when he was not selling laksa, his regular customer came and asked where he have been missing? the shop was never open for a week. Long story short, the goreng pisang guy envied him to the extend I don't know how he made my uncle's laksa store looked close to his customers but infact its open.

I think that's it for now.I'll continue about Malay later if I remember. daa.

Wednesday, September 9

terharu gue.

Last Sunday,
I almost thought I would go break fast alone. Well it happens to be that all my gfs are having this break fast event somewhere (me not included). Obviously I told jude about this on our daily gayuts. He was worried because I'd be alone.

Eventually I was being optimistic and asked illy, shira and rushdi to break fast with me. To my surprise, maria and ern followed me to break fast that sunday. Serious dowh! terharu gila kot. aww group hug.

So that night, I was on the phone with jude. He asked me who did you break fast with today? I listed out the usual suspects with an edition of maria, ern and pes.
He was shocked.
Then he told me he nearly called maria's bf to ask for her number to tip maria and ern 20 bucks each to break fast with me.

I am touched. I'm like 3 hours away and you'd care that much about me. I mean you never want to see me alone when you're away. But then again, we don't need money to buy friends do we? They'll eventually be there when we're at our lowest point. ;) terharu sekali lagi.

Tuesday, September 8

when they block 'poppy'

Why my FYP isn't progressing that much?

It was a lovely day to do my fyp. In other words, I finally am in the mood for fyp-ing after all the drama sumpah kalah sinetron typical indonesia last week. As usual, I search for tutorials on how to develop a login using php because I am such a noob and most sites I go are blocked but this is the first time its blocked because it is categorized as illegal drugs. ILLEGAL DRUGS people!

How come an innocent php tutorial webpage be an illegal drug?? For those who don't know what php is.. well its an alien language used to create those systems like elearning that you guys think its easy but seriously its so susah. huh. sape cakap budak-budak IT/IS keje senang?? just because you people don't see us sweat our armpits on the site or shore then our work is easy peasy. Well if you think so, hangpa pi belajaq java. terbeliak biji mata hangpa nak cari error.

ok ... lelebih sudah. heheh. It seems the website address contains the word poppy.That explains why ITMS block it. But come on... orang nak download freeware pon cannot sebab this website is categorize as download. Bukannye nak download porn. Niat suci kot. emo lagi sekali ok. FYP is making me too emotional like a pregnant woman.

anyway, out of the topic.
My hair is black. So are my nails. Ina said my nails looked like Gollum's because I was so B-IM-B-O to mix the inai and water using my bare hands. This is what I get when I forgot how to diy hair dye. Self reminder - use gloves when dyi hair dye.

muka bajet cun cam nak kene lempang

Please don't go suicide looking at this picture. Sumpah no intention nak buat orang muntah darah. On the bright side, at least my hair is not orange anymore and I don't need to use the syabas excuse like someone. oopss :p

Sunday, September 6

One of the things that makes me :D

is hearing you laugh of amusement.
whenever I act like a goofball
or whenever you tease me and it amuses only you. (perhaps some other people too)

miss you!

Frankly speaking..

I'm not that friendly.
I'm shy.
I sometimes look snobbish
and I am often misunderstood.
I would love to...
not feel left out.

Saturday, September 5

My ability is to shoot

Dear P,

I have just completed your ability test. From what I can analyze just now, I am good at shooting. So, if you need a bounty hunter, do hire me. But if you want to reject me, do tell me within a month not within six months.

thank you
lanun comel

eheh. what am I crapping about?
Its the P ability test. I think its worst than finals and the chances are 0.00001% for me to go for the next stage. Its harder than you think so don't bother studying because you won't have enough time.
I think its just luck. So I'm not putting high hopes there.
Well people, lets apply other companies shall we?
Worst come to worst, I still have to pay you back eyh P?
But on the bright side... I can get married happily to a P staff. : p

Wednesday, September 2

merpati putih

cerita ceritut sekejap.

saya ada seekor burung merpati.
saya kurung dia dalam sangkar putih.
satu hari..
saya sedar akan perlakuan aneh burung merpati.
kelihatan resah gelisah
seperti mak kucing kehilangan anak.
mungkin mahu terbang bebas.
bukan berat hati untuk melepaskannya,
tetapi mungkin perasaan bimbang di hati.
lama-kelamaan saya sedar mungkin itu yang terbaik.
kerana kalau saya kurung dia sampai bila-bila,
mungkin dia akan mati depresi.
jadi saya pun membuka pintu sangkarnya.
terbanglah dia.


I learned today that sometimes we need to let it out, can't keep it to ourself or not it will become poison.

cik lanun

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I used to believe that we can live on clouds.