Monday, January 12

I'm Too Sexy For This Tag

hahahaha.. seriously?
am I sexy?
But since shira said "because I think she is sexy, she just doesn't give herself enough credit for it" when she tagged me.
So here goes

  1. Snap or just shift through the photo gallery and pick 3 pics of
    yours which you think are sexy.
  2. Don't have to be revealing (though some people say SEXY IS SKIN),
  3. Explain why you think so,
  4. Tag 3 friends (whom you think are sexy)

photo 1 :

My chin appears to be smaller and my nose is sharp. and best of all, i don't look fat! haha

Photo 2:

Wearing a kebaya makes a women feel sexy and strappy heels are sexy. agree?

Photo 3:

playing music makes me feel oh-so-supermasiveblackhole-sexy!

I am tagging:
  1. Iylia elena (because u remind me of malibu barbie at the moment)
  2. kak su (because u are sexy without trying)
  3. anyone who perasan sexy :P

Friday, January 9

Last day

Its finally here and I didn't expect it to be so touching.
Its just too many emotions bundled up here.
After 8 months of working and finally, back to the jungle.
I am relief because no more stressed workloads but sad to leave all these lovely people who has been treating me nicely for the past 8 months.
This post will be the final post from this office.

Wednesday, January 7

Gender : Male

They are just big disappointment.
Nothing to expect from them because there is a jerk in every guy.
They just find you when they are lonely or need help.
Girls, i must say that don't put your hopes to high or not you'll end up crash and burn.
But who can resist to entertain? oh, he's just too nice/cute/hot/charming to resist.
The charmer. All those pretty words with lies. They make you feel head over heels and leave you hanging.
Cancel up a date, oh, i'm ok with it.
Fantasize whatever shit it is, oh, i'm ok with it.
Can you come and pick me up, oh, i'm ok with it.
Can you help me to pick up ....... at .........?, oh, i'm ok with it.

When I'm in need, its always 'Sorry, I'm busy'

The thing is, there is no edward cullen. Its just a make belief by Stephanie Meyer that someone so perfectly charming, loving and loyal does exist.

Now please stop believing that prince charming will show up on my door step. Not in a million years. Frogs will always be frogs.

Monday, January 5


aku tgk muka kau cam sangat gembira yang aku sendiri tak boleh describe dalam satu perkataan. Expression muka kau tu macam budak kecik yang baru dapat ice cream. kau tahu tak ice cream yg warna warni tu. urmm.. cam paddle pop. haa.. muka kau cm budak kecik yang amazed and happy bila dapat ice cream paddle pop. - lunch tadi bersama seorang manusia.

To manusia yang aku baru je lunch with tadi,
aku tahu aku tengah mood gembira tak perlu la kau bandingkan aku dengan budak kecik yang baru dapat paddle pop. Tapi ice cream paddle pop tu tak sampai 2 ringgit kot dan mengembirakan.
Conclusion, aku suka paddle pop sebab die murah. tak ada kaitan.

Friday, January 2


The 4 of us + 5 mins of fireworks + a bedtime story + playing cards untill nearly dawn

That's a good start for 2009.

p/s: i met someone under the fireworks. encik cameraman, saya mahu gambar2.

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