Thursday, May 28

wakey wakey

5 things mummy dearest would say to wake her daughter up.
  1. "Reen ada janji dengan kawan nak breakfast ye? Tu sape tu kat bawah?." -automatic bangun because curious baboon mana la nk buat surprise breakfast. But she lied no one was down stairs.Terkene sekali. Try 2 or 3 kali mesti tak bangun tido dah.
  2. "Anak dara apa ni nak bangun tengah hari? Bangun! hanta adik pegi sekolah. Die dah lambat tu." -This one has no effect on me. I'll ignore and sleep untill I see my sister in her uniform. Thought she lied like number 1.
  3. "Reen! pegi ubah kereta Reen. Blocking kereta mama. Susah mama nak keluar." - err mama guna la kereta Reen? Baru isi minyak tu. haha.
  4. "Dah pukul 11 ni. Cepat bangun!" - padahal jam baru pukul 8 pagi. exaggerate time betul
  5. "Reen, bangun Reen. Pegi buat breakfast lepas tu kite pg giant lepas tu.... (and the list goes on and on)" - oh wow I see how my day is going to be before I open my eyes to see the sun saying hello to me by my bedroom window.
One of the reason to love UTP is freedom to sleep without being disturbed. Anyway, I'd rather my dad wake me up than my mum.

p/s: Jude came to UTP at last! over the moon~

Saturday, May 16

Dining Hall rumah Encik Nordin

Home is obviously where I want to be now.
I feel like cooking for the whole family.
Its simple yet divine.
And the compliments on my cooking ;p
Mum would come in and out the kitchen to check.
(so far I haven't burn anything)
Dad would snooze off on the couch.
Adik would be in her room.
When dinner is served.
We say our prayers.
Mum and dad would say something cute to each other.
If I can remember I'd probably quote it now. But I don't.
(I always wonder if me and someone would be as cute as them in the future)
Sometimes you'll hear laughter from our dining hall.
Probably someone cracked a joke or being sarcastic.
Sarcasm does evolve around our family conversation sometimes.
No hard feelings tho.
chit chatter, chit chatter.
Dinner is probably the only family time.

p/s : craving for lamb shoulder or even better bbq ribs. DroOL

Tuesday, May 12

Tragic Kingdom

No Doubt did an appearance in Gossip Girl!
Which reminded me of sex pistols. Probably it was the setting in that episode.
They performed "Stand and deliver " which was originally from Adam and the Ants
But it was super exciting to see them just like they were 14 years ago.

I been a fan since Don't Speak and I was 11 or 12 that time. They were like the first rock band that I ever liked and still like till now.

I think Gwen was co-cool when she still had her bindies, pink/platinum blond hair, red hot lips and bra over a tank top. Her style was uniquely crazy. Very inspiring. Kinda my inspiring character when I was a kid while other kids would have superman or sailormoon. You know.. the typical stuff.

Then as I grew up listening to their songs, I found a girl who like No Doubt as much as I do in college. We eventually found few girls who play instruments and started a band but it wasn't mainly based on No Doubt. We played cover for most of No Doubt's hits like "Just A Girl", "Spiderwebs" and we did attempt to try "Sunday Morning" . Their songs are keyboard friendly. Me LOVE. Eventho some of their keyboard parts are a killer. Oh girls, shall we try don't speak, bathwater, running, new and sunday morning? please, please before I graduate.

Anyway... I would like to say.. No Doubt, please go on a World Tour and hit KL. I bet you guys have so many fans who love you guys to bits and pieces like I do till now. I would definately go to your concert even if I have a freggin test/quiz the next day or lets just hope you guys come here after I graduate. That would be even more awesome

It's all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are...

Monday, May 11

lazy monday

Let's pack our bags and lie on the easy street,
Feel the water on our backs,
But we carry on dreaming.
Where we can finally be where we'd like to be.
Darling just you and me..
just you and me

I feel extra lazy and tired of living the everyday routine today not just today. Since study week. I need a beach vacation.

Thursday, May 7

The Scandalous Life Of Manhattan Elite

Ceh.. tajuk macam Gossip Girl.
But its not about Gossip Girl and Georgyna is back for good?OMG!(Adreen spill no more or not a heart maybe broken)

About scandals.
Why do we refer two people who happen to date as scandal?
I find the word scandal is kinda harsh because to me, scandals or flings are temporary and you don't really have real feelings for your scandal.
Like this ex-scandal once told me "you are just my scandal, Ad"
and it did hurt to know that because at that moment I did totally fell for it.

So if my calculations plus experience is right a scandal can last between 3 to 6 months (which I wouldn't wish to happen at my state of happiness at the moment). Then find a new one. When the new one gets boring and the old one looks more interesting, go back to the old one.

Or even a more classic example, have a scandal with someone -> leave the scandal for a stable relationship -> relationship gets messy -> break up with a bf -> go back to the old scandal.

Why am I bringing up this issue?

Because something like this occured :

someone:ko dengan die ape cite? scandal eh?
me: err no.
someone: dah tu ko date ngan die.
me: memang la. tapi tu bukan scandal sebab aku ada perasaan kat die.
someone: so ko panggil tu ape?
me:entah la tapi bukan scandal la.

Basically, it does not mean if two people are dating they have to be scandals. They are not in a relationship but just dating. As simple as that.

Tuesday, May 5

The day I found that I was talkative and eat too much.

I accidentally woke up at 3 am and find something hurtfully annoying that felt like my whole left jaw swelled.(well, that was the main reason i accidentally woke up)
Reminds me the times i wore braces and ulcers popped out like mushrooms after rainy days.
Pure suicide.
Those were the days where sodium chloride was the only cure.Even bonjela couldn't defeat annoying hurtful ulcers.
Mind me, I was immune for a while the feeling of burning sensation in my mouth and watery eyes.
I can't really eat, I can't really talk properly now
wtf.. I can't chew chicken! (baru balik dari dinner) and I didn't talk throughout dinner or the whole hour of searching oral aid. That's amazing for some people.

Don't suggest drink more water coz I am drinking till I pee my pants...not literally and I already bought bonjela because oral aid tak de. wtf lagi!.


p/s:The IRC is buzzing with study groups and couples studying. Its effin cold in here maybe I should wear a 'fur' coat eskimo-ish.

Monday, May 4


"First u mmg adorably cute to the max as always.
then, the fcuk.. Hee. Kenapa u sgt comelll?"

  1. I know I maybe cute. Keep on repeating that statement 100 times and you'll hear someone's pants 'terkoyak', I am already immune but I loike. come onnn... who doesn't like being 'puji' especially someone like me.
  2. You are cute too. Your text messages are cute and I know you hate the word cute being addressed to you. But ever wonder why we're friends in the first place? wink wink

p/s: I felt appreciated at last ada orang tak rasa malu when i gelak tak boleh stop.


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