Sunday, June 22

Spring Cleaning

Dusty.. That's how i describe my room. Sort things out since there are too many junk in this room some are not even mine. Boxes.. many boxes. Its fun sorting things out. Each box is special and full with memories. So here i list the boxes:

1. Dated way back in primary school. Its the largest apart from the box full of cards.
-It was special because it contains all the stuff me and Yana used to exchange and all the artsy things we used to make and exchange. More like Best Friends Forever when we were kids.

2. The shoe box with toys
-All the loveable toys i had since i was a baby till i was about 6 or 7 ? But i still kept my soft bunny teddy with rattles. Its 22 yrs old btw. owh and my little pony, 2 of them. gosh i love those. plus some other old toys.

3. High School
-All the trophy and medals. Diaries perhaps. Not that interesting. Just bcoz these things lived during my high School years.

4. 2 boxed of stuff my exs used give me.
- why 2? Bcoz 2 of them gave me good memories and the longest i had a relationship with. One got together with my best friend and the other one is still in good contact with me.

5. A box of cards (a big one)
-Birthday cards, hari raya cards, and good luck cards.. not mine. but the whole family's

6. A box of pictures that didn't get through the family album and unoccupied frames that i got on my birthdays.
- no idea for a birthday present? give frames! Frames are getting over rated. get something else for a present. or they will end up in a box like what i did.

So, now my room is sparkling clean. Being broke is not that bad. At least i get to do something.

Friday, June 13

Balancing with heels

Lately the LRT felt like a can of sardine. Since the petrol price got up.

Unfortunate for me being petite, i had to stand under sweaty armpits and smell the aroma of body odour. Some original perfume huh?

Plus the heels. Walking 1 km from office to station with it. My feet burns like hell.
Don't mind the walking tho (if i had my running shoes on)

Just 2 weeks here.

Apart from work stress n complicated issues.

I'm looking forward for lunch. With Iloi.

My supervisor is not here and i'm exploring this software which is so confusing and lost. Ditch that.

Met so many people that i know since I'm in the middle of KL.

Meeting with 'some people 'who has been gone for quite a while makes things exciting.

Train rides aren't exciting as that tho. Especially with heels..

Wednesday, June 11

It will grow

its just hair. it will grow. blergh!
This is the worst hair cut ever. huhu...
i miss my long hair so badly. i feel like a boy.
Maybe a little wax would help.

Tuesday, June 10

Changing skin

Change everything.My blog and start on a new piece of paper. welcome~ again

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