Friday, August 28


Its not hard to feel sad
but its hard to feel happy

Its not hard to feel angry
but its hard to feel calm

Its not hard to be stressed
but its hard to be optimistic (all the time)


Look around


Give some time to observe.

Wednesday, August 26

past and present maybe future

Somewhere I been there before

Something felt so familiar

Similarities are there

I guess its true, history does repeat itself.

But its up to us to change it ;)

Thursday, August 20

don't catch me

Pernah rasa macam nak jatuh dari langit and tak de parachute?

That's how I feel now.

I'm losing it and I can't deal with it alone.

I can't figure out my interest and I lost my passion to work and text books (as if I ever had that much passion)

Demotivated. That's the word.

Probably this is minor. I'll deal with it alone.

After all, isn't it always have been that way?

Tuesday, August 18

class of 2009

Congratulations bf!

When I reach 22 + 1, I want to be just like you.

so that you can say

Congratulations gf! * plus the balloons , flowers, teddy bear, hadiah graduation and makan besar.. etc etc etc.


Thursday, August 13


penat2 install open source untuk menjimatkan masa dan tenaga dan stress......

server down/rosak/merajuk/kaput/tak nak tolerate.


Bila nak habis fyp?

Now I'm loving classes and exams more than fyp.

classes and exams never looked better now.

nak grad cepat dan duduk rumah habiskan beras sambil main pet society sebab tengok orang tu main pet society kat tutorial tadi cam lagi best dari sorority life.

Saturday, August 8

No piggie flu

My temperature now is 36 and my first function is working. Yay!
Thanks to the endless supply of water, avoiding air cond, 2 pills of ubat fever consumed at one time, acting like a normal not sakit person and kaedah pengewapan muka mak Lina (seriously rasa muka macam duduk dalam sauna ada aroma therapy).
So now I can go back to UTP and be more stressed out. Oh best nye nak stress belajar.

To budak2 FYP yang nak buat form for your system, you can click and drag to create a form from this website and download it pastu letak dalam server korang pastu edit pakai dreamweaver kalau nak connect to database ( use php lagi senang ). Seriously jimat masa and it works!

Friday, August 7


Your temperature is 39.

No it can't be. I feel totally fine.

The thermometer never lies.


So here starts my day one quarantine. I'm not suspected for H1N1 but I will be suspected if my temperature gets higher. Why am I not suspected? Because I don't have those symptoms. I don't even have running nose.
Seriously, I don't feel sick. Just a little light headed. I have so many things to do with too little time. Now I can't go out, not even close to going to Ned's engagement tomorrow. Bummer.
I want to heal fast so that I can go back to UTP by Sunday, send my resume by Monday, attend my first drama class on Monday. There's a quiz on Tuesday morning :( FYP lagi...
I hope I'm sick because I'm stressed out. I wouldn't want to be dead because of some penyakit babi. It would be really pathetic like mati kene langgar kereta kancil.

Tuesday, August 4

Let me take you down...

its my fave at the moment.

cik lanun

My photo
I used to believe that we can live on clouds.