Thursday, October 30

ape kaitan pengkid dengan lagu lucky ?

I was standing at my locker and about to get undressed at the ladies locker room after working out at the gym then a guy came in.


But weird enough i wasn't as surprised as the chinese lady beside me who was just in her towel.

He was wearing baju melayu and sampin because it was their wear traditional clothes day.

It turns out to be that another chinese lady lost her locker keys. So he helped to break the padlock.

And he wasn't a he but a she.

Well, the soft konon macho voice and barely there boobs don't lie.

Today, as any ordinary day my dad drove me to the train station.

Everytime the song lucky by Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat was on the radio, he'd turn the volume louder.

It didn't happen once but a few times i notice.

He told me that my sister's best friend who is a guy likes this song.

But i personally thinks he liked it too.

Aww so cute papa.


Pengkid dengan lagu lucky tak ada kaitan pon.

Wednesday, October 29


I miss eating chocolate and peanut butter waffles behind V5K with you.

I miss ordering milo tabur on cold exam nights from you.

I miss our study sessions that ended up as conteng2 tangan session.

I miss chocolate and peanut butter waffles, milo tabur (yang x kedekut milo), study and you.

8 months more :(

Friday, October 24


Tear drops are beautiful
aren't they?

Thursday, October 23


Kau tinggi lampai, aku hanya setaraf dengan jantung kau

Kau bermain gitar, aku bermain keyboard

Kau sokong Arsenal, aku memang tak sokong mana2

Kau suka makan nasi , aku masih bole hidup tanpa nasi

Kau suka white coffee ais, aku suka milo tabur

Kau suka usha gadgets di , aku suka usha baju2 di blogs

Kau suka arctic monkeys, aku suka incubus (tapi kau jugak pengaruh aku dengan local indie music)

Kau suka pendam perasaan, aku suka mengekspreskan perasaan

Kau tak suka makanan manis, aku suka cupcake, ice cream dan chocolate

Kau tak suka aku cakap "boo hoo", aku tak suka kau akhirkan sentence ngan 'r' cth: "apa rr"
( cam marah je)

Kau pakai body spray, aku pakai perfume

Kau dan aku suka melukis

Kau dan aku hot tempered (bukan hot bersama2)

Kau dan aku suka bershopping

Kau dan aku suka bergusti

Kau dan aku suka pantai

Kau dan aku suka melayan live band

Kau dan aku suka bende cute

Kau dan aku suka menghabiskan masa bersama2 di bawah V5K

Kau dan aku tidak berkereta

Kau dan aku suka 'hug' kalau nak baik2 semula lepas gaduh.

Wednesday, October 22

gemuk itu lawa?

Hari ni kerja saya membaca blog aje.

Semalam kerja saya online window shopping. (but it ended up shopping. owh tak tahannn)
thank you gigi if that jacket was your treat.

Best kan intern.

Because i got bored with my routine so i started gym to get rid all these fats away.Just started yesterday and it was refreshing.

Ye, saya dah gemuk. Kadang2 kalau pakai baju yang cm baby doll cut, some insensetive people will say.. 'u pregnant berapa bulan? ' . The word pregnant, bulat, raksaksa berlemak, gemuk, besar, fat sangat sensetive di gegendang telinga saya jika ditujukan kepada saya. hurm. emo.

Kadang2 saya terpikir penting sangat ke nak jadi kurus cam catwalk model walaupun tinggi mereka 2 kali ganda tinggi saya (itu sudah melampau).

Menyusahkan jugak. Badan saya cam yo-yo (bukan sebab die bulat). Tapi sebab berat badan saya cepat naik dan cepat turun. Haish. susah nak maintain tau!

Tapi.... I want to look good in anything i wear. Doesn't anyone want that?

Nak cantik itu sakit.

So my dearest mummy says.. do not eat fattening food (banyak sayur..etc and kurang carbs) and go to the gym everyday.
Bermula dari semalam, saya transform kepada seekor kambing yang hanya makan sayur di malam hari.

Terharu kerana dia kisahkan saya. Owh saya tak stress. Saya suka gym dan sayur tapi bukan suka nak jadi kambing.

To orang-orang who thought that i'm pregnant or called me raksaksa berlemak,

At least i have booty and jellies to work it out. You skinny little insecure asses.

Tuesday, October 21


I was away from the city.

gigi performing and he was super duper cute. haa~ angau.

He put the pick in my purse and told me not to lose it (again) because it was the pick he used for his first gig and its my pick.

Review for marshmallow (where did the monsters go? )

They improved a lot. way better that their last performance at pool party.

Since now arctic monkeys are overrated, they played cover for

Trying your luck - The Strokes
Naive - The kooks
Take Me out - Franz Ferdinand
Obstacle 1 - Interpol

All mellow down except for Take Me Out.
Front Man Dzul must have sang his veins out to make that brit accent. But it was awesome.
Didn't really hear rhythm during Obstacle 1 but credits to Wan for not being too nervous and enjoyed the stage and crowd.
Hafiz's solo wasn't that bad and improved alot.
And Pdus as usual good drum beats without any shirt on (uuu hotness.. chep, sila jealous :P)

Overall, it was synchronize and there was some chemistry sensed when you guys were performing. This is good for a band. But credits to you guys because you weren't able to practice without a drummer untill the very last minute.

Might have a little lose counts but it was covered by the drums.

You guys were spectacular and I hope to see you guys in future gigs.


Thursday, October 16


Nak guling2 bawah comforter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The train was stuck due to the heavy rain yesterday. I was late for work.

Ok. Enough complains about the train.

My forms of talking to people.. ym, gtalk... dah gila.

I was online and then i was offline

Made me felt like i was in UTP where the internet sucks.

My tummy isn't feeling so good. It felt like there is this balloon that is about to pop any time.

The smell in this office won't get any better. No matter how many air freshener there is on this table or how often i spray, I still have the same smell on my shirt at the end of the day.

Cik Aries, i can't wait to escape the city and go road trippin' tomorrow. (padahal utp je.)

Friday, October 10

Baju Kurung Cotton

I love!
Its so comfy and free~
Should make or buy more.
Owh I want those with cute cherries!

I was tagged by shira.

The Rules:
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7 things...

  • I don't like pink. But most of my things are pink. Don't even think about buying me something pink tho i love to tease someone by giving him pink stuff. ha ha

  • I am scared of heights (explains why I am not getting any taller), trapped in small room alone and gory movies but i like to draw sadistic drawings sometimes.

  • I'm attracted to tall, lanky, wavy/ curly haired, glasses wearing guys. ehem!

  • When I was 11 after my mengaji class (with my baju kurung and tudung) my mum always stop by at 7 eleven. Due to the interesting color wrapper I thought it was one of those
    colorful band-aid (i used to collect those a lot that time and put it on my knees) but it turned out to be condom. As a result, I got weird stares from the cashier and people around me.

  • When i feel less confident I'd hunch, always pretend that I'm checking my phone and try to avoid my reflection.

  • The weirdest thing I ate was the dirt in a flower pot (back in Leeds, mum put fresh flowers around the house) when i was one years old. sheesh! I might have thought that was chocolate. Not only dirt, screws as well.

  • I was so jealous of my baby sister because she got so many attention. She was 11 months old back then. I own a train set. You know, one of those trains battery operated. So I took the train with its wheel still moving and put it on her hair. It got stuck there. So she cried and mum had to untangled it. HA HA . That pays for being such an annoying brat. That was then. But now we're close as ever. Still love you yuni!
Ok I have to tag 7 people.

Malas. Anyone nak buat , sile la.

Thursday, October 9


I felt momentum when the train stops.
Owh no. Its not just stop. Its an emergency break.
Thanks to the poles and handles, no one fell to their knees.
Then there was this announcement telling us sorry its an emergency break.

Ok. I was shocked. It felt like a car bumped into a car.

The ktm was surprisingly full like a can of sardine except the water won't have any space to flow in the stinky can of sardine.

Owh god what did i do wrong that i have to take the worst public transport.

Sometimes the lrt door won't open at your stop. And you happen to be at the end of the train with so many obstacles in front.

thinking a way to get to the nearest working door.

I want a car!

Drive to the nearest lrt station. take the train and drive home. see. easy. no more stinky sardine can ktm that moves slower than a siput babi. Rather lrt than ktm.


Tuesday, October 7

i am no super woman

I read noin's blog and did this quiz

Which super hero are you?

So ....
Your results:
You are Supergirl

The Flash
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
Lean, muscular and feminine.
Honest and a defender of the innocent.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Sunday, October 5

Indah nya suasana di Hari Raya

When I was 4, I always thought that every festive season (raya and christmas are the only holidays i knew at that age) there would be snow. Yes it was snowing on raya when i was 4.

When I was 7, I didn't dare to hold the bunga api by its metal stick so my uncle had to stick that bunga api in a wood thingy. (tu la nak main tapi takut).

When I was 11, my family used to go beraya to every relatives even distance relatives that i don't know of but not anymore now since most of them are dead.

Recently the duit raya that i get are less than last year and last few years. Probably I'm too old to get some but my 14 year old sister complains that she gets less too this year. Blame the economy or blame her matured looks...ehem matured baju raya? hahahha.

I didn't had that much unforgetful memories of raya coz most of it would be the usual routine especially when we are in mum's home town.

But its been a long while since i last visited my grandparent's grave (dad's parents). Even tho I haven't met them but I just wonder what was it like to have them around. Can't just bring dead people alive.

Maybe i should. They would be happy to know i drop by (if they ever know me). But its miles away .

Owh well,

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

Kalau ada open house sila la ajak :P

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