Friday, July 30

OMG do you know what? !

ok that's how I start a story of an event.

1. I was in the train snoozing my way to work. Yes people, I was sitting at the end seat of a three seater (it was freggin 7.00 a.m) and at the other end there was a bloke. Then the train stops at Taman Paramount. I guess any of you ride the train from KJ to KLCC daily would have known. I was still snoozing then came a fat bloke squeezed himself in between me and the other bloke. I was in the middle of a dream and all the sudden it felt like an earth quake. I almost stood up from my seat but I didn't when realized it was that fat bloke who sneezed and coughed loudly 3 times in a row that have awaken me and left my heart beating fast as if I was falling. Annoyed and wishing his stop was somewhere before KLCC.

2. After lunch time I went to the ATM. I was queing up and there was this old man queing beside me. He smiled at me and being polite, I smiled back and continue to look else where. Then that old man said to me "you are beautiful". Flattered, I said thank you. After the transaction I hurried my way through the crowd back to my office. As I was fast walking, that old man appeared out of no where walking beside me. He asked me where I worked (which I only said tower 2) and he gave me his NUMBER!!! which was written on an ATM receipt. I could pass as his granddaughter ok. No kidding. From his staff tag, I know he's from the company P. Freakky!!!!

3. I got my new car few hours ago. Yeay! and I couldn't find the petrol tank when i need to fill in petrol just now. Noob. haha. Ended up two gentlemen asking if I needed assistant as if I was a damsel in distress and ada hati nak mintak my business card. I feel like a bimbo. Sumpah malu gila.

4. Torres is sexy. hee hee. dah, dah pi tido.

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