Monday, December 6

Hello new chapter.

Since its new year. Might as well start writing.

Been busy. Really busy. And now I get a chance to date with this lappie and my broadband without anyone interfering. I'll conteng2 my blog like I conteng2 my organizer during dull meetings.


I haven't lose that much weight. I'm still trying. Must resist sugar. Target this new year to look good in a pair of jeans and flats with out looking like a teddy bear.

I'm starting to think of doing something i really like. Like buat baju and bukak kedai baju indie comel and be happy or buat hantaran, wedding stuff then there goes the imagination then fast forward I jadi wedding planner hebat.

What happen to my job? Its still on going but I have no excitement. Or maybe there's no Ryan Reynolds in the office? Maybe. But what ever it is I can't live on LaLa land, do whatever I want like I'm some Tan Sri's daughter. So I'll keep the job and try find Ryan Reynolds. ehh tak. and try find excitement.

Oh wedding bells did ring. Congrats my darling Ned. Lovely wedding, lovely couple.And yes the video did bring tears to....the bridesmaid beside me. ehem. hahaha. So after this I'm waiting for more invites and some more bridesmaid dresses? Made a pale pink kebaya (which i can't wait for it to siap because I know its awesome!) for Kak Long's wedding in January - the theme is pink. Please don't ask when is my turn. I would love to but I don't think I'm ready yet so is the current bf.

I guess this is it. See you next time. :)

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