Friday, September 26


Its good bye Kate Moss and hello Aggy or a.k.a Agyness Deyn. She's not one of those typical models that you see on the runway. I don't feel she looked plastic and typical. I adore her hair style and wish i can pull off something like that but too bad my features are not sharp and strong like Aggy's.
She's British (from Failsworth, Great Manchester). At age 16 she started her modeling career. And best of all, she is also involved in music and recently dating with Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes! She was featured in the single 'Who' by Five o'Clock Heroes. Love her style and boyish but yet sweet face alot. At least now fashion world has something not typical aye?

Here's Five o'Clock Heroes feat. Aggy in Who

Tuesday, September 23

If you are from the 80's

tanda-tanda anda sudah tua

-Berhenti layan gig indie yang penuh dengan kanak2 hingusan menegah
-Selalu membebel macam mak orang (i bet gigi and yuni agree on this )
-Mula kisah tentang penampilan anda dengan serious
-Berkawan dengan orang2 tua
-Menggunakan lebih daripada 3 krim product kecantikkan (better avoid than looking fugly)
-Layan band2 dari zaman 90's
-Tak ada masa yang banyak untuk diri sendiri
-Stress pasal jam or train ramai orang tiap2 hari

Hurm x la tua sangat.. its just 80's babies all grown up.

Monday, September 22

the not so 60's

Yesterday felt like the 60's.

With Beatles on the stereo singing 'I wanna hold your hands' and the whole Beatles album.

A fast food restaurant full with kids (more like my age).

Laughter and chatter.

Burgers, fries and shake.

Me myself looked like a hippie chic (more indie they reckon or 'gadis urban' owh puh-leezee)

But what wasn't so 60's, was me and pdus watching a lil bit of gossip girl on chep's mac book before berbuka.

ha ha ha

Wednesday, September 17

Tuesday, September 16

rindu bangat.

I miss my girls (that includes you gigi) terribly now. You know who you are.

My girls (and gigi) will never make me upset. They are never childish in some sense.

We can be really honest and slumber but still nothing we say to each other hurts a lot (even some people might think its too 'bitchy' too handle).

You girls (and gigi) just get me.. get it? And wouldn't mind that much bout what i blab about because its non-sense.

Here, its kinda different.

Some people just don't accept how pricky i can be sometimes and label me as a 'bitch'.

Which is sad honestly.

I miss my girls and my gigi too.

note: gigi is a guy.

Monday, September 15

owh weekend.

Room make overs are extremely tiring during Ramadhan. We just painted my sister's room purple. My room is a bigger but i already tear my boarders and unscrew whatever it is on the wall.

So now my room looked like an under construction room and it smelled like paint for no reason.

I'm glad everyone's happy with their raya card. Noin, I'll post yours. hehe.

Owh.. the donut with icing that wrote 'happy 21st..' x jadi and it melted. I bet it looked ugly. Sorry syazwan.

Yesterday I planned to get donuts instead of cake for syazwan. And write happy 21st on it. Siap buat icing color blue. Then like x jadi coz the font was big and i wrote on glazed donuts coz it won't stick to sugar coated donuts. huhu..

But I'm happy to surprise him. Thank you so much Ina for helping. Owh it would be jolly good if i was there. Happy to know he liked his pressie.

Wednesday, September 10

kids say the darnest thing

after berbuka at opah's

Papa was smoking outside. Adik sat next to papa.

Adik membelek2 kotak rokok papa. Ade la dalam 6 puntung rokok lagi.And she read out what was written on the box

Adik: The satisfaction of Smoking.hmmm....

Papa:....(sambil menghembus asap rokok cam seorang mafia)

Adik: Papa satisfied ke isap rokok?

Papa: o.0 (acting like nak menyiku kepala adik)

hahahahhahahahhahahah... segal nye adik.

Tuesday, September 9


its a long post.If x nk baca sampai habis pon x pe.

The ball came from far end
Whoosh... I tried to stop it before it gets into the goal.
Yes i did stop it. It hit my palm. Bloody hell. Sakit wooo...

'Ah, sape mamat tuh. Dah la orang baru. Gelabah.'

He teased our goal keeper because its a she.

'Eleh , senang je nak goal. Goal keeper perempuan'

We hated this guy. It was too dark to notice how he looked like.
Oooo nama die Wan. Roomate Najib.

Cam sombong tapi.

But hi je la.. ' hi wan!' (sounded like haiwan. hahahhahaha)
Wazi's birthday.

We suprised him. With some of you semangat with it.

Ina main kejar2 with Wazi (owh ini x bole lupa)..

Some other people were there too.. Najib, Mirul, us girls and.. that new guy Wan.

He seemed friendly. I sat somewhere near him and He was talking and talking.

I observed this guy. Rimed glasses, tall lanky and fair. Kinda like 'ah beng' sekali pandang. Ok la. cute jgk.

Owh camp.

Result ku cm cibaiiii.. n have to go for edu camp. wtf.
Thankfully for Ina, Iylia and Fara for making this camp fun.
Its not as bad as NS (tho i never join NS) kinda boring.
But can mandi sungai. hehe. And I don't fancy jungle tracking.

Not a pampered princess. Too gedik for me.

Eye-candy for me,Iylia and Ina coz some interesting people are in the same camp. hehe

There was this one session we were suppose to write the opposite sex name who is in the camp on a piece paper and fold it and put it in a box (i think)

I wrote.. Iylia wrote... But it got confused. They thought Iylia wrote what i wrote.

So people were whispering. Iylia wrote Syazwan's name. ( but it was actually me )

Somehow i know he had a girlfriend when i was hanging out with Wani (my coursemate) and the guys was there too.

Been wanting to talk to him but i was too shy. Maybe just a crush. I am single and totally available anyway.

So simpan je la hajat tu since he has a gf.
Its been a year.

Somehow Tasha decided to surprise Najib on his birthday.

He was there after a while i didn't really bumped into him.

It put a smile on my face.

He wore braces! so i typed on his Friendster : gigi!

So it went on and on with Friendster testi to kalaoki and wild orchid to ym.
I get to choose this one night.. to go menggila with my seniors yg mmg gila2 or find someone to dine with

I was chatting with kalaoki. So he decided to take me for dinner.

The thing is. He don't have my number.

And I don't have his. Dh on the way tu. huhu.

Called Iylia for his number.

Lepak2 makan ice cream after dinner at v3

Yes I memang serabai lepak that time.

At the v5 gazebo we sat.

Then we laid down. Just plain talking. Imagine that we were star watching


Raffles College of Design or Petronas?

I always wanted to be a fashion designer.
I have another year to go here and this degree I'm taking is just security for me.

I checked out about Raffles fashion designing course.It took my attention.The subjects.
But I wouldn't know if I am creative enough to enter.

Like I have to design a few pieces with explanation for the interview.

Reading about the course makes me super excited. The subjects are way much more interesting than Java or even DCN.

But 2 years and 3 months? full time student. Now, where do I put Petronas?

What if they don't let me go? I know its safe money.But if I insist to leave Petronas for my risky 'angan2' then I'll have to pay them.. a big amount.

Imagine myself drag to work because of the big pay.
As Firah said, If you don't mind working for money then drag yourself to work. Or go with something you are passionate for.

Owh no.I'm so not gonna do IT work.Forget about all the certs. Thank you for internship. No IT work for me please. This is not me.

I think for this time being I should start designing like I used to and bring out my creative-ness (if it will ever come out again).

Imagine.... all the wonderful things I can do with fabric and figure.

Monday, September 8

Iylia and Futsal

Iylia and football can't be separated.

Her obsession with Raul. Just look at the back of her file or even her lappie screen saver. Its Raul!

Not surprised if she could play footie that well.

The girls teamed up, all 6 of us (Ina,me,Tasha,Noin,Iylia,Fara) for futsal. It was the beginning of futsal for girls. We played just before gol and gincu was released.

We didn't had a match between girls but we had it with the guys (Wazi, Mirul and others).

But Iylia was a really good striker. She's a natural.

Despite of how 'ganas' we played we'd always end up having our sweat pants torn here and there. Its always the knee.

And mesti main nak terjatuh tergolek2 or kene rembat kt mana2.

We'd play untill its time for 'sahur'.

Iylia and Tasha both had the same "Call Me"(printed on the butt) sweat pants. I don't really remember if they wore it at the same time. But it kept the guys 'whooing' everytime one of them wore that.

Futsal was also where we first met our bfs or ex-bfs.

Noin and Hair Color

Kerja gila..

Me,Noin and Tasha wanted to color our hair.It was in our first sem foundation and fasting month to be exact.

Tasha went to a cheaper saloon to color her hair purple while me and Noin go searching for a saloon that uses loreal in this place which is kinda like Ipoh's Low Yat.

It was one of those crazy hair color obsession days. I wanted it dark brown with a lil light brown highlight streaks and Noin wanted green (which still makes me wonder why untill today).

We went to this fancy saloon that looked trusted enough.Explained to the hairdresser what we wanted. I thought mine shouldn't be a problem. But the highlights were blond. It was nice when they blow it.

Somehow Noin's hair went owh no! It was green before that hairdresser blew her hair but then it turned sort of blond.

So now we're like two blond bimbos.

Dah la same course. hahahah.. we had to live with it. Going to class wearing hat. Our course mates were wondering why.

Disaster hair color. But Tasha's one turned out to be nice.I wouldn't post pictures coz it looked silly. Innocent nye.

Saturday, September 6

Tasha and swimming pool

This is the girl that stick us all like glue.

Just with her dentyne we became instant friends.

The swimming pool incident

It was 2 am... kaching~ boom! Zuma! This babe was still playing zuma. Its was our first month in UTP. I was lying on the floor feeling bored. Then i told Tasha ' babe, jom swim' and she was like ok! see how lepak this girl is.

So we put on out sweat pants and sweater. We walked all the way to the pool. It was far. Considering we were staying kt penghujung UTP that time. Very secluded. When we nearly reached the pool it was almost 3 am. The pak guards were asking us where are we heading. Tasha said ' Pg mamak pak cik'. Being newbies sgt cuak and skema but want to break rules. haha

We didn't go to the pool. We just head towards the gate. Beside UTP there was this mapley. We sat there for almost an hour. I was about to give up and wanted to go back but Tasha told me.. come on babe, we came this far.

Sneaked into the pool. The funny thing was. I am short and scared of heights. We had to climb up the gate with those sharp small spears. Tasha made it. But i was stuck. At last i jumped to Tasha.

No we did not go skinny dipping (don't even imagine it).It was freezing but we were two happy girls. And we didn't even get caught.

It end up my pants with a hole. hahahahha

Ina and cars

Ina has this sort of chemistry with cars.

Kunci kereta hilang.

In our foundation days we used to 'lepak' and stare at the blank dark sky (see, too many free time those days). Usually it was me, Ina, Iylia and Tasha.
So this one particular day. Ina car keys were missing that night when we were 'lepaking' . Searched all over the place. The grass was too deep and it was dark. Even Wazi and Mirul came to help. Ina offered, who ever found her car keys will be awarded lunch at Chilli's. The next day Taufiq and Fara found it at the second round a bout in utp sparkle reflected by the sunshine.

Car crash and minor accidents... Don't get me start on that.Banyakkkk... from frances.. to.. dante pernah kene ke? hehe

But whatever it is, Ina is still the 'kakak' or 'ketua platoon' that we all sayang.

Thursday, September 4

On my left

Ayuni's bed
On Ayuni's bed:
small pillow
big pillow

all in place

alaaaa x menarik la her bed today. It's always messy. But now its tidy.

see now she's touching my lappie. ish kacau and menyibuk. shooh! gedik.

Wednesday, September 3

I just don't get it

Its this new software my boss asked me to try.
Nintex workflow. Supposedly it is much more easier than sharepoint design (for some of you sharepoint user, you'd know how to create a workflow there).

I think its just a fancy GUI workflow management that is much more complicated to understand than using sharepoint design which is straight forward.

I installed it in my virtual server(sounds geeky enough) and activate it but it seems missing.No where to be found. Or did i not installed it properly?

Everything bout this Nintex thingy is in a section that is suppose to be in Application Management of my virtual server.

I have no idea about this silly thing.My boss is being ridiculous (more like wanting to impress someone big?).No one in this company ever used it even those IT guru.So basically no one knows about this?

So, let the intern try it. Yeah rite. The thing is.... ITS NOT WORKING! and the boss wants to see progression.

Not that i didn't do any research or try and error. I did. But nothing seems to help.Can't ask for help. HELP! I'm doomed and alone.

Tuesday, September 2


Define love.
A feeling that can't be describe with words and very much mysterious which I can't explain why is it hard to be away in means not contacting with that someone in other words losing someone you have feelings for.

Define lonely.
All alone? No company.Lone Ranger.

Define desperate.
In need for something and will do anything to get it.

Define strong.
Tough.Hold on to what i believe in. Hold on to you no matter how much they are against it.

I am not lonely or desperate. But in love perhaps. Why is it hard to understand. Why go against something so beautiful.

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