Thursday, December 25

Save me.

I'm addicted to ________?

Am I just ______ craving

or do I really want ______ ?

I wish that things would stay the way it was in June '06.
Maybe god has other plans.
But are you for real ?

Wednesday, December 24

Adreen-aline rush

I can't wait for another road trip.
I can't wait for jamming session.
I can't wait to go back to the jungle?
I can't wait to see Firah. God knows how much i miss her.
I can't wait to finish this project.
I can't wait to feel I have too much time to spend untill i finish the whole season of Gosip Girl and 90210.
I can't wait to become a student again and be stressed with FYP?
I can't wait to blow up my money on nice clothes as if i don't have enough.
I can't wait to be at the beaches.
I can't wait to have my own car.
I can't wait......

Thursday, December 18


This is just insane.
I have to develop a travel system during my internship.Everything is working fine till the ceo's secretary wanted to be in the system's loop workflow.
I was just about to learn new things so that this intern period would be worth 8 months. Then my supervisor had to pass the project to another intern and I had to figure things out with the travel system.
It wasn't easy as it sounds like. After one error lead to another error. Fix the codes and redundant things which made me literally sick and tired.
Untill today, I am still fixing the whole system.It has been a few weeks.Fuck. Those bloody end user kept on pressuring me. The dumbest part is .. when I test the system, they complain. Idiots. How am I suppose to know the system is perfect for usage if I don't test it.
Being a developer is much of a headache.But being a developer who is an Internship student, is cruel.

owh baby, its a cruel world.

Wednesday, December 17

Excuse me.

Saya rindu di saat dahulu kala di mana saya berada di bawah cahaya lampu terang bendenrang dan tak nampak keys mana yang saya tekan diikuti dengan hati yang terlampau berdebar2 dan kaku di atas lantai kayu.

Saya juga rindu gelak ketawa tekanan setelah menyedari saya bermain not yang silap dan mengikut rentak drum di dalam sebuah bilik yang kecil dan kalis bising.

jadi.. apa kata kita bermain muzik lagi ?

Tuesday, December 16


If there is another world I would want to live in, it would never be this world.
Since this world is falling apart already. It would be nice to think that disappearing is an option.

I wish that I was a witch. But witch craft is against my religion and it is only imaginary.

Friday, December 12

tentang cerita sengal

Panic and sengal.

My cubicle table is missing something after I came back from lunch. Something BIG!
..... mana laptop ku pergi??!! ni mesti keje ariff. cis!
So i asked ariff , ' mana my laptop ha? ' and with his blur and aku innocent expression he said ' tak tahu. tak kan kene curi. Pak Pin kot '. We refer our boss as Pak Pin.

We checked through his glass office. Haaa... there it is. on his table! Panic again.. mampus kene membebel ngan orang tua tu. huhu...

It is my fault. I know. I should have locked my laptop before i disappear. He did warned us before (a very long time way before we moved to a new office) to lock our laptop all the time or else he'll rampas. Macam pengawas sekolah la...' Jangan bawak handphone pegi sekolah. Nanti kami akan rampas' hahaha.

The thing is,when we moved to this new office I lost my laptop lock and didn't bother to lock my laptop pon. hurm... tu la ignorant and degil lagi. padan muka.

Because I was being so sengal, ariff and me figured out just get another laptop lock in the store room and pretend that i left the key at home. Unfortunately the store room at my level was locked. We went upstairs to find a laptop lock. Cari cam gila.. dalam store la , kat work bench la. Last2 there was one in a box near the work bench. Lama kot cari. Takut je Pak Pin dah balik.

Then I sneaked in the office because I wouldn't want to bump in to him with the laptop lock in my hands. I waited kinda lama for Pak Pin to come back. At last I got my laptop back. Berlakon innocent, buat muka comel, and cakap sorry dalam tone suara perempuan melayu terakhir cut his membebel :P

Teka teki terjawab. bukan encik ariff yang bawak sorok tetapi encik ariffin.

p/s: We call him Pak Pin because his name is Ariffin and he does lecture his staff alot cam bapak orang.


Another chapter ended. I just have to end it.
I do love him so much but we can't go on not understanding each other and we just don't get along like peanut butter and jelly. I don't hate him.

This time is no turning back. I know.. cam sedih gile to let go but I been sad and depressed with this relationship lately. Probably we're not for each other. I prayed asking if he was the one just let it stay. I was too numb to cry. I felt like being alone at this moment. This relationship made me more independent.

Long distance break up. I didnt get to see him or give a hug. I won't give back his stuff. Seeing us parting is the saddest thing right now. I need to be strong. I am not ready to open myself to anyone yet. Being alone makes me happy at the moment. So I prefer to stay that way. Gosh it is hard when you don't hate the person and you love that person. I'll take is as growing pains.

Good things do end.

p/s: the building cleaner cleaning the building window at the office pantry does amuse me during breakfast.

Thursday, December 11

Cantik nya.

I have this habit of adoring beautiful things. Which includes beautiful girls. I know it sounded so gay. Owh i am not gay. When i spot a beautiful girl, i'd stare and adore. I'll go ' lawa nye awak... rasa cm nk pg depan awak dan ckp awak ni lawa , saya suka tengok '. Bt I am shy as if I bumped into a really cute guy and wanted to smile but i couldn't so i just look down.

I guess that is why I can get along with my guy friends.A few days back me n my guy friend spotted this babe. Tak sexy pon. But to us she is lawa. Pleasant to look at. I refused to change seats with him because i get the best view. hahaha.. But i find it hard to spot beautiful ladies in the lrt. If i do spot one it would probably make my day.. owh no i am so gay.

p/s : saya masih straight. Saya adore Silver dalam 90210.

Wednesday, December 10

The drinks we drank last night.

I shall be strong.
Yes, its just the wind that makes me cry.

Monday, December 1

Tentang cookies and cupcakes.

The kitchen's a mess.
The cupcakes are cute.
The cookies were super delicious with extra choc chips. yum!

Shared with noin's cute bed pods and some bangles.

Plain jane sells faster than choc lover.People get excited to hand pick cookie in the cookie jar

The cookie maker a.k.a my adik and her bff .

I bought a handbag and a cardigan :p
Adik didn't bought anything but spent on desserts. So typical of her.

cik lanun

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I used to believe that we can live on clouds.