Tuesday, March 24

the anime version.

My cousin (alif) thinks if i transformed into an anime character, i would look like this :

Not the dude. Its the chic. She looks like me (as alif said).
His keyword for describing the similarity was "petite, mata besar and ada la iras2 reen".

p/s: nama character ni aisaka taiga. I was curious so i googled. hehe.

Monday, March 23

naive la sangat.

if I was attracted, wouldn't it change my status to "in a relationship"?
if I didnt reply or answer, wouldn't it be rude?
but somehow it was a 'hint' to you when all I wanted to say was
not more than friends.
and I mean not more than friends because I am not attracted.
mentally,emotionally, physically.
if you should know, 143 bucks can't even pay my shoes.
what makes that the value to invest in me ?
anyway I am not a freggin stock or bond to invest in.
never thought an innocent "being concern as a friend"
turns out to be a whole new lie.
the way you portray me in your dirty lies
its as if I was giving hopes and a gold digger?
assuming that I am naive and will definitely fall for you
by planning to buy or buying me things that I can afford
is fucking lame.
twist your stories all you want.
you're not even an inch close to me even if you don't tell lies.

Sunday, March 22

Shop till you Drop

I was at OU last Friday with iL.
Shopping was such a bliss.
Its the best therapy so far.
(omg i sound so gedik)
Anyway, iL wanted to go to this accessory shop.
I'm not gonna name which one.
So there we were just browsing.
I was trying out rings and this particular
flower ring caught my attention.
I picked it up from the rack and it just slipped
and fell on the marble floor.
I panicked because the flower was somewhere on the floor
instead of the ring.
So i picked it up and say to iL.
"lets pretend we're looking at this ring
and find a place to put it"
she found a place somewhere at the racks and i hid it there.
We quickly left the shop.
None of the sales assistant saw that because the shop was full.
The ring cost nearly 50 bucks.

I guess i was jinxed because after that few things slipped from my hand. Till today. :(

Monday, March 16

because we are girls.

Sambungan cerita parking rooftop.

Its 12 something am and we were figuring out how to get to the rooftop. The doors are locked.
When we asked the Starbucks guy he said we had to make one round to the next entrance which was impossible because we're girls and there's 2 of us. Oh come on... crime happens a lot. I don't want to think that some psycho dude come running towards us with a butcher knife have the possibility to happen.

Anyway, we saw some kopitiam workers came out from the entrance infront us. So we made it in the mall. Because we were scared, I decided we should ask one of the guard a favor to follow us.

They offered us a drink which was suspicious then this kind looking pak guard among the 3 volunteered to accompany us. Still, I couldn't be comfortable or maybe I was thinking too much. At the same time it felt like VIP because the pak guard on the escalator for us.

When he accompanied us up the escalator his workmate called his walkie talkie asking him where he was. and he said " nak hanta makwe dua orang ni".
Its been quite a while I haven't heard the word makwe. I find that funny and ew.

p/s: a bird told me i sound funny blogging in bm. is it?

Saturday, March 14

nak tahu tak ?

Setelah lama tidak berkunjung ke ipoh bandar sepet, aku rasa aku perlu membuat satu entri pasal perubahan dan perkara-perkara yang aku lupa pasal bandar ni. Yes its been a while and considering i have charlie, i prefer to go home for weekends.

1.OMG F.O.S die besar dan aku dah lama tak masuk F.O.S walaupun kat KL. (considering its a small place with only 2 malls i thought it would be small)

2. Aku lupa yang di Ipoh kesesatan lalu lintas sangat senang berlaku. Aku dan roomate sesat dan berpusing2 merry-go-round banyak kali di tempat yang sama semata-mata nak pegi dari JJ ke ipoh parade.

3. Sebenarnya banyak jugak cafe-cafe comel di Ipoh ini. Oh, aku tak tahu ada fine dining restaurant di sini.

4. Semasa sesat roomate aku tunjuk pet shop yang di feature kan (is that a word?) dalam cerita sepet. Aku rasa nama pet shop itu comel. 'Pusat Binatang Kesayangan Ipoh'. Its on a faded blue sign board. comel kan ? And.... banyak bird cage. Memang orang-orang Ipoh sayang binatang. (tak ada kaitan)

5. Bagi orang-orang yang duduk di Ipoh ataupun student UTP/UITM pasti kamu tahu nak parking rooftop kt ipoh parade tu kene naik spiral thingy ni kan. Aku first time drive naik tu.Aku rasa macam... bile la nak habis. pening + gayat. tinggi gile.

6. Aku di starbucks sekarang. Aku berada di sini sejak pukul 6 tadi Yes refering to the entry below. Ini post kedua aku. Nampak sangat aku nak balas dendam dengan internet connection di UTP.

7. Bila tak ada lagu2 smooth jazz dan tiba-tiba ada lagu lady gaga dan silly lily, sila pack laptop anda dan keluar dari starbucks.

8. oh oh .. satu lagi perkara. kedai bunga yang aku suka kunjung dan beli daisies tu mengecewakan. nak tahu kenapa tak? sebab tak banyak colours dan bunga-bunga dia macam nak layu je. tapi sebab aku nak jugak, aku beli 2 kuntum bagi menceriakan keadaaan aku kat UTP yang macam darurat. aunty kedai bunga tu siap kene lilit dawai kat bunga daisy aku sebab dia dah bengkok.

orang-orang starbucks macam nak halau je. mesti diaorang pikir ish tak malu nye budak dua orang ni tak reti2 nak balik. hoho.. ampun abang/kakak starbucks. saya dah lama tak update lanun comel.

p/s: aku tengah risau sebenarnya. Macam mana nak pegi parking rooftop. Macam scary je. huhu.

8 years.

I been watching desperate housewives lately and got hooked to it. Thanks to Firah.
Anyway there was this one episode where Edie asked Susan how long has she has been with out a man in her life. Which gives me the thought how long i actually been without a man/boy in my 22 years of life (flings included).

Then again. I can't measure it that way now. Practically i been in the dating scene since i was 14. Maybe i'll ask that question again when i'm 40.

22-14 = 8 years of experience? haha.

p/s: I haven't blog that much because the internet connection in UTP is being such a bitch. That was also why I can't on my gtalk or check my email. I had to drive to starbucks for internet. gosh.

Friday, March 6

the pay station

Yesterday i was craving for pancakes like mad. Since iL's home from Germany ,we and Firah decided to hangout just like old times.

So Curve it was. After long hours of catching up the three of use decided to go home. Oh we carpooled anyway.

Its an automated pay station like normal malls. As Firah insert the parking ticket she inserts one ringgit into that slot. Then she noticed beside the 2 ringgit parking rate it was written 1.51 euro dollars. The iL said 'chup, Firah jangan masukkan another ringgit tu. Jom try my euro dollar'. So she digged in her purse for 50 euro cents (i don't know what they call cents in europe) and insert into the slot.

Turns out it was rejected. We really thought that the sign says its either we can pay in ringgit malaysia or euro dollars. Silly us. hehe

Makes me wonder why didnt they put that we can also pay in USD or yenn or even rupiah? Or whats the purpose of that 1.51 euro dollars anyway?

Wednesday, March 4

Tahniah cik lanun

Its a little bit late. But who cares.

I scored 4.00 !

for my gpa.

cik lanun

My photo
I used to believe that we can live on clouds.