Friday, January 29

Happy Belated Birthday

Because you posted these pics on fb lambat. So lambat la birthday blog post. hehe.
Bimbo, you're old. Sila kurang bimbo and tersesat jalan please.

Sunday, January 24

Adventure with nature

One fine day, we decided to go cycling in the jungle :D

We girls are not good at reading maps. *sigh* In the end we didn't follow the map

Test... test... test...
Lets rule the jungle!

Ok.. ini muka kena gigit nyamuk yg cannot go

Malaysia memang ada snow dalam jungle die. Sejuk. Cakap pon berasap2.

Ini sambungan cerita Sembilu. Nina, Ika.. action!

oh I can relate to this. Bummer days.

Rojak and cendol because its panas and penat cycle naik turun bukit

Can't wait for another adventur. Peace out!

Friday, January 22

Wouldn't it be Nice

Sometimes I wish I can turn back time and freeze it or press the rewind and play button over and over again. Its been a rough patch lately.

Maybe its because you're leaving and I'm being selfish.

Thursday, January 21

The Barbie Effect

When every girl I know owns a Barbie,
I want one too.
I want one so badly.
I didn't take the time to think.
Do I really need a Barbie?
Its just because every girl has one,
I have to own one.
Is it just following the trend?
Maybe I think it wouldn't be cool if I don't have one.
I can't join the other girls playing Barbie beach party
I f I don't have one.
But it comes back to me.
Do I need one?
And my answer would be
It does not matter. When the time comes and I really need one,
I'll get one.

Wednesday, January 20

The Diet Diaries of abandon jeans

My 'diet program' so far has been a little bit out of control. I had ribs over the weekend and fish and chips yesterday. Oily, fatty, not healthy. But on the good side of it, I consistently jog.
I wish I had the discipline on my food intake. This second week is not doing any good for me. I don't feel progression but more like guilt for binging over nyummy food and I jog just to feel less guilty. So tell me how am I gonna lose weight?

One of the reasons I want to lose weight so badly its because I'm tired of looking fat and feeling less confident. Since I got back from college, I have gained alot of weight untill the only jeans that fit me was my skinny jeans and I do look like a 'sarung nangka'. I'm not proud flaunting my chunky thighs. And I'm sick of wearing clothes that are lose around the tummy area. Its been ages since I last wore a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Last week I did show some progress. So I decided to try those jeans that I have abandon. I did fit into it but I still have muffin tops. Actually that jeans had a small hole somewhere below the back pockets. So, when I sat down I accidentally tore that hole into a bigger hole. I never felt more upset with myself.

It not like I'm not trying. Maybe it needs more efford. I've been wanting to fit in a cute piece of jeans but never got the chance to. Thanks to my yo-yo weight.

Run fat girl run

Wednesday, January 13

The Diet Diaries of mac and cheese

I was craving for mac and cheese since last week so my bestie n me decided to dine at TGIF. Seriously superb and kenyang gila and murah compared to others in the menu.
Before she came, my mum said 'Eat salad. You're on a diet'. But I couldn't care less. I was craving like a sick kid craving for ice cream.
Unfortunately for me, they did not serve mac and cheese anymore. In the end, I ate salad instead. Cakap mak selalu betul.

I'm trying to lose weight. I have 10 kilos to shed. Anak gajah. Anak badak also can. Usually my morning is 9-10 am. But now my morning is 6.30 am. Since I can't afford gym and probably can't afford the public swimming pool in a week so jogging will do tho I'm not too keen about it.
It requires pure evil dicipline to wake up really early in the morning to jog and to avoid desserts and cheese. Its my weakest point.

For the record I used to jog at least 3 rounds but due to the lazyness and gemukness I've been gaining, its 2 rounds of brisk walking and half jogging. WTF. Total humiliation.
But today I sucessfully avoided cheese and dessert. Clap! Clap!

Hoping for improvements of jogging rounds and eating habits.

Run! Fat Girl Run!

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