Thursday, December 31

9 things (fill in the blank) in 2009

  1. I went through final year without a scratch. Ok I'm lying. Probably just a minor brain damage and my biology clock went cookoo!
  2. Found the meaning of true friends. And friends who do change drastically.
  3. Got close with people who I have no idea I would get close with.
  4. Found love at last.
  5. Lose weight early this year, gained more towards the end and trying to lose more now.
  6. My dad got me a car and his name is Charlie.
  7. I think I was hit by a curse 'my close friends end up with my ex-s'. If its the third time this thing happen to me, I'm gonna mandi bunga bawah jambatan.
  8. Getting use to save more and thinking lots of time before I buy something but it always ends up with the statement, I fell in love with it, I must have it, Its mine!! There goes my money.
  9. Finally I do 'appreciate' the word jobless. Thank you mr CEO for not wanting to hire me. I'll show you what's not qualified enough. pfft.

So, that ends the 2009 list of good things and misfortunes. May me and you and everyone in this dying place have a very happy new year.

Sunday, December 20

Rumahku Syurgaku

I paint my nails bloody red but someone thinks its messy.
Well haniiii, pay for my manicure please. You can join also and I'll berlakon as if you're my gay friend :P

I did go looking for a job and you know those online job application where you have to fill in your details and it gets boring just when you fill in the section about your working experience. I always do it half way and got distracted by youtube or cafe world thanks to Firah and ended up leaving it abandon and forgotten.
But ironically today I search for an apartment. Yes.. where the hell am I gonna get 250K? Nak shopping at Mng preview sale pon fikir satu juta kali.

Apparently I was inspired by a friend's condo in Sentul . Very cozy place. Love, love, love it! Seriously cam resort and the view was whoaaa boleh nampak klcc! But the thing is I want an apartment in Damansara.

You see, I just can't be away from Selangor. Its too awesome. I just realize that I love it here.
So there goes my search for an apartment in Damansara. I found one and it was lovely plus sangat dekat with Curve. Double love it. I love it!
But 250k won't fall out from the sky.

Cari kerja tamau, cari apartment nak. chiipodah!
Slap! Slap! wake up and smell Brownie..
She needs a bath tomorrow morning.

Saturday, December 12

Ini bukan fairytale.

Sape cakap relationship ni senang?
lagi susah dari dapat degree adala. (mentang2 la aku dah grad. muahhaha)
Seriously... korang bayangkan..
Korang berkenalan dengan bf/gf memang la start2 kawan... some tak sampai seminggu dah couple(ok ni kes zaman budak2. cite hindustan je terus nampak dh i love you) but some kawan sampai 5 tahun baru couple.

Tapi lain cerita ok couple and kawan tu. Bila kawan kita control or tak control ayu tapi tak tunjuk belang lagi. Bila couple of course first 3 months you're on honeymoon land and kentut pon berbau macam bunga melur tapi bila dah nak setahun mula tunjuk perangai masing2. Some bole tolerate stay.. tak bole tolerate, ok mari cari lelaki baru dan tuka2 macam shopping baju kat OU sampai dapat size yang muat.. ok that didnt sound right (kehadapan encik hilman, sila jgn ambil serius statement saya ini. encik hilman saje. korang semua kena ambil serius)

Ok back to biz.. Then the part of knowing each other. Orang dah kawin 5 tahun pon belum tentu kenal each other's heart and macam-macam pe el masing-masing. Unless you are really an open book. It takes time to learn someone new. Sape cakap sape kenal aku that well.. you're wrong. Aku rasa mak aku je kenal betul2 aku ni cm mana pe el die . Knowing and learning to accept the flaws of someone you love is tiring but what I learn is, not to search for someone perfect but to accept someone's imperfectness. That is how married couples survive without getting a divorce.

Bila dah lama learn to accept, tiba2 break sebab can't tolerate dah or you caught a borneo chick in coconut bra in his room when u come over to his house to surprise him. Then you'll have to start all over again. Isn't it tiring?

Sape cakap relationship ni senang? Emosi manusia mysterious lagi dari mystery bermuda triangle. We don't get saved by a charming prince and lived happily ever after. There is after the happpily ever after and it ain't rainbows and sunshine all the way.

Wednesday, December 9

What Heels can make you do

Have you ever felt pushed that you couldn't bother more and all you want to do is pull over your blanket and go back to that dream?

The situation is I do not feel motivated to look for a job while my mum is nagging pushing me to get one in a month or two. Stress kan?

Why I don't feel like searching?
First, I don't know what am I qualified for
Second, I don't like programming. I can't program to save my ass. All my work in UTP is just plastic and lies
Third, I'm enjoying freedom with less cash and not worrying OMG my FYP tak siap lagi, OMG nanti jauh dari Hilman lagi for 6 months and many more OMGs 'I don't want to go back to UTP syndrome'.

Conclusion, I don't want to work yet, I don't want to get married ( you know the malay saying, dah habis belajar duduk rumah tunggu orang masuk meminang je la. which i think is total crap because marriage is not the solution of everything. orang zaman dholu-dholu je cakap lidddat) but sometimes I wish mum stop pressuring me and money grow on trees and most important I wish I know where am I heading because I' m totally blurred lost.

I keep imagining the small cubicle how stuffy it is, people in business suits how boring it is and the same sick routine with no inspiration and excitement when you wake up knowing each day there is something new. I shout for FREEDOM! and a million dollars to start a clothing line in any fashion capital because here, I won't berkembang maju and be fabulous like Kimora Lee Simmons. Oh yes, that is my ultimate dream.

Somehow today, I was inspired to get a job.
I was at KLCC just now window shopping with Firah and I spot a platform heels from Guess which looked uber comfy and super cantik and soft and I fell in love instantly but I was low on cash. So I concluded that I need a job. Plus Firah told me that my dream Channel hand bag is not 12 K but wayyy cheaper. Whoot whoot! Plus I really want to go to UK for a week to shop kasut 3 pound yang cantik bole jatuh hati and bawak tido.

See mum, telling me that you'd sell charlie if I don't get a job does not motivate me to find one.

So, If I want it all, I have to get a job. IMEDDIATELY! so that I'l have more shoes shoes shoes, bags, bags, bags oh Channel! and travel around the world and sewing class so that maybe I can start my own clothing line. excited!

As a start, when I reached home, I on the pc and apply kerja laju2. hehe

Besar kan cita-cita saya?

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