Thursday, July 30

Parking Spot

Bloody 'fellow' parking sign.
The thing is, it was dark last night when I was looking for a parking spon when the girls said "tuuuu ada dekat gila dengan cafe" I pun happily reverse parked Charlie (ceh nak jugak cakap sebab i rarely park properly at first attempt). Obviously non of us realize that it was actually fellow parking spot.
So I was greeted good morning by a love letter from the guards. 30 bucks melayang dah.
When I came back from class, I saw a honda kapchai parked at that fellow parking spot that invades not even half the parking spot.
Now I'm starting to wonder what's the purpose of a fellow parking spot when they rarely park there or just occupy half the parking lot.

p/s: I solemly swear that I shall not skip any classes for this last semester.

Tuesday, July 28


The other day me and him are looking for this chinese restaurant somewhere in PJ but we got lost because I'm terrible at giving directions. I'm known for getting lost anyway.

So I told him with a very serious expression " Kalau I sesat I selalu tengok sign board "

Then he was like " Oh, ye ke? kalau cam tu I pon nak tengok sign board la " in a very sarcastic way.

I just realize how bimbo I was.
No wonder people don't take me seriously.

Monday, July 27

a piece of awkwardness

She asked how do you feel?
He said I don't know.
I don't know.

if She asked do you still love me ? and
if He said I don't know.
She'll walk away.

Sunday, July 26

Girls Only

At last the 5 of us had dinner like the good old days. Since Nina will be flying to aussie soon this will be the last time we'll see her. And news flash! I received an engagement invitation from.. jeng jeng jeng!
Anywhos,it was sudden that i decided to go home. My parents were shocked, my girlfriends were shocked and firah was delighted because i canceled our date last week.
Actually my parents were a little bit furious about the idea of me coming back. Long story short, we are financially not stable. But then again I use my own money. No arguements there.
I blame the economy down turn. Depressing times. I hope I'll get a stable job soon

Enough of being depressed. Highlight of this weekend is girlfriends. Looking back at how we bond after school, until now we still have the ritual of dressing up nicely and fancy dinner nights. Didn't realize how fast time flies. Two graduated, two is still studying, one continue study and one is getting engaged. It seems like yesterday we lepak comot2 at mamak and had like a gazillion planned trips but never made it.
As usual. We dressed nicely but we had ribs. And chewy brownies. nyum!
And finally I spend time with firah. Make it up to her because I had to cancel last week. Plus she is one busy woman and I have no idea what if she's running for president.
My weekend was packed even when he's training in some jungle in borneo. I can't imagine if he's at home. Probably I should wear a t shirt that says 'my boyfriend's out of town' .

Thursday, July 23

Forget me do.

I'm sitting here staring at the same window for the past 3 years.
I never knew I'd graduate feeling alone and empty.
That warm belonged feeling no longer exist in this place.
Thinking this semester would be exciting is totally wrong.
Its actually the same as last semester except less lonely
with a different type of comfort.
But one thing for sure,
Things will never be the same like it was 3 years ago.

Tuesday, July 21


I want to fast forward this semester so that I won't feel like blergh.
Highlight for today is puasa-tido-period. yes la memang best. Why can't it wait for another 4 hours to come so that I can ganti for one whole day. So period cramps didn't make my day. I'm chocolate craving, attention craving and masa attention craving la he can just hilang POOF!

p/s: I miss late night calls and laughing.

Sunday, July 19

My very last semester break

I had a wonderful time.
I must admit its the best.
I had too much fun in the sun.
Probably I am the happiest then.
But they say, good things will eventually end.
Oh sem break, why do I have to leave you.
Why must I go back for more back aches and headaches.
Why? Why? Why?
Ok, someone give me a tissue. Sobs.

This is so random. I would like to dedicate this song to someone who takes the morning train.

p/s: saya dah susun jadual waktu. anda bila lagi? by the way, why malaysian studies sesat on a friday afternoon? blergh!

Monday, July 13

Grey or Blue

My dearly beloved gave me few of jaymay's video.It's sweet. Enjoy.

the little sketch book

I was having a normal conversation with mum when she told me she wanted to buy a painting that goes like this. Very artistic woman indeed my mum is.

mama: mama nak beli painting la. nak letak kat living room.
me: hmm ok.
mama: Reen rasa ok tak kalau pegi central market and beli from students uitm. Dalam 500 ringgit boleh dah dapat satu.
me: ok jugak tapi kene naik train la senang.
mama: malas nye nak jalan jauh. Reen la paint. Reen buat painting lepas tu hang kat living room.
me: (mama lupa eh course ape reen ambik) huh??
mama: mama tengok sketch book Reen. Drawings Reen menarik. Reen ada talent rupanye.
me: bila mama tengok sketch book Reen?
mama: masa Reen tinggalkan kat atas meja study adik. Reen draw ape yang Reen rasa in a
creative way. Kalau oil paint it mesti lawa.
me: ..... (tak tahu nak terharu or rasa silap ambik course sekarang)

It looks like she discovered my little sketch book that i been pouring my feelings in a way of random imagination drawings. some of them were just merry, some are whimsical and some have a little sadistic hint to it. But on top of all she likes it. she really does. of years not knowing what am I good at.

p/s: " Honestly woman, call yourself our mother?" - George Weasley - It never fails to crack me up. haha.

Sunday, July 12

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

I can smell achievement today.
In other words I did check it and
I'm still a 3 pointer.

This coming semester is my last one.
Then I'll be in the job market.
First, I feel its like yesterday I was taking spm
Second, I feel old especially knowing some people
my age are getting engaged and start the wedding bell talk.
Third, I still feel old because the foundation kids in UTP are born in the 90's.

But then I feel young again because everytime
people meet me and my sister, they always think
that we're friends. She's freggin 15! haha

And yesterday while I was trying some dresses at Warehouse
I heard one of the sales girls ask my mum if me and my sister are around the same age.
Anyway, out of the topic, I LOVE Warehouse at Bangsar Village.
Their sales girls are uber kind ,helpful and customer satisfaction guaranteed (I'm making that excited mulut ternganga face with thumbs up)
Like seriously!
I asked for a dress that I wanted (been eyeing it for a month) and told them the occasion
and they asked me to try other dresses and give very honest opinions and oh! they'd tell what to accessorize those dresses with.
Its really great because they are not snobs who'd check out you're handbag brand to treat you nice.

Thursday, July 9


I hurried and on my lappy today to check my result.
They say its today. But I got all excited for nothing.
So highlight for today, Harry Potter tickets - booked.
That will shut little ayuni up. :p

Anyway, I'm starting to ganti puasa today.
Not really tired but cravingssssss....
I crave for cupcakes and choc sundae extra choc.
Which reminded me that
lama jugak tak lepak makan sundae.
miss it? probably.
ok got to log out.
Chef Adreen on duty now ;)

Friday, July 3

TV influenced

Everytime I cook a fancy dinner,
I would imagine myself as Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver.
Most of the dishes I randomly create are based on their shows.
Honestly it feels calming and its as if I swayed in the kitchen.
Kept me wondering now if i choose the wrong career.
Thanks to mum who selalu bukak travel and living and
make me drool to whatever nyummy Nigella or Jamie is heating in the kitchen

I watched a show where they transform ordinary ladies to gorgeous babes just now.
You know the kind where they take you shopping and make overs. yeah that one.
I wish to be in those kinda shows where I get lots and lots of clothes and shoes.
Unlike some lucky girls with lots of cash. I may look at the mannequins with nice clothes and tell myself when I have a job, I'll buy those. So that is why I do angan2 to be in those transform shows. Tho I don't consider myself a total dork.
I can't argue with that now. No money, No shopping. boo!

Or in those travel shows. That would be awesome if I was the host.
But then again food would be my restriction.
If I were to do a travel show in the States or UK (eceh berangan je tahu),
the only thing I can eat is fish. And blimey I'm an (konon) certified eater (love food hate fats that grow like mushrooms).
Why can't they all use halal meat so that people like me who go drooling over a nice juicy burger
won't feel so miserable knowing how good that thing would taste.

I love cooking! inspiration from Nigella and Jamie
I want to be in one of those gila best guna khidmat Mr. Jay to transform me in to perempuan stylo mylo and get free clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, etc
I want to host a travel show so that i can travel for free and get money and makan all sorts of food.

Because in reality, it would probably happen but it takes time.

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