Thursday, December 31

9 things (fill in the blank) in 2009

  1. I went through final year without a scratch. Ok I'm lying. Probably just a minor brain damage and my biology clock went cookoo!
  2. Found the meaning of true friends. And friends who do change drastically.
  3. Got close with people who I have no idea I would get close with.
  4. Found love at last.
  5. Lose weight early this year, gained more towards the end and trying to lose more now.
  6. My dad got me a car and his name is Charlie.
  7. I think I was hit by a curse 'my close friends end up with my ex-s'. If its the third time this thing happen to me, I'm gonna mandi bunga bawah jambatan.
  8. Getting use to save more and thinking lots of time before I buy something but it always ends up with the statement, I fell in love with it, I must have it, Its mine!! There goes my money.
  9. Finally I do 'appreciate' the word jobless. Thank you mr CEO for not wanting to hire me. I'll show you what's not qualified enough. pfft.

So, that ends the 2009 list of good things and misfortunes. May me and you and everyone in this dying place have a very happy new year.

Sunday, December 20

Rumahku Syurgaku

I paint my nails bloody red but someone thinks its messy.
Well haniiii, pay for my manicure please. You can join also and I'll berlakon as if you're my gay friend :P

I did go looking for a job and you know those online job application where you have to fill in your details and it gets boring just when you fill in the section about your working experience. I always do it half way and got distracted by youtube or cafe world thanks to Firah and ended up leaving it abandon and forgotten.
But ironically today I search for an apartment. Yes.. where the hell am I gonna get 250K? Nak shopping at Mng preview sale pon fikir satu juta kali.

Apparently I was inspired by a friend's condo in Sentul . Very cozy place. Love, love, love it! Seriously cam resort and the view was whoaaa boleh nampak klcc! But the thing is I want an apartment in Damansara.

You see, I just can't be away from Selangor. Its too awesome. I just realize that I love it here.
So there goes my search for an apartment in Damansara. I found one and it was lovely plus sangat dekat with Curve. Double love it. I love it!
But 250k won't fall out from the sky.

Cari kerja tamau, cari apartment nak. chiipodah!
Slap! Slap! wake up and smell Brownie..
She needs a bath tomorrow morning.

Saturday, December 12

Ini bukan fairytale.

Sape cakap relationship ni senang?
lagi susah dari dapat degree adala. (mentang2 la aku dah grad. muahhaha)
Seriously... korang bayangkan..
Korang berkenalan dengan bf/gf memang la start2 kawan... some tak sampai seminggu dah couple(ok ni kes zaman budak2. cite hindustan je terus nampak dh i love you) but some kawan sampai 5 tahun baru couple.

Tapi lain cerita ok couple and kawan tu. Bila kawan kita control or tak control ayu tapi tak tunjuk belang lagi. Bila couple of course first 3 months you're on honeymoon land and kentut pon berbau macam bunga melur tapi bila dah nak setahun mula tunjuk perangai masing2. Some bole tolerate stay.. tak bole tolerate, ok mari cari lelaki baru dan tuka2 macam shopping baju kat OU sampai dapat size yang muat.. ok that didnt sound right (kehadapan encik hilman, sila jgn ambil serius statement saya ini. encik hilman saje. korang semua kena ambil serius)

Ok back to biz.. Then the part of knowing each other. Orang dah kawin 5 tahun pon belum tentu kenal each other's heart and macam-macam pe el masing-masing. Unless you are really an open book. It takes time to learn someone new. Sape cakap sape kenal aku that well.. you're wrong. Aku rasa mak aku je kenal betul2 aku ni cm mana pe el die . Knowing and learning to accept the flaws of someone you love is tiring but what I learn is, not to search for someone perfect but to accept someone's imperfectness. That is how married couples survive without getting a divorce.

Bila dah lama learn to accept, tiba2 break sebab can't tolerate dah or you caught a borneo chick in coconut bra in his room when u come over to his house to surprise him. Then you'll have to start all over again. Isn't it tiring?

Sape cakap relationship ni senang? Emosi manusia mysterious lagi dari mystery bermuda triangle. We don't get saved by a charming prince and lived happily ever after. There is after the happpily ever after and it ain't rainbows and sunshine all the way.

Wednesday, December 9

What Heels can make you do

Have you ever felt pushed that you couldn't bother more and all you want to do is pull over your blanket and go back to that dream?

The situation is I do not feel motivated to look for a job while my mum is nagging pushing me to get one in a month or two. Stress kan?

Why I don't feel like searching?
First, I don't know what am I qualified for
Second, I don't like programming. I can't program to save my ass. All my work in UTP is just plastic and lies
Third, I'm enjoying freedom with less cash and not worrying OMG my FYP tak siap lagi, OMG nanti jauh dari Hilman lagi for 6 months and many more OMGs 'I don't want to go back to UTP syndrome'.

Conclusion, I don't want to work yet, I don't want to get married ( you know the malay saying, dah habis belajar duduk rumah tunggu orang masuk meminang je la. which i think is total crap because marriage is not the solution of everything. orang zaman dholu-dholu je cakap lidddat) but sometimes I wish mum stop pressuring me and money grow on trees and most important I wish I know where am I heading because I' m totally blurred lost.

I keep imagining the small cubicle how stuffy it is, people in business suits how boring it is and the same sick routine with no inspiration and excitement when you wake up knowing each day there is something new. I shout for FREEDOM! and a million dollars to start a clothing line in any fashion capital because here, I won't berkembang maju and be fabulous like Kimora Lee Simmons. Oh yes, that is my ultimate dream.

Somehow today, I was inspired to get a job.
I was at KLCC just now window shopping with Firah and I spot a platform heels from Guess which looked uber comfy and super cantik and soft and I fell in love instantly but I was low on cash. So I concluded that I need a job. Plus Firah told me that my dream Channel hand bag is not 12 K but wayyy cheaper. Whoot whoot! Plus I really want to go to UK for a week to shop kasut 3 pound yang cantik bole jatuh hati and bawak tido.

See mum, telling me that you'd sell charlie if I don't get a job does not motivate me to find one.

So, If I want it all, I have to get a job. IMEDDIATELY! so that I'l have more shoes shoes shoes, bags, bags, bags oh Channel! and travel around the world and sewing class so that maybe I can start my own clothing line. excited!

As a start, when I reached home, I on the pc and apply kerja laju2. hehe

Besar kan cita-cita saya?

Friday, November 20

Good Bye

I wore black today.
As if its a funeral.
Its my last paper.
Its my last day as a student.
As much as excited I am to finish this ,
Deep down inside, its just sad to part with this comfort zone.
This is the day that I face the fact that I'm that little fish in the big blue sea
Not the little fish in the pond.

Goodbye 'the middle of no where',
Goodbye student life.
Goodbye all the interesting people

Happy Unofficially Graduation
Selamat Menanam Anggur.

Jump of freedom! , taken by ejat

Tuesday, November 17

eye bags

need decent sleep at a decent time peacefully. blergh.
and I don't need cough syrup or anti-depressant.


FYP does not come from storks

After months of stress, sleepless nights, coffee, tapau food, gaduh with bf, and mood swing kalah perempuan mengandung.

I finally hardbound my dissertation report and get my system functioning.

In other words, I'm done, finish tip top my Final Year Project.


an inch to graduating :D

Friday, November 13


Dear Bimboes, fashion addict, and readers,

Pisau Cukur is a must watch movie. It was worth every Ringgit. Seriously. I wouldn't mind watching it again and be happy. Its not your typical Malay drama that we always avoid to watch because they are too sappy but its simply Panass!

Why should you watch it? because:
  1. As far as I can remember, this is the first malay chick flick.
  2. Its funny. Plus the 'hidden dirty jokes', the thing that the Datuk gatal did with his briefcase was priceless if you get what I mean. Friggin hilarious, LMAO. I do wonder if LFN gets those dirty jokes or is it too abiguous for them to understand.
  3. Ok, typically they do have some comel scenes that you'd go awww... so cute.
  4. There's this 'gigi besi' cutie (Redza Mihat, picture below in the blue shirt) who's uber sweet.
  5. Oh my DIOR! , Oh my PRADA! Oh my Jimmy CHOO! - you people will feel giddy because combining Fazura and Maya Karin together equals to spontaneous gedik-ness but not pretentious. So, its not annoying at all.
  6. Its not boring at all, full with excitement and I didn't finish my popcorn (finishing my pop corn is one of the sign the movie is too dull)
  7. Its the perfect combination of P.Ramlee's Madu tiga, mystery case file and a small hint of Legally Blonde.
  8. Bunyi moaning dari laptop, adegan2 hot Sharifah Sofea and Datuk gatal and gay ness of Naz-T was so unexpected. Tak filter kot movie ni.
  9. Story line is interesting and the ending was twisted.
  10. This movie PROVES that no matter how bimbo you are, you can still be independent and intelligent. Its not just a pretty face honey.

But a tiny bit turn off about this movie is ... LIYANA JASMAY superficial and konon spoiled brat. Please go and learn how to be naturally gedik.

And don't expect their apparel would be like in Gossip Girl that would blow your mind off and make you say Oh my Prada! Nama pon pisau cukur.

Hurry up and watch it so that you guys know what am I merepek-ing about and why am I excited gila.

Panas! ok.


Wednesday, November 11

home sick

saya sangat rindu kamu dan kamu. bila la saya nak balik.

p/s: papa tak cakap good luck dan memberi kata2 semangat. saya merajuk sekarang. One down 2 more to go. Oh saya dah 'register course', anda bila lagi? <--- ayat bakar untuk budak2 yang ada satu lagi semester. muahahhahahahaha. sucks to be you. :P

Monday, November 9

future f1 driver and future fashion designer

What do you get when two bored people decided to play around 'unprotected'?


He came across this make babies website and wonder how our kids would look like. But out of the odd, how can we produce a blonde baby? Am I that bimbo till it reflects on my baby girl's hair? But my baby boy is so hadorable. Can I have a real one honey? pleaseeeeee
hahah joking :P don't get freaked out.

Saturday, November 7

'study week'

funny pictures of cats with captions

Adreen's study routine for this week. very 'productive'.

Thursday, November 5

yes you.

Kalau gaduh dengan yang tercinta. Sila dedicate lagu yang comel ni.

Wednesday, November 4


Gabby: What a blank of a day. Earl at the office is such a blank. I wanna kick the blank out of his blank.

Carlos: Oh yeah? how bout that blanking hair dresser totally screwed up my blanking hair look at me. I'm totally blanked.

Gabby: The blanking client didn't sign the deal and we lost a blank load of money. waaa .....blank! blank! blank!

Carlos: Okay, we are both at fault but you're home schooling her.

Gabby: Fine, but I know someone who isn't getting blanked tonight.

Carlos: Fine with me, I blanked off earlier.

-desperate housewives-

They are seriously hilarious. I love Gabby and Carlos. Even when they argue, it never fail to crack me up.

Monday, November 2

mok mok fatty ass.

today i had ikan bakar, ice kacang, sushi, takoyaki, aunty anne's , one large coke and tosai paper
yesterday i had egg mayo and peanutbutterjelly, bbq ayam, loads of candies (halloween meh!)
day before yesterday i had... i can't really remember but i remember eating meggi goreng telur mata tak sedap dah kat ameeth pastu tak puas hati and donate the left over to kawan sebelah kanan pastu order roti bakar telur manis CHEESE! oh memang babat macam teddy bear. and its not cute.
this depression is making me eat more more and more.

macam mana la aku tak jadi lebih gemuk.

note to self: please go jogging satu UTP and swimming 10 laps.

p/s: dear lanun, in the end I search for you to tell you how I feel. oh how I wish you can respond and tell me its just a nightmare. when i wake up its all going to be normal again.

Sunday, November 1


i miss that excitement we used to have.
this cold war is giving me shivers.
come back will you?
you who i know. and love.


Saturday, October 24

house keys

The other day a little girl (well not that little, she's 15) sulked all the way in the car from her best friend's house to her home.

Remembering how mad her daddy got when she accidentally locked the whole family out of the house yesterday.

See, here's the thing about her. She's too anxious getting ready for the sleep over and left the house keys in her room. Ran down and asked her daddy to send her and without any warning she shut the door. It was locked. Then she realizes the keys are in her bed room.

It was 12 am. Everyone is sleepy. The door is locked. Daddy went moody when he found out. Thankfully uncle had a spare key. So they decided to drive for almost an hour to get the keys.

Since it was her fault, her daddy thought she would be worried and will stay. But unfortunately the only thing she is worried about is the sleep over.

Frustrated perhaps with his own daughter's reaction to the unfortunate event of getting locked out side the house at 12 am, he send her with a very bitter feeling. So this middle aged couple drove an hour or so to take their house keys. Thankful again for his wife's brother who had their spare key.

She on the other hand thought her daddy is giving her a hard time of enjoying this little time of freedom before she steps in form 4.

That brings us back to the story of why she sulked. Straight up to her room she walked thinking her daddy doesn't want her to have fun. Shut her bedroom door. Getting ready for a gathering I assume.

There in the living room, he asked his wife, "where's her baju kurung cotton? I want to iron it for her". Honestly, I think that was the sweetest thing a dad would do. He was mad at her but still love her to bits.

moral of the story : please bring extra house keys with you anywhere and family first, show that you love your parents too ;)

Do you remember?

There was once someone used to play No Surprises by Radiohead on his classic guitar. While I used to watch that via web cam. It wasn't addressed to me I guess. But we just happen to share common interest. Music.

For the love of music. Its one of the reason why I got so interested in playing music again after few years I hardly play my organ. How I wouldn't be in love with music once more? We were constantly talking about music. Sharing songs, listening to the guitar strums and sometimes humming.

Oh I want a Les Paul. Can't afford a Gibson. What do you think about the color?Along those lines are the usual ones I used to get on my yahoo messenger.

Its not only music but other things also that made us close. Giving me advice at random times when I kinda thought I need one is surprising in deed. Its like a pop up thingy that knows I'm in need.

Just reminiscing how young and silly we were. I did once, few years ago wondered what would have happen if things worked out differently. If I waited till that very semester ends. But somehow now I am very glad that we stayed friends as always. For you did leave a big impact in my life. Thank you.

I found this in a pile of pictures of guitars you sent. I still think its a beauty.

Tuesday, October 20

whimsically in love

Restless to begin, a wave comes crashing in
The band on stage is tuning, jacarandas are blooming
Your face sketched in my dreams, puts my mind at ease
Beneath the water frozen
The Merrimack river is flowing
Thunder rolling over

Don't say you're not amazed, when you know you are

- Merrimack River by Amanda Leigh-

p/s: I get all warm,fuzzy and jittery listening to this. It reminded me when we first fall. Oh how I miss you. Oh how I love you.

Wednesday, October 14

The death of a lappie

My lappie died away.So sad... I can't save him. Give CPR also cannot work ;(

My theory is, its too heavy and the fan cannot support! now I'm stuck with this gigantic PC.

Everytime I open my blog, the fonts are humongous.
Ok.. imagine this...
I was typing my blog url and obviously I wasnt looking at the screen and press'enter'. Then all sudden, this really huge pink georgia font appear.Terkejut ok! (tak itu exaggerating lebih but yeah I was shocked).

My old dead lappie is only 13 inches, compare it to this flat huge monitor? (O.o')

Despite of getting use to this for a month more, I quite enjoy watching my fave series on a really big screen :D

R.I.P lappie (T.T)

p/s: daddy can I get a new one soon? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I'll wash the car and do the dishes and take out the trash. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hello world!

Hello lovable readers and imaginary readers.
I haven't been blogging for a while.
Its considered a while because I'm always infront of my pc but no time to blog.

I do want to update. Really do but FYP and work is driving me nuts
till I can't tell what day it is.
My eyes are puffy and tired and my sleeping time is like a bat.
Ok enough whining.

Anyhow.. updates?
I did feel like writing but all the sudden tak feel.
ok ape aku merepek ni??

oh well...
see you when ever I see you then ;)

Sunday, October 4

highschool sweetheart

I was listening to crush by mandy moore and it reminded me how giddy most of us girls used to be back in high school.
Giddy when we bumped into our crush that is. The feeling is so innocent and butterflies in tummy all the time. Its like I wanna be with you but I'm too shy.

Back then in 2000, I remembered I had a crush on this really cute guy and being all head over heels everytime he passes by my class.Pass by je tau. Not talk to. Ok I admit it there was written in my note book :P Sounded insanely ridiculous because how can I like someone who I never talk to. I blame hormones. haha.

But somehow I ended up with an *ugly duckling during my high school years. Well personality matters? My gfs were like what are you thinking adreen?! But don't give a shit coz he's just plainly sweet to me. Statement perasan here : I always date the less good looking ones but after WE break up, he'll be good looking tetiba and i was like daymn!

Anyway. Like seriously who would put small soft toys key chain yang super cute under your desk once a month/week (tak ingat but selalu dapat)? Seriously pagi2 masuk class ada soft toy key chain bawah desk was so surprising :D And a valentine's card that's half size of your body length? And those cute little cards/notes almost all the time. Balik from school sama-sama is a must. And sumpah innocent gila coz we don't even dare to hold hands.

Back then my parents were really strict on me. I didn't really have the privileges like my sister have now. I can't go on dates. If I wanted to, I'll have to bring the whole gang out. So usually I'll have my two best friends with me. Even on dates.

This is the part where mintak couple have to be somewhere special. So he wanted to bring me to probably the fanciest restaurant in shah alam and pop up the question. Sounded romantic eyh? But I had to bring my two best friends. He had to ask for me infront of them. Embarrassing but you want the girl, do it her way. It was cute in a weird sense. But that was back then.

Now days, as we grow old sometimes we don't even declare it or mintak couple tepi longkang bawah block perempuan or in the car on the way pegi mcd pastu tak de flakes. Tak de nye over candle lit dinner with a bunch of roses. Its like does the place matters? What matters is who you're with in the end of the day. awwww....

To you who have made my high school exciting and fun, thanks. And yes I still loveeee surprises.

*ugly duckling - you weren't so good looking but after some years you grow up to be incredibly handsome. applies to those who dated me around 2001-2004 :P

Wednesday, September 30

sometimes its better not to say

Remember a game we used to play in orientations? The game where you say something and pass it to the person next to you then the person next to you pass it on to the next person and it goes on till the last person.

I'm 100% sure what the last person heard isn't the same thing the first person said. Its all twisted and delivered in a different sentence but gives different meaning that could cause chaos or can even turn friends to enemies.

Just so we know its common that people gossip or talk behind back. But most of the time the message delivered is not exactly what it's exactly is. You get what I mean? Probably I said A and you heard it was B and get it all wrong.

Yes its just a misunderstanding and No I did not say that. Sorry :)

Friday, September 18

ucapan rasmi hari raya

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin saya ucapkan kepada semua kaum kerabat saya tidak kira di kl, taiping ataupun kelantan, rakan-rakan saya yang berada di luar dan di dalam negeri.

Saya ingin meminta maaf jika terkasar bahasa secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja, post2 saya yang menyakit kan hati setengah pihak dan juga jika ada apa-apa salah yang telah saya lakukan, 0-0 ye.

Tidak lupa juga, halal kan makan minum saya... eh ni ayat cliche yang selalu diucapkan pada pagi raya dalam keadaan tersedu2 menangis masa salam mak dan ayah.

Ok kembali kepada ucapan tadi. Saya juga mintak maaf jika saya telah annoykan kamu atau menjadi singa betina dalam masa 10 saat. Maaf banyak2 ye. Saya tahu saya garang tapi comel. hee.

Sorry lah kepada usual suspects, gfs dan bf-s? tak tak bf je. yang tak terima kad raya dari saya tahun ini. Saya tahu kamu tertunggu2 posmen hanta kad raya dari saya (perasan betul saya (-.-')). Selalunya saya akan buat handmade kad raya tapi sumpah tak de masa sem ni. Tapi, dengan teknologi canggih blog dan paint, saya handmade lukis kad raya untuk korang pada pukul 3 pagi sebelum bertolak balik kampung. Terharu tak?

Oh kepada semua orang yang dikenali, sila la kemari ke rumah saya. Tapi bagitahu dulu ye .kalau suka hati ambush, makan biskut kering dan ribena sejuk la jawab nye.

alamat saya :
no7, jalan xxxx xxxxxxxx 2,
9/xx, xxxx,
xxxx xxxx.

no phone saya: 012-abcdfeghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

from Taiping with love,

Lanun comel.

p/s: saya sedang berpacking untuk balik taiping ni. sesapa yang ada di taiping, jangan segan2 kemari ke rumah opah saya. pasti ada soto dan mungkin duit raya. :D

Monday, September 14


Ass also referred as punggung, bontot, bum, butt, dubur or whatever you call it in million other languages. But unfortunately, no I'm not gonna show pictures of asses or describe a woman's butt but just rant about boys who act like asses.

1. the ungreatful ass
Imagine this situation. You work really hard to surprise your beloved. So you bought cupcakes and carried it with care and tender on a 3 hours trip on a school bus. Then carefully lure your beloved to a place and get your friends to help bring down the cupcakes. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! all you wanted to see a smile of joy instead you got a very sour face. Reason? where's my present? what will I tell my friends if they ask me what was your present? So girls, if you are stuck with this kind ass, do yourself a self relief favour and trash it in the bin.

2. the vulgar ass
Have you ever encounter something like you beloved describing how nice and fluffy your girl friend's tits are? Or heard your beloved telling you obscene things he imagine? Its just too disturbing to describe. A man like that is no man at all. He's just a kid who is reaching puberty and about to be one perverted pscyco. Seen this kind of behaviour on your first or second date? Please do step out of the door, walk out and never turn back. He's just not worthit.

3. the rude ass
This one just have too much temper in him. So he yells at you even if its just a simple misunderstanding. Or say things that are plainly rude and unacceptable. Please be civillized. It does not hurt to be polite. If you want something just ask nicely no need for the annoying statemets like "you ni masak ikan goreng pon tak pandai. mak you tak ajar ke? you ni perempuan bodo ke ape? tak paham2 I nk ikan goreng yang garaing2. eesh! karang simbah minyak baru tahu". ecece.. typical malay drama la pulak. But its rude if you ask me.

4. the clingy ass
I just don't get you. Why do you have to be so emo? Girlfriend nak spend time with kawan2 pon nak emo. Girlfriend tak reply message in 3 hours sebab tolong mak masa pon nak emo. You think having a girlfriend stick with you 24/7 like a tumour is fun? No wonder long distance don't work your way. So girls, when a guy tells you he's jealous when you spend your time with you gf yang dah bertahun tak jumpa, just toss that boyfriend out of the window.

5. the diva ass
You don't call youself DIVA if you're not Mariah baby! Boys, when they become divas its just a pain in the ass. Like seriously. Dah la lelaki pastu nak diva. Kalau lelaki lembut bole paham la. Imagine this. You put an ass hole and a diva together and you see how annoying like hell it is.

Situation example is you live in Klang but your beloved lives in Wangsa Maju. Both don't have car and train is just tiring anyway nak pegi OU cm penat kot nak stop kat KJ pastu naik bas. The only car you can use is your momma's old school kancil bunyi grengegnengegneng cam nak tercabut pintu dan tayar. So your beloved demands you to pick his lazy ass at his home with your momma's old kancil that the furthest can go pon Bukit Raja. Reason: penat la nak jumpa you jauh. PENAT ok! so you translate that sentence in your brain. Its like he's saying its tiring to see you. Like its not worthit to travel that far to see you. bukan tiap2 hari kot naik train jumpa gf. pfft.

Well I hope this helps you for not falling for asses. Maybe you can share your experience with the asses ;)

Thursday, September 10


I'm not being racist but its just my observation. Anyway I am a Malay. I do not mean to offend anyone. But these are the typical things we can see (at least what I see ) in Malay culture.

1. Herds
In schools, in college and also at work place we can see people group (esp Malays) by their home town, school or even popularity. Home town for example, I'm from Kelantan and you're from Kelantan. Lets be friends but we shall not mix with other states. I honestly rarely see these people mix around with non-Kelantanese. It goes the same to people from boarding school or even same courses. What's wrong with mixing around? Is it gonna tarnish your reputation?

2. Lalang
Here's the scenario - a girl messes up with another girl from a group and just because of that the whole group hates that girl eventho they don't even know her.These people are indecisive. When their 'ketua' hates some one, the whole group will hate. When the 'ketua ' declare peace with that person, so does the whole group. What happen to individual preferences? The lalangs are also in offices. They normally kipas bontot your bosses and talam dua muka to you and your collegues.

3. Knowledge
Ever heard of people with information is powerful? But not giving out the right information to the right person is not cool. Cam mana Melayu nak maju? Simple things also must keep it a secret kan? Its like I'm not sure is it chapter 1-3 for test but you surely know its chapter 1-4 for test but refuse to tell me when I ask just because you are insecure. or just plain jerk The thing is don't keep important information to yourself. Information not important a.k.a gossip nak pulak cakap kan.

Envy is good but too much envy sampai nak guna witch craft ape cerita? Here's a story I'd like to share. Years ago my uncle had a small laksa store opposite his house. Beside his store there was another store selling goreng pisang. His laksa was famous among the residents there. Suddenly for a week he had no customers. Pretty odd eyh? Then one day when he was not selling laksa, his regular customer came and asked where he have been missing? the shop was never open for a week. Long story short, the goreng pisang guy envied him to the extend I don't know how he made my uncle's laksa store looked close to his customers but infact its open.

I think that's it for now.I'll continue about Malay later if I remember. daa.

Wednesday, September 9

terharu gue.

Last Sunday,
I almost thought I would go break fast alone. Well it happens to be that all my gfs are having this break fast event somewhere (me not included). Obviously I told jude about this on our daily gayuts. He was worried because I'd be alone.

Eventually I was being optimistic and asked illy, shira and rushdi to break fast with me. To my surprise, maria and ern followed me to break fast that sunday. Serious dowh! terharu gila kot. aww group hug.

So that night, I was on the phone with jude. He asked me who did you break fast with today? I listed out the usual suspects with an edition of maria, ern and pes.
He was shocked.
Then he told me he nearly called maria's bf to ask for her number to tip maria and ern 20 bucks each to break fast with me.

I am touched. I'm like 3 hours away and you'd care that much about me. I mean you never want to see me alone when you're away. But then again, we don't need money to buy friends do we? They'll eventually be there when we're at our lowest point. ;) terharu sekali lagi.

Tuesday, September 8

when they block 'poppy'

Why my FYP isn't progressing that much?

It was a lovely day to do my fyp. In other words, I finally am in the mood for fyp-ing after all the drama sumpah kalah sinetron typical indonesia last week. As usual, I search for tutorials on how to develop a login using php because I am such a noob and most sites I go are blocked but this is the first time its blocked because it is categorized as illegal drugs. ILLEGAL DRUGS people!

How come an innocent php tutorial webpage be an illegal drug?? For those who don't know what php is.. well its an alien language used to create those systems like elearning that you guys think its easy but seriously its so susah. huh. sape cakap budak-budak IT/IS keje senang?? just because you people don't see us sweat our armpits on the site or shore then our work is easy peasy. Well if you think so, hangpa pi belajaq java. terbeliak biji mata hangpa nak cari error.

ok ... lelebih sudah. heheh. It seems the website address contains the word poppy.That explains why ITMS block it. But come on... orang nak download freeware pon cannot sebab this website is categorize as download. Bukannye nak download porn. Niat suci kot. emo lagi sekali ok. FYP is making me too emotional like a pregnant woman.

anyway, out of the topic.
My hair is black. So are my nails. Ina said my nails looked like Gollum's because I was so B-IM-B-O to mix the inai and water using my bare hands. This is what I get when I forgot how to diy hair dye. Self reminder - use gloves when dyi hair dye.

muka bajet cun cam nak kene lempang

Please don't go suicide looking at this picture. Sumpah no intention nak buat orang muntah darah. On the bright side, at least my hair is not orange anymore and I don't need to use the syabas excuse like someone. oopss :p

Sunday, September 6

One of the things that makes me :D

is hearing you laugh of amusement.
whenever I act like a goofball
or whenever you tease me and it amuses only you. (perhaps some other people too)

miss you!

Frankly speaking..

I'm not that friendly.
I'm shy.
I sometimes look snobbish
and I am often misunderstood.
I would love to...
not feel left out.

Saturday, September 5

My ability is to shoot

Dear P,

I have just completed your ability test. From what I can analyze just now, I am good at shooting. So, if you need a bounty hunter, do hire me. But if you want to reject me, do tell me within a month not within six months.

thank you
lanun comel

eheh. what am I crapping about?
Its the P ability test. I think its worst than finals and the chances are 0.00001% for me to go for the next stage. Its harder than you think so don't bother studying because you won't have enough time.
I think its just luck. So I'm not putting high hopes there.
Well people, lets apply other companies shall we?
Worst come to worst, I still have to pay you back eyh P?
But on the bright side... I can get married happily to a P staff. : p

Wednesday, September 2

merpati putih

cerita ceritut sekejap.

saya ada seekor burung merpati.
saya kurung dia dalam sangkar putih.
satu hari..
saya sedar akan perlakuan aneh burung merpati.
kelihatan resah gelisah
seperti mak kucing kehilangan anak.
mungkin mahu terbang bebas.
bukan berat hati untuk melepaskannya,
tetapi mungkin perasaan bimbang di hati.
lama-kelamaan saya sedar mungkin itu yang terbaik.
kerana kalau saya kurung dia sampai bila-bila,
mungkin dia akan mati depresi.
jadi saya pun membuka pintu sangkarnya.
terbanglah dia.


I learned today that sometimes we need to let it out, can't keep it to ourself or not it will become poison.

Friday, August 28


Its not hard to feel sad
but its hard to feel happy

Its not hard to feel angry
but its hard to feel calm

Its not hard to be stressed
but its hard to be optimistic (all the time)


Look around


Give some time to observe.

Wednesday, August 26

past and present maybe future

Somewhere I been there before

Something felt so familiar

Similarities are there

I guess its true, history does repeat itself.

But its up to us to change it ;)

Thursday, August 20

don't catch me

Pernah rasa macam nak jatuh dari langit and tak de parachute?

That's how I feel now.

I'm losing it and I can't deal with it alone.

I can't figure out my interest and I lost my passion to work and text books (as if I ever had that much passion)

Demotivated. That's the word.

Probably this is minor. I'll deal with it alone.

After all, isn't it always have been that way?

Tuesday, August 18

class of 2009

Congratulations bf!

When I reach 22 + 1, I want to be just like you.

so that you can say

Congratulations gf! * plus the balloons , flowers, teddy bear, hadiah graduation and makan besar.. etc etc etc.


Thursday, August 13


penat2 install open source untuk menjimatkan masa dan tenaga dan stress......

server down/rosak/merajuk/kaput/tak nak tolerate.


Bila nak habis fyp?

Now I'm loving classes and exams more than fyp.

classes and exams never looked better now.

nak grad cepat dan duduk rumah habiskan beras sambil main pet society sebab tengok orang tu main pet society kat tutorial tadi cam lagi best dari sorority life.

Saturday, August 8

No piggie flu

My temperature now is 36 and my first function is working. Yay!
Thanks to the endless supply of water, avoiding air cond, 2 pills of ubat fever consumed at one time, acting like a normal not sakit person and kaedah pengewapan muka mak Lina (seriously rasa muka macam duduk dalam sauna ada aroma therapy).
So now I can go back to UTP and be more stressed out. Oh best nye nak stress belajar.

To budak2 FYP yang nak buat form for your system, you can click and drag to create a form from this website and download it pastu letak dalam server korang pastu edit pakai dreamweaver kalau nak connect to database ( use php lagi senang ). Seriously jimat masa and it works!

Friday, August 7


Your temperature is 39.

No it can't be. I feel totally fine.

The thermometer never lies.


So here starts my day one quarantine. I'm not suspected for H1N1 but I will be suspected if my temperature gets higher. Why am I not suspected? Because I don't have those symptoms. I don't even have running nose.
Seriously, I don't feel sick. Just a little light headed. I have so many things to do with too little time. Now I can't go out, not even close to going to Ned's engagement tomorrow. Bummer.
I want to heal fast so that I can go back to UTP by Sunday, send my resume by Monday, attend my first drama class on Monday. There's a quiz on Tuesday morning :( FYP lagi...
I hope I'm sick because I'm stressed out. I wouldn't want to be dead because of some penyakit babi. It would be really pathetic like mati kene langgar kereta kancil.

Tuesday, August 4

Let me take you down...

its my fave at the moment.

Thursday, July 30

Parking Spot

Bloody 'fellow' parking sign.
The thing is, it was dark last night when I was looking for a parking spon when the girls said "tuuuu ada dekat gila dengan cafe" I pun happily reverse parked Charlie (ceh nak jugak cakap sebab i rarely park properly at first attempt). Obviously non of us realize that it was actually fellow parking spot.
So I was greeted good morning by a love letter from the guards. 30 bucks melayang dah.
When I came back from class, I saw a honda kapchai parked at that fellow parking spot that invades not even half the parking spot.
Now I'm starting to wonder what's the purpose of a fellow parking spot when they rarely park there or just occupy half the parking lot.

p/s: I solemly swear that I shall not skip any classes for this last semester.

Tuesday, July 28


The other day me and him are looking for this chinese restaurant somewhere in PJ but we got lost because I'm terrible at giving directions. I'm known for getting lost anyway.

So I told him with a very serious expression " Kalau I sesat I selalu tengok sign board "

Then he was like " Oh, ye ke? kalau cam tu I pon nak tengok sign board la " in a very sarcastic way.

I just realize how bimbo I was.
No wonder people don't take me seriously.

Monday, July 27

a piece of awkwardness

She asked how do you feel?
He said I don't know.
I don't know.

if She asked do you still love me ? and
if He said I don't know.
She'll walk away.

Sunday, July 26

Girls Only

At last the 5 of us had dinner like the good old days. Since Nina will be flying to aussie soon this will be the last time we'll see her. And news flash! I received an engagement invitation from.. jeng jeng jeng!
Anywhos,it was sudden that i decided to go home. My parents were shocked, my girlfriends were shocked and firah was delighted because i canceled our date last week.
Actually my parents were a little bit furious about the idea of me coming back. Long story short, we are financially not stable. But then again I use my own money. No arguements there.
I blame the economy down turn. Depressing times. I hope I'll get a stable job soon

Enough of being depressed. Highlight of this weekend is girlfriends. Looking back at how we bond after school, until now we still have the ritual of dressing up nicely and fancy dinner nights. Didn't realize how fast time flies. Two graduated, two is still studying, one continue study and one is getting engaged. It seems like yesterday we lepak comot2 at mamak and had like a gazillion planned trips but never made it.
As usual. We dressed nicely but we had ribs. And chewy brownies. nyum!
And finally I spend time with firah. Make it up to her because I had to cancel last week. Plus she is one busy woman and I have no idea what if she's running for president.
My weekend was packed even when he's training in some jungle in borneo. I can't imagine if he's at home. Probably I should wear a t shirt that says 'my boyfriend's out of town' .

Thursday, July 23

Forget me do.

I'm sitting here staring at the same window for the past 3 years.
I never knew I'd graduate feeling alone and empty.
That warm belonged feeling no longer exist in this place.
Thinking this semester would be exciting is totally wrong.
Its actually the same as last semester except less lonely
with a different type of comfort.
But one thing for sure,
Things will never be the same like it was 3 years ago.

Tuesday, July 21


I want to fast forward this semester so that I won't feel like blergh.
Highlight for today is puasa-tido-period. yes la memang best. Why can't it wait for another 4 hours to come so that I can ganti for one whole day. So period cramps didn't make my day. I'm chocolate craving, attention craving and masa attention craving la he can just hilang POOF!

p/s: I miss late night calls and laughing.

Sunday, July 19

My very last semester break

I had a wonderful time.
I must admit its the best.
I had too much fun in the sun.
Probably I am the happiest then.
But they say, good things will eventually end.
Oh sem break, why do I have to leave you.
Why must I go back for more back aches and headaches.
Why? Why? Why?
Ok, someone give me a tissue. Sobs.

This is so random. I would like to dedicate this song to someone who takes the morning train.

p/s: saya dah susun jadual waktu. anda bila lagi? by the way, why malaysian studies sesat on a friday afternoon? blergh!

Monday, July 13

Grey or Blue

My dearly beloved gave me few of jaymay's video.It's sweet. Enjoy.

the little sketch book

I was having a normal conversation with mum when she told me she wanted to buy a painting that goes like this. Very artistic woman indeed my mum is.

mama: mama nak beli painting la. nak letak kat living room.
me: hmm ok.
mama: Reen rasa ok tak kalau pegi central market and beli from students uitm. Dalam 500 ringgit boleh dah dapat satu.
me: ok jugak tapi kene naik train la senang.
mama: malas nye nak jalan jauh. Reen la paint. Reen buat painting lepas tu hang kat living room.
me: (mama lupa eh course ape reen ambik) huh??
mama: mama tengok sketch book Reen. Drawings Reen menarik. Reen ada talent rupanye.
me: bila mama tengok sketch book Reen?
mama: masa Reen tinggalkan kat atas meja study adik. Reen draw ape yang Reen rasa in a
creative way. Kalau oil paint it mesti lawa.
me: ..... (tak tahu nak terharu or rasa silap ambik course sekarang)

It looks like she discovered my little sketch book that i been pouring my feelings in a way of random imagination drawings. some of them were just merry, some are whimsical and some have a little sadistic hint to it. But on top of all she likes it. she really does. of years not knowing what am I good at.

p/s: " Honestly woman, call yourself our mother?" - George Weasley - It never fails to crack me up. haha.

Sunday, July 12

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

I can smell achievement today.
In other words I did check it and
I'm still a 3 pointer.

This coming semester is my last one.
Then I'll be in the job market.
First, I feel its like yesterday I was taking spm
Second, I feel old especially knowing some people
my age are getting engaged and start the wedding bell talk.
Third, I still feel old because the foundation kids in UTP are born in the 90's.

But then I feel young again because everytime
people meet me and my sister, they always think
that we're friends. She's freggin 15! haha

And yesterday while I was trying some dresses at Warehouse
I heard one of the sales girls ask my mum if me and my sister are around the same age.
Anyway, out of the topic, I LOVE Warehouse at Bangsar Village.
Their sales girls are uber kind ,helpful and customer satisfaction guaranteed (I'm making that excited mulut ternganga face with thumbs up)
Like seriously!
I asked for a dress that I wanted (been eyeing it for a month) and told them the occasion
and they asked me to try other dresses and give very honest opinions and oh! they'd tell what to accessorize those dresses with.
Its really great because they are not snobs who'd check out you're handbag brand to treat you nice.

Thursday, July 9


I hurried and on my lappy today to check my result.
They say its today. But I got all excited for nothing.
So highlight for today, Harry Potter tickets - booked.
That will shut little ayuni up. :p

Anyway, I'm starting to ganti puasa today.
Not really tired but cravingssssss....
I crave for cupcakes and choc sundae extra choc.
Which reminded me that
lama jugak tak lepak makan sundae.
miss it? probably.
ok got to log out.
Chef Adreen on duty now ;)

Friday, July 3

TV influenced

Everytime I cook a fancy dinner,
I would imagine myself as Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver.
Most of the dishes I randomly create are based on their shows.
Honestly it feels calming and its as if I swayed in the kitchen.
Kept me wondering now if i choose the wrong career.
Thanks to mum who selalu bukak travel and living and
make me drool to whatever nyummy Nigella or Jamie is heating in the kitchen

I watched a show where they transform ordinary ladies to gorgeous babes just now.
You know the kind where they take you shopping and make overs. yeah that one.
I wish to be in those kinda shows where I get lots and lots of clothes and shoes.
Unlike some lucky girls with lots of cash. I may look at the mannequins with nice clothes and tell myself when I have a job, I'll buy those. So that is why I do angan2 to be in those transform shows. Tho I don't consider myself a total dork.
I can't argue with that now. No money, No shopping. boo!

Or in those travel shows. That would be awesome if I was the host.
But then again food would be my restriction.
If I were to do a travel show in the States or UK (eceh berangan je tahu),
the only thing I can eat is fish. And blimey I'm an (konon) certified eater (love food hate fats that grow like mushrooms).
Why can't they all use halal meat so that people like me who go drooling over a nice juicy burger
won't feel so miserable knowing how good that thing would taste.

I love cooking! inspiration from Nigella and Jamie
I want to be in one of those gila best guna khidmat Mr. Jay to transform me in to perempuan stylo mylo and get free clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, etc
I want to host a travel show so that i can travel for free and get money and makan all sorts of food.

Because in reality, it would probably happen but it takes time.

Tuesday, June 30

How I met Adreen.

This is the story as if it was from his point of view how he met me. Its more like how we plan to tell if people ask how we met each other. Because I personally think he wants a bombastic love story. hahahaha gedik kau...

  1. You were jogging, I was jogging in the same park and we somehow wasn't alert of our surroundings and bumped into each other. We fell down and you offer me your hand to help me get up.
  2. We were in the same class. As always I showed up late. You noticed me and started stalking my name. As the time being, you named me Joanna. Untill you got my real name and search me via facebook. (cam kenal je story line ni)
  3. I was at a kopitiam with my friends and you were there too at another table. You thought i was cute (ok sila muntah darah sekarang!) so you buyed me a drink and on the tissue paper you wrote your email. konon nak suruh orang add kat gmail or ym.
  4. I just fell from the sky and you caught me.
  5. I borrowed a book at irc but there was a paper in the book that wrote 'knock knock'. So i replied 'who's there?' and return the book. When I borrowed the same book, the previous replied and this has been going on for months so I was curious and ignoring the fact he or she might be some psycotic killer at last I left a message we should meet. So we met and the rest was history.
Ok that's it for now. Vote now which one shall we tell people how we met.

Friday, June 26

F is for friendship

If we won't give and take
we'll both fall apart
but if we do give and take
our bond will be stronger.

Its a win-win situation.

p/s: sedang malas untuk buat fyp

Thursday, June 25

dream wedding

1. how old are you?

2. are you single?

3. at what age do you think you'll get married?
around 24-27

4. do you think you'll marrying the person you are with now?
If we're for each other, we shall.

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
can't think of someone better. I just want him.

6. who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
my sister.

7. do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
a garden wedding please with lots of daisies and white lilies.

8. where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
Greece. ah love~

9. how many guests do you think you'll invite?
I wanted a small simple one with close family and friends.

10. will that include your exes?
Well if he invites his ex then probably I would too.

11. how many layers of cake do you want?

12. when do you want to get married, morning or evening?
ermmm .... morning? but if its evening I can have those small lanterns and it would be lovely

13. name the song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding.
for now I would want canon in D.

14. ur wedding colour theme?

15. do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon&fork?knife?
anything comfortable

16. champagne or red wine?
air color2.

17. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
right after wedding! hahaha

18. money or household items?
both. I'll make a list to that you guys don't overlap

19. how many kids would you like to have?
any number suitable for our financial status (cehh cakap cam nak kawin dah)

20. will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
shhhhs!! hahahahha what do you think?

21. ur dream present fr0m ur future husband
lifetime supply of love, loyalty, trust and affection.

Tuesday, June 23

I get you.

Saya hyperactive. Meow.

kepala pening kene bola.
memang sah2 kene rembat dengan tahap laju maksimum.
terima kasih encik goal keeper.
sekarang saya boleh melihat bintang2 dengan dekat.
tapi ada hati nak main layang2 lepas tu.
siap lari2 satu padang sebab nak bagi layang2 naik tinggi.
balik rumah terus rasa biul.
padan muka.

Sunday, June 21

the tutu and the round tummy

There was once a little girl.
She wore a pink tutu
and had bangs for her bob hair.
You may think she's the cutest thing but...
when she entered a room with a huge mirror as a wall
All eyes stared at her.
The other little girls looked at her.
Soon whispered to each other.
The other parents looked at her
with an expression of disbelief.
"How can a FAT girl dance ballet?"
Probably this was what they thought.
You see, the other little girls are skinny as sticks!
Of course the teacher gave a warm welcome to her.
It was her first time.
She enjoyed it despite how round she was.
She may not play as a princess,
But she was a happy little pumpkin.
Until one day one of the girls came up
and told her that she was fat and she can't dance.
As you expect she got upset.
She told her mom she wanted to quit ballet
without any reason.
Since then she discovered a new word-Ugly.

Thursday, June 18

its all about the money.

Saya nak shopping.
Tapi tak de duit.
Saya nak jalan-jalan (pegi pasar, ambik adik dari sekolah dan beli makanan kucing tak termasuk).
Tapi minyak kene saving.
Saya nak bercuti-cuti naik kapal terbang.
Tapi mama cakap sekarang ni macam-macam penyakit. sebenarnye tak de duit. saya tahu.
Saya nak lepak.
Tapi saya rasa semua orang busy. tak mahu la ganggu. lagi sekali sebenarnye saya tak de duit.
Cari kerja?
Tak mahu la. dah la nak grad dah pastu sape nak tolong mama kalau bukan saya?

Is money everything? does money makes the world go round?

Kita manusia tak pernah puas hati kan? be thankful for once and feel how wonderful life is.

Tuesday, June 16

Frustrated or Rejected or Both

Go to a bookstore and get a good motivation self building book.
Get a cup of peppermint tea.
Sit at a cozy corner of that coffee shop.
Read that book.

Honestly, it cures frustration. Doesn't matter what the frustration is. I think it even works for rejection or when someone tells you that you are not good looking enough.

p/s: a warm hug works like a wave of a wand.

Tuesday, June 9


I would want to remember today.

9 June 2009

and freeze the last 2 hours.

Wednesday, June 3

Doolu-doolu dan Sekarang.

Braces was nerdy looking, unpopular and zero chances of getting attention from the guys.

Braces is cool. Even if your teeth are straight but not perfectly straight, you would beg daddy to spend on braces for you.

Parties are held at a friend's house. Commonly just eating and socializing.

Parties are held at clubs or ball rooms. Commonly just eating, socializing, dancing and getting drunk. (isk isk.. kids now days)

Our fashion sense aren't that stylish. Did not learn to buy MNG or TopShop or Zara untill after spm.

Their fashion sense is so updated that sometimes they look older than they are. Yes they only buy MNG or TopShop or Zara!

Do not mention about boyfriends to mum or dad if you don't want your parents to play good cop and bad cop with you.

Its okay to mention about having boyfriends to mum or dad. They might invite him to dine with the whole family at an expensive restaurant.

It takes time to convince mum or dad that you need a car. Not till you're gonna graduate in less than a year then they'll give you a car and that is fortunate enough because some have to work their ass off to buy a car after graduating with a degree.

You don't need a license. You just need to be 16. And daddy dearest will get you a brand new mercedes. wow. gile cam sweet 16!

Thursday, May 28

wakey wakey

5 things mummy dearest would say to wake her daughter up.
  1. "Reen ada janji dengan kawan nak breakfast ye? Tu sape tu kat bawah?." -automatic bangun because curious baboon mana la nk buat surprise breakfast. But she lied no one was down stairs.Terkene sekali. Try 2 or 3 kali mesti tak bangun tido dah.
  2. "Anak dara apa ni nak bangun tengah hari? Bangun! hanta adik pegi sekolah. Die dah lambat tu." -This one has no effect on me. I'll ignore and sleep untill I see my sister in her uniform. Thought she lied like number 1.
  3. "Reen! pegi ubah kereta Reen. Blocking kereta mama. Susah mama nak keluar." - err mama guna la kereta Reen? Baru isi minyak tu. haha.
  4. "Dah pukul 11 ni. Cepat bangun!" - padahal jam baru pukul 8 pagi. exaggerate time betul
  5. "Reen, bangun Reen. Pegi buat breakfast lepas tu kite pg giant lepas tu.... (and the list goes on and on)" - oh wow I see how my day is going to be before I open my eyes to see the sun saying hello to me by my bedroom window.
One of the reason to love UTP is freedom to sleep without being disturbed. Anyway, I'd rather my dad wake me up than my mum.

p/s: Jude came to UTP at last! over the moon~

Saturday, May 16

Dining Hall rumah Encik Nordin

Home is obviously where I want to be now.
I feel like cooking for the whole family.
Its simple yet divine.
And the compliments on my cooking ;p
Mum would come in and out the kitchen to check.
(so far I haven't burn anything)
Dad would snooze off on the couch.
Adik would be in her room.
When dinner is served.
We say our prayers.
Mum and dad would say something cute to each other.
If I can remember I'd probably quote it now. But I don't.
(I always wonder if me and someone would be as cute as them in the future)
Sometimes you'll hear laughter from our dining hall.
Probably someone cracked a joke or being sarcastic.
Sarcasm does evolve around our family conversation sometimes.
No hard feelings tho.
chit chatter, chit chatter.
Dinner is probably the only family time.

p/s : craving for lamb shoulder or even better bbq ribs. DroOL

Tuesday, May 12

Tragic Kingdom

No Doubt did an appearance in Gossip Girl!
Which reminded me of sex pistols. Probably it was the setting in that episode.
They performed "Stand and deliver " which was originally from Adam and the Ants
But it was super exciting to see them just like they were 14 years ago.

I been a fan since Don't Speak and I was 11 or 12 that time. They were like the first rock band that I ever liked and still like till now.

I think Gwen was co-cool when she still had her bindies, pink/platinum blond hair, red hot lips and bra over a tank top. Her style was uniquely crazy. Very inspiring. Kinda my inspiring character when I was a kid while other kids would have superman or sailormoon. You know.. the typical stuff.

Then as I grew up listening to their songs, I found a girl who like No Doubt as much as I do in college. We eventually found few girls who play instruments and started a band but it wasn't mainly based on No Doubt. We played cover for most of No Doubt's hits like "Just A Girl", "Spiderwebs" and we did attempt to try "Sunday Morning" . Their songs are keyboard friendly. Me LOVE. Eventho some of their keyboard parts are a killer. Oh girls, shall we try don't speak, bathwater, running, new and sunday morning? please, please before I graduate.

Anyway... I would like to say.. No Doubt, please go on a World Tour and hit KL. I bet you guys have so many fans who love you guys to bits and pieces like I do till now. I would definately go to your concert even if I have a freggin test/quiz the next day or lets just hope you guys come here after I graduate. That would be even more awesome

It's all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are...

Monday, May 11

lazy monday

Let's pack our bags and lie on the easy street,
Feel the water on our backs,
But we carry on dreaming.
Where we can finally be where we'd like to be.
Darling just you and me..
just you and me

I feel extra lazy and tired of living the everyday routine today not just today. Since study week. I need a beach vacation.

Thursday, May 7

The Scandalous Life Of Manhattan Elite

Ceh.. tajuk macam Gossip Girl.
But its not about Gossip Girl and Georgyna is back for good?OMG!(Adreen spill no more or not a heart maybe broken)

About scandals.
Why do we refer two people who happen to date as scandal?
I find the word scandal is kinda harsh because to me, scandals or flings are temporary and you don't really have real feelings for your scandal.
Like this ex-scandal once told me "you are just my scandal, Ad"
and it did hurt to know that because at that moment I did totally fell for it.

So if my calculations plus experience is right a scandal can last between 3 to 6 months (which I wouldn't wish to happen at my state of happiness at the moment). Then find a new one. When the new one gets boring and the old one looks more interesting, go back to the old one.

Or even a more classic example, have a scandal with someone -> leave the scandal for a stable relationship -> relationship gets messy -> break up with a bf -> go back to the old scandal.

Why am I bringing up this issue?

Because something like this occured :

someone:ko dengan die ape cite? scandal eh?
me: err no.
someone: dah tu ko date ngan die.
me: memang la. tapi tu bukan scandal sebab aku ada perasaan kat die.
someone: so ko panggil tu ape?
me:entah la tapi bukan scandal la.

Basically, it does not mean if two people are dating they have to be scandals. They are not in a relationship but just dating. As simple as that.

Tuesday, May 5

The day I found that I was talkative and eat too much.

I accidentally woke up at 3 am and find something hurtfully annoying that felt like my whole left jaw swelled.(well, that was the main reason i accidentally woke up)
Reminds me the times i wore braces and ulcers popped out like mushrooms after rainy days.
Pure suicide.
Those were the days where sodium chloride was the only cure.Even bonjela couldn't defeat annoying hurtful ulcers.
Mind me, I was immune for a while the feeling of burning sensation in my mouth and watery eyes.
I can't really eat, I can't really talk properly now
wtf.. I can't chew chicken! (baru balik dari dinner) and I didn't talk throughout dinner or the whole hour of searching oral aid. That's amazing for some people.

Don't suggest drink more water coz I am drinking till I pee my pants...not literally and I already bought bonjela because oral aid tak de. wtf lagi!.


p/s:The IRC is buzzing with study groups and couples studying. Its effin cold in here maybe I should wear a 'fur' coat eskimo-ish.

Monday, May 4


"First u mmg adorably cute to the max as always.
then, the fcuk.. Hee. Kenapa u sgt comelll?"

  1. I know I maybe cute. Keep on repeating that statement 100 times and you'll hear someone's pants 'terkoyak', I am already immune but I loike. come onnn... who doesn't like being 'puji' especially someone like me.
  2. You are cute too. Your text messages are cute and I know you hate the word cute being addressed to you. But ever wonder why we're friends in the first place? wink wink

p/s: I felt appreciated at last ada orang tak rasa malu when i gelak tak boleh stop.


Over the moon

Wednesday, April 29

happy birthday ika

HAPPY 22nd BABY!!!
Ika, let me remind you again.. you are no longer 12.
Look how grown up you are now. I always know it here that you'll survive med school in Indon.
Sometimes it feels like having another sister when you're around. You'll always be someone who could laugh like a maniac with and cry my bluest days and heart ache to. Remember the time when the prefects scold us because we were laughing out loud for I don't know what reason. We always get those in assemblies. And our names written intentionally at the back of our class on our last paper so that maybe one day we'll go back and check it out if its still there. And at prom we were really mean for being pleased because someone couldn't make it to our prom. As I reminisce this, it seemed like yesterday those things happened. All the childish giggles and the konon hate bitch. haha. We have outgrown those now haven't we?
Love you lots and lots and lots.

Tuesday, April 28

status gtalk

babes, we three have been doing this 'status-gtalk-berkaitan-macam-la-we-cannot-chat-je' for quite a while.
i miss you babes.

p/s: I am not being in denial. memang tak terbakar. ade korg bau kucing hangus? tak kan.

Monday, April 27

Art Attack with Charlie

ini la hasil die. sejam dalam kepanasan parking lot pocket c.
Charlie ngade2. Can't close that window.
So kene letak bandage.
Uuu.. u look so pretty Charlie. Wearing MNG.

Sunday, April 26

lazy days, crazy dolls.

I got tagged.

Anda rasa anda hot?
sentiasa. (jude, do you need a bucket ?)

Upload gambar kegemaran anda

Kenapa anda suka gambar ni?
sebab gamba ni dari salah satu babak sequel cerita kami iaitu kamu.

Bile kali terakhir mkn pizza?
on my 22nd birthday lunch with mama, papa and yuni.

Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikn tag ni?
buat laundry. bercita-cita untuk mandi lepas buat laundry.

Selain nama sndri, anda suka dipanggil dgn nama apa?
joanna. jangan tanya kenapa.

Tag lg 7 org?
1. Noin
2. Tasha
3. Hafiz benc
4. Ina
5. Iylia
6. 1412 (tak tahu nama tp selalu kasi comment a.k.a pengomen misteri)
7. kak su

Siapa no. 1 kepada anda?
cinta hati ku.

Siapakah org no. 2?
pendengar setia,setia kawan,tukang gossip, radio rosak. erm.. cinta hati ku juga.

Orang no. 3 ade hubungan dgn sesiapa?
his status is unknown.

Bagaimana dgn no. 4?
her status is also unknown.

Kata sesuatu berkenaan pada orang no. 5?
cantik rambut iloi hari ni. (ayat ini perlu diucapkan sebaik sahaja iloi bangun dari tido)

Pesanan kepada no. 6?
lama tak singgah blog.

Pendapat anda tentang no. 7?
married but still hot.

Thursday, April 23

tiba-tiba dia datang

Sape?? sape??
There was this crazy lady who I happen to know.
She called me and said "Adreen!!! I'm at UTP" in the middle of the night.
Ye crazy lady.. I did not percaya u came. I tot you're gonna prank me.
But you did. so terharu biru.
If you seen two girls screaming and running cam 10 tahun tak jumpa kat belakang v5k semalam..
tu kami la.
Anyway.. thanks for coming. I was hoping for a sleep over. lagi banyak boleh gossip kan. haha.

sape hebat cuba teka sapekah crazy lady tu antara 8 orang gadis cun ni ,termasuk tukang ambik gamba . yang pasti bukan saya.

p/s: jude law, anda bila lagi?

Tuesday, April 21

kucing ku lari gagah berani

oh please get me out from the sun

jual mahal eh tak nak ambik gamba. cam ni laaa..

sniff sniff....

ok. get ready.. set...

baring! this is what i call sunbathing

gedik kau nak sunbathing kat car pourch.

Monday, April 20


I feel butterflies in my stomach.
A feeling that I almost forget about.
Currently at cloud 9 and refuse to come back.

Sunday, April 19

all random things

These red itchy spots on our feet are from F1 and jq. Our skins are too sensitive. Princess ok. mana bole muddy places. hahaha

I'm broke because the stupid summons I have to pay or not they won't let me take my exam slip.

I did party and slept like a log the next day.

I discovered I can't get that much high with LG. But I laughed hysterically after 10 minutes playing twister (literally terguling2 on twister mat) due to the LG.

I did not alter my dress. Instead I wore my skinny and something. main twsiter kot. no flashing allowed.

Tomorrow is a public holiday and I have no idea why am I in UTP.

p/s: i want ice cold watermelon! and i'll remember about the chocolate flakes. :P

Friday, April 17

lakonan semata2

y: (i was wondering how this dude looks like hope he's not a 40 yr old pedophile)
x: (haha.. ingat cerita kami the movie ke)

Wednesday, April 15

crush crush crush

When others don't seem appealing,
There will always be the one that stands out.
But the one that stands out
is always the one that is hard to get and also hard to forget.
So mysterious, less annoying, fun to talk to.
Zillion attentions was given,
Not even once filled the missing space you left me.
My tongue is tied into a bow,
I can't say more than we're just friends.
But I wish you would say we're more than friends.

p/s: maybe this won't even work. screw it. trash it. stop hoping. let's see.. the grass is greener on the other side, maybe someone better on the other side? throw away this newly developed feelings. I'm not supposed to have feelings. sheesh!

Tuesday, April 14

i need a fairy godmother.

I was invited to this party.
Its this Friday and kinda sudden.
If I decided to go then..
BIG problem.I left all the nice dresses at home.
Along with my clutch and heels.
coz I didn't think I'd be partying again this sem.


Solution : modify this plain boring wrap dress of mine!

All i need is
1. my plain boring wrap dress
2. a black sash
3. needle and thread
4. imagination

when i succeed modifying my dress. I'll upload a picture aite?

p/s: i need a mask, heels and clutch. anyone want to lend me ? hehe.

Monday, April 13

jay kay dan topi ajaibnya and botb utp

It's annoying kan internet in UTP.
refresh 10 juta kali.
like we don't even know it coz everyone is complaining everyday.

anywhos.... jamiroquai was kickin awesome funky! worth paying 50 bucks, having some sort of allergic on my feet (bintik2 merah gatal2 tot it was chicken pox) and getting wet just to grove and most of all turning my red aldo pumps into a fader color. thank you muddy place.
conclusion: beli la kasut plastic macam crocs if i were to go to places like that.

step into my transporter so i can teleport ya all over my heavenly body!

too bad he didn't play electric mistress, dynamite and corner of the earth.

this weekend: euphonious (utp's own version of botb) and this adds two years ago excuse me was on that very stage performing starlight and bunyi gitar. kebaya top and jeans was their trade mark because no shorts / short skirts/ sleeveless/ off shoulder allowed infront VIP. and disaster keyboard tak bunyi masa starlight and violin was out of tune.

I'm not gonna complain more but I yawned throughout the event. except masa bunkface and doc mat and superfriends. credit to pdus yg finally the only one that i think ketuk drum kuat gile terkejut aku dari menguap! so enthusiastic. and to bunkface, yang tuka setting amp and rock the stage sampai rasa macam nak lompat macam kat gig. terima kasih. akhir nya. ini la live band. amp kuat yang best didengar. baru feel.
the contestants were .... and one of the emcee was fucking annoying jerit kat mic like we're pekak and the winner was so unexpected. ade ke buat lagu mammamia bunyi cam punk rock tapi cakap tu heavy metal. wei pg dengar metallica la wei! boo!!!

p/s: apesal semua emcee C for the past and present eupho annoying? i'm not racist.

Sunday, April 12

all by myself

karma strikes twice
and being alone in this jungle is not funny.
without friends,
without a boyfriend.
now i can say that i know what is it like being alone once.
and talking to people just online. 50% of the people i talk online are the people who i no longer see even when i'm at home.

a year ago.. whenever i get abandon i'll always have my ex to be with. Now when i get abandon its just me, myself and i.
oh wait, how can i get abandon.
I don't even have that much friends here. now.
I get it others have other obligations and i am a L.
why don't i have a bf now?
because all utp guys are losers. haha.
no.. i'm just not interested regardless utp or not.
i wish to feel belonged to a group of people who i can click here.
Just like when i'm at home. i feel belonged and comfortable. explained why i'm always home during weekends.

oh how can i bear with it for a month or more. i'll miss you....
Ayuni who is more sensible than i am
Firah. I'll be missing our starbucks time talking bout getting rich and listening to you babbling
about politics.
4 amazing girls back at home who loves to dress up once in a while for a fancy dinner
the one in Germany who can make me empty my atm in a day with shopping
the one in indon who'll come back in july. I'll be waiting baby! terharu gilak gue.. lo membuat
panggilan dari sulawesi pada hari lahir gue. sorry ya ika, webcam gue nggak berfungsi dan
internet gue di sini sprti siput babi.
nggak dapat gue melihat pipi lo yang semakin tembam. hahah.
my perasan handsome brotherly suka band mate saya sort of brother
and you who's reading my blog, i don't know or know who you are. haha.

Thursday, April 2

I want it all

ok ni wish list birthday. Sile post semua ni ke 7, jalan ...... ......... 2, ..../....B , 40100 , Shah Alam or just give it by hand to me. thank you. love you.

1.purse <--- mama dah volunteer nak beli. :D
2.skinny jeans grey (hint:miss selfridges) flats(that one is at pull and bear) hamptons in raspberry or something similar
5.ipod nano in red specifically. shades.gedik ok. running! because the old ones tapak nak tercabut n i just want a new one.hmm interesting book.(hints:to ilai or tasha because I know I'll read whatever the book is as long as its not as annoying as twilight)
9.a year supply of fruits.(macam impossible and merepek tapi nak)
10.trip to perhentian.
11.waist belts black and red
12.dress comel that won't make me look like a pregnant lady.
13.gladiator-ish heels at zara.
14.painting of a daisy.
15.sewing machine
17.sponsor backpacking to europe
18.chocolate molten cake + 22 candles. heheeee...
19.belanja movie + chilli's (number 18 is included)

what I don't need is ...
1. cardigans - too many
2. teddy bears - they just freak me out.
3. chocolates
4. anything purple unless its nice in purple

p/s: tinggi sangat cita2.Nak masuk 22 pon kuat berangan lagi. oh joanna, step in reality.

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