Monday, December 6

Hello new chapter.

Since its new year. Might as well start writing.

Been busy. Really busy. And now I get a chance to date with this lappie and my broadband without anyone interfering. I'll conteng2 my blog like I conteng2 my organizer during dull meetings.


I haven't lose that much weight. I'm still trying. Must resist sugar. Target this new year to look good in a pair of jeans and flats with out looking like a teddy bear.

I'm starting to think of doing something i really like. Like buat baju and bukak kedai baju indie comel and be happy or buat hantaran, wedding stuff then there goes the imagination then fast forward I jadi wedding planner hebat.

What happen to my job? Its still on going but I have no excitement. Or maybe there's no Ryan Reynolds in the office? Maybe. But what ever it is I can't live on LaLa land, do whatever I want like I'm some Tan Sri's daughter. So I'll keep the job and try find Ryan Reynolds. ehh tak. and try find excitement.

Oh wedding bells did ring. Congrats my darling Ned. Lovely wedding, lovely couple.And yes the video did bring tears to....the bridesmaid beside me. ehem. hahaha. So after this I'm waiting for more invites and some more bridesmaid dresses? Made a pale pink kebaya (which i can't wait for it to siap because I know its awesome!) for Kak Long's wedding in January - the theme is pink. Please don't ask when is my turn. I would love to but I don't think I'm ready yet so is the current bf.

I guess this is it. See you next time. :)

Sunday, October 24


i haven't blogged for a long time.
so it feels weird to write here.
i have so many things to write but couldn't inspire myself to write.
i'm bored and talking on the phone with no respond is a one way communication.
yea.. contoh long distance relationship yang terbaik.

Wednesday, September 8


Baju raya tak siap.
Tak pe. Boleh beli ready made

Bangun pagi and mata kiri bengkak merah dan sepet 2 hari
sebelum raya memang tak best.
Seriously tak skodeng orang.

Nampaknye tahun ni pakai eye patch masa raya.
Baru lanun.

Selamat hari raya. Maaf zahir batin.
Bagi yang drive balik kampung,
Awas! Malaikat maut di hadapan.

Monday, August 16


I found this on post secret. Weddings are nice and really lovely to plan but the idea of getting married is probably a nightmare to me. I'm scared. Enuff said.

Saturday, August 14

Kicking Squealing Gucci Little Piggy

I randomly browse a shoe rack at Mango.
It had no signs of the babi bulat.
So I picked up a pair of pretty heels among all those dull sandals.
Checked around but there were no spots.
Asked Maria to checked it again. No spots.
Tried it and it was my size.
Still in doubt, I asked the cashier.
She confirmed it wasn't what I wish it wasn't.
Oh Joy! New heels!
Went back home to try it on again.
But this time I took the time to read the label which is in spanish.
It says there...
Sole 100% pork skin
Lining 80% cow skin, 20% pork skin.
Angry as I was I asked for a refund. I don't want to exchange with something else.
And the cashier told me she KNEW it was pig skin. She sold it to me because she did sell a pig skin shoe to a malay girl. Plus she refuse to refund me.
Called the shop manager and explained the situation. She refuse to refund at first.
Then I told her in a very angry tone. The shoe is not even broken and I can't even touch it why should I exchange?

At last.. I got my refund! hehe

p/s: why are all the pretty shoes contains pig skin lining? why can't they change the lining for muslim market? That would be awesome.

Sunday, August 8

adreen torres

It was hectic. Busy non stop. tak cukup tido and tak dapat gayut with Jude.

1. It was a working day and went to a graduation party as if it was weekend the next day. Ended up an hour of sleep and I'm like a zombie at work.

2. Went to watch kanak2 Virtuso perform with Mars after work. Bumped into Tasha, Noin, Pes, etc etc.. Gila reunion. By the way, you guys made history to perform there. And suara Ern sangat best :D

3. Woke up really 'early' for Firah's convocation. I jadi tukang angkat bunga. Its ok. Mine is next. Its weird, I already graduated almost a year by the time i have my convocation. And next straight to my Tok Teh's kenduri doa selamat.

4. Today I played futsal with the girls. Special appearance by Maria Elena. She did scored a goal. It was fun and I never knew I had that much stamina to play for an hour. Usually pancit je after 20 mins :P

"Duduk diam2 ye adik. nak tangkap gamba ni" this is firah's bf and me.credits to Afiq

Andd.... this is me n bff!!! Congratulations darling! I still owe you a graduation dinner or lunch which ever you nak. omg terharu coz its like yesterday je we're both 13. :')

Most important, I had fun with my close ones. Love you people to bits!.

p/s: today I am Adreen Torres, I play for spain. (that's why stamina kuat ;) )

Sunday, August 1

Never Hide

Thanks papa love it!

p/s: Mari rakan2. road trip!

Friday, July 30

OMG do you know what? !

ok that's how I start a story of an event.

1. I was in the train snoozing my way to work. Yes people, I was sitting at the end seat of a three seater (it was freggin 7.00 a.m) and at the other end there was a bloke. Then the train stops at Taman Paramount. I guess any of you ride the train from KJ to KLCC daily would have known. I was still snoozing then came a fat bloke squeezed himself in between me and the other bloke. I was in the middle of a dream and all the sudden it felt like an earth quake. I almost stood up from my seat but I didn't when realized it was that fat bloke who sneezed and coughed loudly 3 times in a row that have awaken me and left my heart beating fast as if I was falling. Annoyed and wishing his stop was somewhere before KLCC.

2. After lunch time I went to the ATM. I was queing up and there was this old man queing beside me. He smiled at me and being polite, I smiled back and continue to look else where. Then that old man said to me "you are beautiful". Flattered, I said thank you. After the transaction I hurried my way through the crowd back to my office. As I was fast walking, that old man appeared out of no where walking beside me. He asked me where I worked (which I only said tower 2) and he gave me his NUMBER!!! which was written on an ATM receipt. I could pass as his granddaughter ok. No kidding. From his staff tag, I know he's from the company P. Freakky!!!!

3. I got my new car few hours ago. Yeay! and I couldn't find the petrol tank when i need to fill in petrol just now. Noob. haha. Ended up two gentlemen asking if I needed assistant as if I was a damsel in distress and ada hati nak mintak my business card. I feel like a bimbo. Sumpah malu gila.

4. Torres is sexy. hee hee. dah, dah pi tido.

Thursday, June 17

Baby Blue and White Stripes

"Arg 3 Korea1?"

"Arg 4 Kor1. U missed a beautiful game."

" girl knows football :') "

Some interest of mine are best kept quiet. Indeed it was a beautiful game (They played smartly and both teams are amazing don't you think so?).
Nice one!

Wednesday, June 9

Baby, baby, baby, ooohhhhh

I remembered when we went to Bora Asmara and there's this live band came to our table and sang 'Can't help falling in love' by Elvis Presley.

It was dedicated to us. I guess they seen sparks between us.

I decided it should be our song.

I love you Jude.

Looking forward to discover you more. It never ends doesn't it?

Monday, June 7

Hello Goodbye

1. I can't sleep thanks to dozing off from 3 pm till 530 pm. Weird dream was I owned a pair of armadillo heels (go google if you are curious) and wore them to work along with a sky high shoulder pad blazer. po-po-po-poker face

2. The world cup fever is on. I got my argentina jersey. wear it out with my mum tho she thinks i look a bit boyish. heyyy mana ada... reen pakai head band.

3. The other week i strained my ankle and unable to wear heels for almost a week. boo! My mum told my opah that i strained my ankle because i played futsal. Then my opah said "laaa... awat main bola.. budak perempuan mana boleh main bola" hahah comel la opah ni.

4. I love the fact I ironed my working clothes over the weekend and I'm gonna annoy my family with this statement " best nyeee tak yah iron baju malam ni" 5 times a week.

5. Why sex and the city 2 is not in Malaysia's cinemas? sigh. I want another girls night out.

6. Encik Jude was home. for a while. cheers to long distance and be merry. At least I have someone to miss.

7. Can I not think about the stupid policy and not think about the consequnces in the future. I' m just too scared to think about it. Why do they need to make me choose between love or career.

8. In this order : wayfarer- blackberry-car-designer handbag-whatever comes next.

9. I still drag to go to work because of the kiasu people cari parking at lrt station and the fact I have to wake up 520 every morning.

10. I still have 3 hours 20 mins to sleep.Still fresh awake. Goodluck with that. Goodnight people.

Sunday, May 30

Say No.

How many times have you've encountered when you say 'no' people just think its a yes maybe?
example situation:

Guy: Do you want an ice cream?
Girl: No.
Guy: I know you want one.
Girl: Seriously. No.
Guy: Come on, I know you very well. You want one.
Girl: Ok you are freaking me out. I seriously don't want an ice cream.
Guy: You're lying.
Girl: .... sigh.

See annoying kan if it keeps on arguing sampai esok pagi. Since when a 'no' is a malu-malu answer for 'yes'? Malu tapi mahu is bullshit. No means NO.

Wednesday, May 26


to all the breaking hearts

Monday, May 24

Lahai cik Vivienne.

Sepetang itu saya lepak2 dengan family saya di wondermilk.

Sedang belek2 sebuah majalah sambil hirup teh panas, saya terpandang satu iklan.

Vivienne Westwood!! Lalu menjadi excited.. So here the conversation goes:

Me: OMG! its Vivienne Westwood. Lama gila tak dengar nama designer ni.

Mama: Westwood? cam familiar.

Me: Mama tahu?

Papa: Ye la. Masa kat UK dulu mama beli baju kat kedai die.

Mama: Haah.. dress vintage color black with green small flowers.

Me: *gasp!* Mama tahu tak tu baju designer???

Mama: tak.

Me: Mana mama simpan baju tu?? naaaaakkkkkkk!!!

Mama: Mama dah donate kat orang masa before kita balik Malaysia.

Me: Sigh..... (T.T)

Mama:Lahai. Sorry la Reen.. mana mama tahu dia designer popular masa tu. Kalau mama tahu memang mama simpan.


Some of Westwood's design I found in the net. Pretty vintage thing. sedih dah.
oh no!

tete-te telephone

cannot sleep...... voice mail je dari tadi.. sigh..

good ____ (fill in the blanks) world

Wednesday, May 19

Caca Marba

LRT broke down tayar pancit again. Was stuck for an hour plus. Reached work at 7 .50

Reached the office and the secretary told me I have an event at Renaissance Hotel at 8.00.

Took the taxi in a rush. Rasa cam Anne Hathaway in Devil wear's Prada. And reached late. Jam.

The event was kinda for managers but I was there for the sake of visibility. Tak paham joke orang tua and gelak ketawa mereka macam orang kaya at a very sophisicated event (AHAH HAH HAH - korang imagine sendiri la bunyi die)

Ended up pening because confused and lost and thinking bout my tonns of work at the office. Dah la event habis lambat. Its a one day event.

Rushed back to office to copy my work. Went home and stuck in lrt, traffic. gah!

Just finished work. Esok got presentation. Belum iron baju (the most hated part in my whole day routine)

Dah lama tak cakap with Jude lama2. rindu. its ok we're both busy tak ingat dunia.


Don't worry, be happy. du du dudu du dudu du duuuu.....

Sunday, May 16

Confession of a friend

I have a confession to make. I haven't been such a good friend. This post will be long. I think. But if it doesn't apply to you please hop to another blog.

I've been distance with two of my close friends and I've been feeling like there's something missing or just plain guilt.

Both are different girls I met different places and time and somehow we became close. And same situation. Both are dating my exes. Which at first I was confuse to mind or not to mind about it but in the end I acted ok with the complicated situation.

I was not aware that deep inside I really hate the situation. Its like why my ex? Isn't there anyone else out there? So with this hate, I started acting weird. First time a close friend ended up with an ex I was very mean to her. I posted something so bitchy here (but I swear I did apologize). So we're distant because of that and she won't accept my apology till today I think.

I learn my mistake. So for the second time it happen again and that time was my college close friend was dating my recent ex. It used to be hard for me to be ok till this one phase I totally couldn't bring myself to talk to her or my ex. But I tried my best to make it normal and things aren't like it used to be. We're kinda distance.

See.... I tak bitchy pon still distance. whyyyyyy???

I feel menyampah? yes I used to. Its like breaking the sis code because you know when things like this happen we're not gonna be close and that's for sure. The truth is I do very much miss these two people. They are really great gfs.

Being alone in this reality world makes me think why there is so much hate till I lose a great gf. There's no point feeling that way. Its beyond my control to stop people from loving each other.

I do wish things will be normal. Tho its kinda impossible.


Kan senang if I can talk to both of you girls like this and we'll be totally clear bout this and no pendam2 feelings. I hate feeling like there's something missing. Its normal. Not everything my friends do I like and not everything I do my friends like too. I'd say... be frank with each other.

Saturday, May 8


Today I saw a kancil's sport rim rolling down the road as I drove to work. Curious, curious.
And I swore that I wasn't dreaming. Tho it was 6.30 am.

Today I bought mum's mother's day present. shhhsss.. its a secret.

Today its been a productive day. *clap! clap!*

Today I had a battle with Brownie just because she won't take her medicine. Dah la sakit then tak nak makan ubat. Ape punya kucing.

Today I discover how to use bit torrent. So my excessive downloading habit may continue now. ngiahahahaha.

Now I must sleep because I have a futsal tournament tomorrow morning.

Goodnight lovely people :)

Monday, May 3

Makan. Gelak. Makan

Kenduri doa selamat yang serupa majlis pertunangan minus the fancy smancy decor last weekend was tiring but worth seeing two strong women in my life smile. Oh plus my Tok Wan yang sangat terharu because everyone balik kampung.

The penats is not gone yet. Seriously rasa macam nak pergi spa ala bali tu.

Today I went for busines orientation programme. Its kinda like my company's induction 2 weeks 5 days programme but its only a day and half. One comment for it : redundancy.

So kerja kami kat meja belakang tu gelak, tersengguk2, percakapan kosong dan roti jala, sandwich, donut, karipap, teh tarik...memang kalau duduk dengan Nyqa, Ayie, Azreen and Pek, keje nak gelak and makan je.

Surprisingly my roomate is participating too. We had sushi for dinner with illy =D

Ok banyak makan. Patut la orang kerja kat company P fluffy2. Free food kot. hehe.

Friday, April 30

10 perkara

  1. Saya lebih suka naik LRT dari drive ke kerja semata-mata nak usha handbag akak2 yang dah bertahun-tahun kerja and meneka adakah handbag itu ori atau P.S(Petaling Street la sayangku) boutique.
  2. Sekarang genre lagu saya dah mellow down. Mungkin dah malas nak dengar bising dan mahu mencari ketenangan jiwa. Tetapi bukan lagu yang tangkap lentok. Kalau anda tahu lagu2 jazz, swing, bossa atau acoustic yang best nak layan sila suggest.
  3. First time balik UTP for the weekend saya rasa excited and bole pulak rasa cam short get away. Thanks Sha for the suggestion. Thanks Mars, Ern, Pes for the makan2 and jalan2 best kat Ipoh and accomodation. Serious tak tipu. First time rasa Ipoh tu menarik.
  4. Cubaan untuk mengurus masih belum berjaya. Tak apa. Cuba lagi. Mau jog lepas kerja. Sape nak ikut angkat tangan.
  5. Salmah and the swingers berjaya menambat hati majority rakyat UTP. Sila perform di majlis perkahwinan saya (eceh.. bila masa la tu).
  6. Saya dah qualified untuk pergi offshore. Bila nak hantar saya pergi offshore? Bila?? Bilaaaa????
  7. Antara soalan yang typical saya dapat : Reen kerja mana? Kerja Reen tu cam mana? Gaji Reen berapa? (ehem. p&c la mak cik/pak cik), Reen kerja tingkat mana? and soalan bonus - bila Reen nak kawin? (gasp. baru kerja 2 bulan. tak nak jawab bole tak?)
  8. Surprisingly, I do wake up early on weekends. Really early.
  9. Communication itu amat penting untuk saya dan Jude beraman damai. Ok la Jude, lepas ni saya nyanyi lagu Hey Jude yang off key untuk menceriakan hidup awak di seberang laut.
  10. Saya mahu mencari sesuatu yang menarik untuk tidak membosankan hidup saya yang routine ini. Suggestions please?

Wednesday, April 28

Dear Jude,

I hope we'll be ok someday :'(

Sunday, April 18


It took time for me to write here.
Its not that I'm too busy. Masa final year yang 100% lagi busy from now pon sempat blogging.
But I guess I blog when I can't get my point out or when I'm angry, stressed out maybe.

Currently I am learning to breathe in a new atmosphere. Which we all know its not as simple as ABC but will have to do it step by step. What I feel is neutral. And its pretty much normal to go back at 6 or 6.30. I just keep reminding myself that I'm not an intern. This is the real world. God knows whats gonna happen next.

For this past few months its been very challenging mentally, financially and emotionally. I just hope it gets better and better. Who says working life is easy. Lagi banyak nak pikir ada lah. More responsibility and more 'things I want but I don't need so lets forget' syndrome.

enough babbling. I shall sleep because apparently I appreciate the weekends more these days.

ps: I hear wedding bells. But not too soon ;)

Sunday, April 4


Today (3rd April) I turned 20. Eh silap.. 23.

Its a bit different this year because I'm not celebrating in UTP.
But my bf and best friend managed to surprise me. With the help of Maria, As and Noin too. hehe.. Thanks guys..
I'm touched because he can't be here to celebrate it but he surprised me with something unexpected. Of my 22 years of living I never got a bouquet of flowers until yesterday

And a box of cupcakes with my wish list and fave things in fondant. Super cute okay encik bf ni. Firah is right.. I'll cinta you lebih2 after this. hehe..

And Thank you Firah ku for belanja dinner. Thanks also to Illy, Don, and Shira. I had a wonderful birthday lunch and ice cream.

And oh.. so comel. I woke up and my parents made lempeng pisang for my breakfast. Especially for birthday girl ok..

LoveLoveLove you guys alot!

Monday, March 22

Awan Adreen

I work among the clouds.
But I'm not a stewardess.

I have to go offshore once in a while.
But I was never an engineer.

I'm afraid of heights.
But I'm working in the tallest building.

This has not much to do with my degree.
But I feel totally belonged here.

No matter how tall my office is
or I'm doing something I never learn to do,

I'm grateful for this adventure.

Thursday, February 25

Whistle along

I'll be gone for 2 weeks plus. Induction thingy. Pretty long huh. Maybe so that I won't pump petrol from other petrol stations.

I'm thrilled! (not in a sarcastic way)

I am determine to be more organized. This includes not to be late and plan ahead. Wondering how can I do that because I'm reckless spontaneous.

p/s: I'm craving something chocolatey gooey. Firah, lets.

Saturday, February 20

Busy rupanya.

Hari ini


1. Pegi buat medical check up. Terbump into classmate and got excited.
2. Takut dengan jarum so darah tak keluar which leads to kena cucuk for the second time.
3. Malaysia ni panas, jangan nak berangan jalan from Prince Court to KLCC tengah hari buta.
4. Rasa macam nak pitam sebab tak makan since yesterday malam.
5. Semua orang kerja kat KLCC dress up cam stylo je. Demm.. habis gaji to bajus je.
6. Decided maybe I would sell Charlie. No hard feelings Charlie. You're too expensive for me.
7. Had french toast at old town with the girls but french toast didn't agree much with my tummy.
8. Said goodbye to Nina (she's flying to aussie tomorrow)
9. Buat skype just because I miss you.
10. Rasanya macam kembali addicted to fb,blog,chatting and blog hopping.

this explains why I'm not asleep yet now.

Wednesday, February 17

New Chapter

I haven't been updating much.
Didn't expect that I would be busier at home compared to UTP.
But I did experienced things that opened a new chapter to my life.
I am finally employed, my office is in KL but my bf moved to Bintulu. Work purposes.
So.. Its a new chapter and a big challenge.

What do I feel?
Lucky, excited, scared and indescribable.

Friday, January 29

Happy Belated Birthday

Because you posted these pics on fb lambat. So lambat la birthday blog post. hehe.
Bimbo, you're old. Sila kurang bimbo and tersesat jalan please.

Sunday, January 24

Adventure with nature

One fine day, we decided to go cycling in the jungle :D

We girls are not good at reading maps. *sigh* In the end we didn't follow the map

Test... test... test...
Lets rule the jungle!

Ok.. ini muka kena gigit nyamuk yg cannot go

Malaysia memang ada snow dalam jungle die. Sejuk. Cakap pon berasap2.

Ini sambungan cerita Sembilu. Nina, Ika.. action!

oh I can relate to this. Bummer days.

Rojak and cendol because its panas and penat cycle naik turun bukit

Can't wait for another adventur. Peace out!

Friday, January 22

Wouldn't it be Nice

Sometimes I wish I can turn back time and freeze it or press the rewind and play button over and over again. Its been a rough patch lately.

Maybe its because you're leaving and I'm being selfish.

Thursday, January 21

The Barbie Effect

When every girl I know owns a Barbie,
I want one too.
I want one so badly.
I didn't take the time to think.
Do I really need a Barbie?
Its just because every girl has one,
I have to own one.
Is it just following the trend?
Maybe I think it wouldn't be cool if I don't have one.
I can't join the other girls playing Barbie beach party
I f I don't have one.
But it comes back to me.
Do I need one?
And my answer would be
It does not matter. When the time comes and I really need one,
I'll get one.

Wednesday, January 20

The Diet Diaries of abandon jeans

My 'diet program' so far has been a little bit out of control. I had ribs over the weekend and fish and chips yesterday. Oily, fatty, not healthy. But on the good side of it, I consistently jog.
I wish I had the discipline on my food intake. This second week is not doing any good for me. I don't feel progression but more like guilt for binging over nyummy food and I jog just to feel less guilty. So tell me how am I gonna lose weight?

One of the reasons I want to lose weight so badly its because I'm tired of looking fat and feeling less confident. Since I got back from college, I have gained alot of weight untill the only jeans that fit me was my skinny jeans and I do look like a 'sarung nangka'. I'm not proud flaunting my chunky thighs. And I'm sick of wearing clothes that are lose around the tummy area. Its been ages since I last wore a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Last week I did show some progress. So I decided to try those jeans that I have abandon. I did fit into it but I still have muffin tops. Actually that jeans had a small hole somewhere below the back pockets. So, when I sat down I accidentally tore that hole into a bigger hole. I never felt more upset with myself.

It not like I'm not trying. Maybe it needs more efford. I've been wanting to fit in a cute piece of jeans but never got the chance to. Thanks to my yo-yo weight.

Run fat girl run

Wednesday, January 13

The Diet Diaries of mac and cheese

I was craving for mac and cheese since last week so my bestie n me decided to dine at TGIF. Seriously superb and kenyang gila and murah compared to others in the menu.
Before she came, my mum said 'Eat salad. You're on a diet'. But I couldn't care less. I was craving like a sick kid craving for ice cream.
Unfortunately for me, they did not serve mac and cheese anymore. In the end, I ate salad instead. Cakap mak selalu betul.

I'm trying to lose weight. I have 10 kilos to shed. Anak gajah. Anak badak also can. Usually my morning is 9-10 am. But now my morning is 6.30 am. Since I can't afford gym and probably can't afford the public swimming pool in a week so jogging will do tho I'm not too keen about it.
It requires pure evil dicipline to wake up really early in the morning to jog and to avoid desserts and cheese. Its my weakest point.

For the record I used to jog at least 3 rounds but due to the lazyness and gemukness I've been gaining, its 2 rounds of brisk walking and half jogging. WTF. Total humiliation.
But today I sucessfully avoided cheese and dessert. Clap! Clap!

Hoping for improvements of jogging rounds and eating habits.

Run! Fat Girl Run!

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I used to believe that we can live on clouds.