Friday, February 27

kes tertinggal kereta api.

We reached the train station 9.17 am
the train left 2 minutes ago.

We were clueless
50:50 about going back home.

We decided we should drive
and follow the rural route.

sesat ke ni? kiri ke kanan?

kene jumpa caltex duluuu...

apesal banyak sign batu gajah ni?

haa.. kite tembus kot tol bidor

yess! highway.

We were confused?
not lost.

But whatever it is, we manage to cut out toll by few bucks.

p/s: noin baby, your cupcakes sangat sangat sedap. terpesona. haha.. oh sape nak order cupcakes, click here. Highly recomended.

Tuesday, February 24

unattractively unproductive

What happen to me...
a fat lazy cat i've become

fyp progress: null. (haha tu la dapat supervisor yang cool lagi lepak. main2 la final year project tu and sila extend sem)

waking up 6 am to study: shut the alarm off and continue to lalalaland.

returning useless "research books for fyp": not yet.

study after each freggin chapter taught in class: i'll do that the very night before my whatever test it is.

movies and series: dah tak tahu nak download ape. semua dah tengok (not literally all).

skipped classes or lab: so far 4 ?

late for classes or lab: record has it without fail 15 minutes late as always.

fake sick: only happens when i'm an intern.

timeline left: not much.

workload: overload.

Ok dah rasa cukup loser now. Harapan la nak dapat above 3 this sem if i keep on pulling off this lazy cat act every fucking day.

Monday, February 23

I hear Wedding Bells

It was too beautiful and simple.

I never like attending weddings.

They are just too typical.

But this; it was blissful, soft and calm.

A white garden wedding.

In a big hall with crystal chandelier.


Then mum said

"Nanti Reen kawin mama nk buat cam tu. Tak sabar nk tunggu Reen kawin"

ahahahah. calon pon tak de lagi la mama.

Sunday, February 22

Driving Lessons with Mama.

I almost forgot how stressful it was having mum beside me while i'm driving.
She'll act as if I still have that 'P' sticker on my windshield.
She'd say things like

"Bagi signal tu awal2 nanti orang sebelah sana ingat reen tak nak corner, nanti die pegi pastu langgar reen." (yea i know, i know)

" Reen! Break! " (adoi tahu la nak break)

"Lain kali tengok betul2 kete tu nk pg mana" (I can see it coming. I just don't voice it out)

"Drive slow2 turun bukit ni " (I can control it)

Normally I'll let her babble and I'd smile and shut up.Happy thinking, happy thinking. no stress, no stress

It's very different when i drive with my dad by my side.
Total opposite of mum. Very quiet.
When I complain earlier today about driving with mum by my side yesterday, he just laugh and say " Mums. So typical."

So I am not a reckless driver as my mum claim me to be after all.

p/s: i had a bob cut ( my sister said i looked like edna from the incredibles) and its purple black confused red bob? I am frustrated with the sound my keyboard produced at the jamming studio just now. I had chilli's for dinner just now but I couldn't appreciate much because my throat is in pain. But at the end of the day, chocolate molten cake made my day :)

Monday, February 16

New eye candy

My sony bean died off just now. There goes 3 and half years of my jogging partner and pretty much a companion when I go to class alone.

I got my eyes on the new ipod nano. And its only 599! But I can't get that for my birthday present coz they just bought me Charlie.

I fell instantly in love with this one :

And I can engrave it for freeeeeeeeeeeeee~
So I'll have to save up now or if anyone kind enough to get me an ipod nano red specifically as a birthday present click on this link and purchase. And oh please engrave ' foxy lady' on it (perasan betul perempuan ni). he he he

Wednesday, February 11

Some people never grow up.

Boys will always be boys.
Grow up and stop acting like a bunch of 6 year old.
I'd rather be gossiped than hear your annoying voices or throwing a paparazzi act.
It looks like internship have turned you guys into kids.

Tuesday, February 3

got milk?

Charlie kene saman! oh no.

A picture says a thousand words. abcdefghijglmnopqrstuvwxyz...............

Tahniah cik lanun, anda kene saman 2 kali berturut2. bodo nye gad.

Milk Hunt

Today i woke up craving for cereal and milk.

So I went to v5 koop. I was super starving and to my disappointment. no milk.

I wouldn't give up so I took my car keys and drove to Petronas station near UTP. All I see is Chocolate milk.

Probably 7E got milk. And how unlucky. Only strawberry and chocolate milk on the shelves.

What went wrong with the milk supply? Or Tronoh people don't drink Fresh Milk?

Was just about to give up. But I stopped Charlie in front Rahmat. Walked in with the most hopeful facial expression. And there it was.... Dutch Lady Fresh Milk. loveeeeeeeee

Oh kedai Rahmat. You never fail me. ahahahah

By the time I reached my room. Its lunch time.

Monday, February 2

Bosan tapi malas

Its not like i have been super duper busy over last 2 weeks. but i have been bored but too lazy to do anything.

I am back in the jungle with a new car. Meet charlie (my new car). It was surprising that I got charlie a day before the new semester starts.

My classes are not pack, I'm totally free on friday, I barely know the faces I bump in when i go to class and my hair is brunette (or red?). ok, I'm confused what color it is.

I am too lazy to have lunch or dinner and I could finally fit into my high waisted skirt that I struggled to fit in during my intern. yay!

I still jog and swim. Very typical of me. and not forgetting my ikut suka time of sleeping and doing whatever.

No curfew is the best part.

How wonderful it is being a student again. I am getting used to the fact that i have jadual waktu and i no longer need to wake up before the sun rises and work long hours 8-5 and oh.. no more public transports!

cik lanun

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I used to believe that we can live on clouds.