Sunday, May 30

Say No.

How many times have you've encountered when you say 'no' people just think its a yes maybe?
example situation:

Guy: Do you want an ice cream?
Girl: No.
Guy: I know you want one.
Girl: Seriously. No.
Guy: Come on, I know you very well. You want one.
Girl: Ok you are freaking me out. I seriously don't want an ice cream.
Guy: You're lying.
Girl: .... sigh.

See annoying kan if it keeps on arguing sampai esok pagi. Since when a 'no' is a malu-malu answer for 'yes'? Malu tapi mahu is bullshit. No means NO.

Wednesday, May 26


to all the breaking hearts

Monday, May 24

Lahai cik Vivienne.

Sepetang itu saya lepak2 dengan family saya di wondermilk.

Sedang belek2 sebuah majalah sambil hirup teh panas, saya terpandang satu iklan.

Vivienne Westwood!! Lalu menjadi excited.. So here the conversation goes:

Me: OMG! its Vivienne Westwood. Lama gila tak dengar nama designer ni.

Mama: Westwood? cam familiar.

Me: Mama tahu?

Papa: Ye la. Masa kat UK dulu mama beli baju kat kedai die.

Mama: Haah.. dress vintage color black with green small flowers.

Me: *gasp!* Mama tahu tak tu baju designer???

Mama: tak.

Me: Mana mama simpan baju tu?? naaaaakkkkkkk!!!

Mama: Mama dah donate kat orang masa before kita balik Malaysia.

Me: Sigh..... (T.T)

Mama:Lahai. Sorry la Reen.. mana mama tahu dia designer popular masa tu. Kalau mama tahu memang mama simpan.


Some of Westwood's design I found in the net. Pretty vintage thing. sedih dah.
oh no!

tete-te telephone

cannot sleep...... voice mail je dari tadi.. sigh..

good ____ (fill in the blanks) world

Wednesday, May 19

Caca Marba

LRT broke down tayar pancit again. Was stuck for an hour plus. Reached work at 7 .50

Reached the office and the secretary told me I have an event at Renaissance Hotel at 8.00.

Took the taxi in a rush. Rasa cam Anne Hathaway in Devil wear's Prada. And reached late. Jam.

The event was kinda for managers but I was there for the sake of visibility. Tak paham joke orang tua and gelak ketawa mereka macam orang kaya at a very sophisicated event (AHAH HAH HAH - korang imagine sendiri la bunyi die)

Ended up pening because confused and lost and thinking bout my tonns of work at the office. Dah la event habis lambat. Its a one day event.

Rushed back to office to copy my work. Went home and stuck in lrt, traffic. gah!

Just finished work. Esok got presentation. Belum iron baju (the most hated part in my whole day routine)

Dah lama tak cakap with Jude lama2. rindu. its ok we're both busy tak ingat dunia.


Don't worry, be happy. du du dudu du dudu du duuuu.....

Sunday, May 16

Confession of a friend

I have a confession to make. I haven't been such a good friend. This post will be long. I think. But if it doesn't apply to you please hop to another blog.

I've been distance with two of my close friends and I've been feeling like there's something missing or just plain guilt.

Both are different girls I met different places and time and somehow we became close. And same situation. Both are dating my exes. Which at first I was confuse to mind or not to mind about it but in the end I acted ok with the complicated situation.

I was not aware that deep inside I really hate the situation. Its like why my ex? Isn't there anyone else out there? So with this hate, I started acting weird. First time a close friend ended up with an ex I was very mean to her. I posted something so bitchy here (but I swear I did apologize). So we're distant because of that and she won't accept my apology till today I think.

I learn my mistake. So for the second time it happen again and that time was my college close friend was dating my recent ex. It used to be hard for me to be ok till this one phase I totally couldn't bring myself to talk to her or my ex. But I tried my best to make it normal and things aren't like it used to be. We're kinda distance.

See.... I tak bitchy pon still distance. whyyyyyy???

I feel menyampah? yes I used to. Its like breaking the sis code because you know when things like this happen we're not gonna be close and that's for sure. The truth is I do very much miss these two people. They are really great gfs.

Being alone in this reality world makes me think why there is so much hate till I lose a great gf. There's no point feeling that way. Its beyond my control to stop people from loving each other.

I do wish things will be normal. Tho its kinda impossible.


Kan senang if I can talk to both of you girls like this and we'll be totally clear bout this and no pendam2 feelings. I hate feeling like there's something missing. Its normal. Not everything my friends do I like and not everything I do my friends like too. I'd say... be frank with each other.

Saturday, May 8


Today I saw a kancil's sport rim rolling down the road as I drove to work. Curious, curious.
And I swore that I wasn't dreaming. Tho it was 6.30 am.

Today I bought mum's mother's day present. shhhsss.. its a secret.

Today its been a productive day. *clap! clap!*

Today I had a battle with Brownie just because she won't take her medicine. Dah la sakit then tak nak makan ubat. Ape punya kucing.

Today I discover how to use bit torrent. So my excessive downloading habit may continue now. ngiahahahaha.

Now I must sleep because I have a futsal tournament tomorrow morning.

Goodnight lovely people :)

Monday, May 3

Makan. Gelak. Makan

Kenduri doa selamat yang serupa majlis pertunangan minus the fancy smancy decor last weekend was tiring but worth seeing two strong women in my life smile. Oh plus my Tok Wan yang sangat terharu because everyone balik kampung.

The penats is not gone yet. Seriously rasa macam nak pergi spa ala bali tu.

Today I went for busines orientation programme. Its kinda like my company's induction 2 weeks 5 days programme but its only a day and half. One comment for it : redundancy.

So kerja kami kat meja belakang tu gelak, tersengguk2, percakapan kosong dan roti jala, sandwich, donut, karipap, teh tarik...memang kalau duduk dengan Nyqa, Ayie, Azreen and Pek, keje nak gelak and makan je.

Surprisingly my roomate is participating too. We had sushi for dinner with illy =D

Ok banyak makan. Patut la orang kerja kat company P fluffy2. Free food kot. hehe.

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