Thursday, August 28

I learn..

I learn that sending emails to any manager in an organization should be coated with sugar and not too direct.

I learn that being too direct is disrespectful for managers. But somehow they have the right to be very bitchy and rude (I assume these kind of people are not professional).

I learn that the word NOT is not acceptable. Even when your supervisor told you that you're not going to handle the project anymore.

I learn that everyone in this organization are ass kisser and saving their own ass even if it takes to blame someone else.

I learn that being EMBARRASSED in front the whole department when I was there to say sorry and explain for some stupid misunderstanding really pissed and upsets me (now why would someone treat an intern that way ?. Nama lagi intern. Just about to learn here).

I learn that a department dominated by women makes most of them irrational ,'mengelabah nak mampos' and 'cepat sangat nak melatah' when they have issues with technology that is too advanced for them?

I learn that I have to be humble.

I learn that standing up when I'm not wrong proves that I'm not scared.

I learn that I also can be like ' pegi mampos la.. bkn derang yg sign report aku or grade my intern '

hahahahahahahah. puas hati. sape x puas hati dengan post ni pegi mampos jugak. my blog, suka hati nk tulis ape.

Tuesday, August 26

What i don't often do now..

What I always did but now I can't find the time.

Yes.. the last movie i saw was.... ermmm... The Happening? which wasn't happening. I even missed all the good movies including The Dark Knight. I used to often go for movies but now i just don't know where my time for movies went. Ended up downloading because everyone i know are more advanced (no company?). And still didn't watch what i downloaded.

Movies no time, skip series. I don't even follow up like i used to.

I only do laundry on weekends not weekdays anymore.

Ice Cream.
There's no Syazwan, Ina or Iylia to have ice cream with. So skip that. Eating it alone seems sad.

I bought Nylon. I haven't read the latest issue yet. I'm just done with the last month's issue.

At night like always? Don't expect me to be there. Snoozing.. zzzzz.

Time for Brownie.
I am at home. all i say to her is hye n good night? I don't play or cuddle her that often.

Once or twice a week. Its out of tune so i leave it there. I have no tuner. Not that much time for music. The keyboard also hasn't been touched since the last time i jammed.

This needs discipline.

Papa hasn't paid my membership for the last... i don't know. Its too complicated to think.

Conclusion: I hate work and how tired i am after work and traffic jam.Leaves me with limited time and less friends.

Friday, August 22


I created these on ika's farewell.

Its butter cake with cream cheese icing. I can make it moist chocolate cake too or chocolate chip cake.

The icing took me a very long time to finish because i used 7 colors

But i love baking cupcakes and icing decorating makes me happy~

I also take orders.Just started.Just email me to order at

3 ringgit per cupcake for cream cheese icing. I use only high quality ingredients. Size is the same with wondermilk's but cheaper.

Kawan saya...

Ini kawan saya. Zalikha a.k.a ika. Ika ni suka melatah. Best tau usik dia. Badan je kecik tapi... semangat besar . Saya rapat ngan ika masa form 4. Dia la ceriakan keadaan semasa sedih atau gembira. Kalau dengar org gelak besar2 tu kami la. Ika ni kadang2 pemalu jugak. Kalau keluar ngan saya dan khaleeq mesti kteorg kene orderkn dan tolong bayarkan.Ika ni x lekang(betul ke ayat ni? fail betul BM) dengan senyuman, jadi die disukai ramai. Sebab tu ramai vote dia jadi prom queen (memang prom queen betul. Pakai gaun pengantin ala cinderella). Cukup la kisah masa sekolah. Banyak lagi kalau nak diceritakan. Walaupun saya dan ika study di daerah berlainan tapi masa cuti mesti jumpa dengan nina, leez dan ned. Selalunya pegi dinner. Ber-back packing pon pernah. Tak la sunyi dengar mulut die yang kecoh. Tambah leez memang lagi kecoh haru biru (hehe.. still love you leez!). Baru-baru ni lepas ika tamat diploma. Dia dapat tawaran pegi Indon buat medic. Tercapai juga cita2 dia. Rasanya dia la paling lama study nanti. Harap Ika balik selalu. Tak la jauh sangat tapi rasa lain la jugak tak de budak kecik ni.

Monday, August 11

When i took my life away

Have you ever think what happens when you end your life?
Its called suicide.
I had a thought of it last few days.
Gloomy Sunday (a song) that makes me think of it. You just happen to get depressed after listening to it even tho you are happy before that.
Supposedly when you listen to it and if you are really depressed at that time, you might just jump from a building or cut your wrist till you bleed to death.
Back to my thoughts,
I wonder who would come to my funeral.
Would rose water soak the soil above me?
Will my soul rest in peace?
But i hope that there will be no tears because i am glad to go.
Please put white daisies above my grave. I'll be one happy soul.

Back here.. i think again..
I have so many things to look forward to and perhaps love myself and i should never think about suicide again.I stop the blade from touching my wrist in the middle of the night. Why would i end my life now..

Monday, August 4

Weekend and you're broke

It was a girlish weekend.Not that i wore pink the whole weekend. Ika slept over at my house on Friday. Its been ages since my last slumber party. We stayed up making puding batik and watched memoirs of a geisha and not forgetting endless gossiping.

Nina picked us and Ned up the next day. We planned to watch a movie. But the line was endless at Sunway. We end up going in and out fitting rooms , cam whoring (the four of us happen to dress up nice and pretty that day) and donuts.

Awan was here. With my lappie si kura2.We were tired.So we went for supper near by my house. Thanx so much for making my kura2 lappie fast. Hugs~ Initially we planned for a nice fancy dinner but we're broke.And my dear Awan don't spoil my mood. He told me he was getting me flowers but he couldn't find a florist. o.0

I thought my Sunday will be free. But mama wants to do some shopping. I tagged around. There's a new restaurant at mid valley. Spaghetti and grill. Its a sub of Chilli's. But the food was superb! We ordered 4 meals and shared. All Italian food. Big potion. Advisable to share. The lamb shank was nice (recommended) and kinda cheap for a complete meal.

I never thought i would be so crazy bout a Gucci sun glass till i meet the one that suites me perfectly. Owh.. duit turun la dari langit. haha... And a really nice Coach handbag. It smells good. I'm freaggin' in love with both. Why don't money grow on trees? So mama made a deal with me. If my final result, before i graduate is really good, she'll buy me a Coach handbag. But... its a limited edition.The only one here in Malaysia.. All i could think about now is the sun glass and hand bag...Me want!

I been spending alot.I should save for a Gucci sun glass or that Coach handbag tho i know its impossible. Hold on baby, mama's gonna get you when she have loads of cash. Do you think any one nice enough reading this post would buy me those ? :p

Friday, August 1

They are supercoolawsome

I found out about this duo in my NYLON mag.So i open their myspace and listen to their songs.Awesomely Brit pop. I fell in love. Reminds me of Karen O meets cheerleader. hahahaha

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