Saturday, October 24

house keys

The other day a little girl (well not that little, she's 15) sulked all the way in the car from her best friend's house to her home.

Remembering how mad her daddy got when she accidentally locked the whole family out of the house yesterday.

See, here's the thing about her. She's too anxious getting ready for the sleep over and left the house keys in her room. Ran down and asked her daddy to send her and without any warning she shut the door. It was locked. Then she realizes the keys are in her bed room.

It was 12 am. Everyone is sleepy. The door is locked. Daddy went moody when he found out. Thankfully uncle had a spare key. So they decided to drive for almost an hour to get the keys.

Since it was her fault, her daddy thought she would be worried and will stay. But unfortunately the only thing she is worried about is the sleep over.

Frustrated perhaps with his own daughter's reaction to the unfortunate event of getting locked out side the house at 12 am, he send her with a very bitter feeling. So this middle aged couple drove an hour or so to take their house keys. Thankful again for his wife's brother who had their spare key.

She on the other hand thought her daddy is giving her a hard time of enjoying this little time of freedom before she steps in form 4.

That brings us back to the story of why she sulked. Straight up to her room she walked thinking her daddy doesn't want her to have fun. Shut her bedroom door. Getting ready for a gathering I assume.

There in the living room, he asked his wife, "where's her baju kurung cotton? I want to iron it for her". Honestly, I think that was the sweetest thing a dad would do. He was mad at her but still love her to bits.

moral of the story : please bring extra house keys with you anywhere and family first, show that you love your parents too ;)

Do you remember?

There was once someone used to play No Surprises by Radiohead on his classic guitar. While I used to watch that via web cam. It wasn't addressed to me I guess. But we just happen to share common interest. Music.

For the love of music. Its one of the reason why I got so interested in playing music again after few years I hardly play my organ. How I wouldn't be in love with music once more? We were constantly talking about music. Sharing songs, listening to the guitar strums and sometimes humming.

Oh I want a Les Paul. Can't afford a Gibson. What do you think about the color?Along those lines are the usual ones I used to get on my yahoo messenger.

Its not only music but other things also that made us close. Giving me advice at random times when I kinda thought I need one is surprising in deed. Its like a pop up thingy that knows I'm in need.

Just reminiscing how young and silly we were. I did once, few years ago wondered what would have happen if things worked out differently. If I waited till that very semester ends. But somehow now I am very glad that we stayed friends as always. For you did leave a big impact in my life. Thank you.

I found this in a pile of pictures of guitars you sent. I still think its a beauty.

Tuesday, October 20

whimsically in love

Restless to begin, a wave comes crashing in
The band on stage is tuning, jacarandas are blooming
Your face sketched in my dreams, puts my mind at ease
Beneath the water frozen
The Merrimack river is flowing
Thunder rolling over

Don't say you're not amazed, when you know you are

- Merrimack River by Amanda Leigh-

p/s: I get all warm,fuzzy and jittery listening to this. It reminded me when we first fall. Oh how I miss you. Oh how I love you.

Wednesday, October 14

The death of a lappie

My lappie died away.So sad... I can't save him. Give CPR also cannot work ;(

My theory is, its too heavy and the fan cannot support! now I'm stuck with this gigantic PC.

Everytime I open my blog, the fonts are humongous.
Ok.. imagine this...
I was typing my blog url and obviously I wasnt looking at the screen and press'enter'. Then all sudden, this really huge pink georgia font appear.Terkejut ok! (tak itu exaggerating lebih but yeah I was shocked).

My old dead lappie is only 13 inches, compare it to this flat huge monitor? (O.o')

Despite of getting use to this for a month more, I quite enjoy watching my fave series on a really big screen :D

R.I.P lappie (T.T)

p/s: daddy can I get a new one soon? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I'll wash the car and do the dishes and take out the trash. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hello world!

Hello lovable readers and imaginary readers.
I haven't been blogging for a while.
Its considered a while because I'm always infront of my pc but no time to blog.

I do want to update. Really do but FYP and work is driving me nuts
till I can't tell what day it is.
My eyes are puffy and tired and my sleeping time is like a bat.
Ok enough whining.

Anyhow.. updates?
I did feel like writing but all the sudden tak feel.
ok ape aku merepek ni??

oh well...
see you when ever I see you then ;)

Sunday, October 4

highschool sweetheart

I was listening to crush by mandy moore and it reminded me how giddy most of us girls used to be back in high school.
Giddy when we bumped into our crush that is. The feeling is so innocent and butterflies in tummy all the time. Its like I wanna be with you but I'm too shy.

Back then in 2000, I remembered I had a crush on this really cute guy and being all head over heels everytime he passes by my class.Pass by je tau. Not talk to. Ok I admit it there was written in my note book :P Sounded insanely ridiculous because how can I like someone who I never talk to. I blame hormones. haha.

But somehow I ended up with an *ugly duckling during my high school years. Well personality matters? My gfs were like what are you thinking adreen?! But don't give a shit coz he's just plainly sweet to me. Statement perasan here : I always date the less good looking ones but after WE break up, he'll be good looking tetiba and i was like daymn!

Anyway. Like seriously who would put small soft toys key chain yang super cute under your desk once a month/week (tak ingat but selalu dapat)? Seriously pagi2 masuk class ada soft toy key chain bawah desk was so surprising :D And a valentine's card that's half size of your body length? And those cute little cards/notes almost all the time. Balik from school sama-sama is a must. And sumpah innocent gila coz we don't even dare to hold hands.

Back then my parents were really strict on me. I didn't really have the privileges like my sister have now. I can't go on dates. If I wanted to, I'll have to bring the whole gang out. So usually I'll have my two best friends with me. Even on dates.

This is the part where mintak couple have to be somewhere special. So he wanted to bring me to probably the fanciest restaurant in shah alam and pop up the question. Sounded romantic eyh? But I had to bring my two best friends. He had to ask for me infront of them. Embarrassing but you want the girl, do it her way. It was cute in a weird sense. But that was back then.

Now days, as we grow old sometimes we don't even declare it or mintak couple tepi longkang bawah block perempuan or in the car on the way pegi mcd pastu tak de flakes. Tak de nye over candle lit dinner with a bunch of roses. Its like does the place matters? What matters is who you're with in the end of the day. awwww....

To you who have made my high school exciting and fun, thanks. And yes I still loveeee surprises.

*ugly duckling - you weren't so good looking but after some years you grow up to be incredibly handsome. applies to those who dated me around 2001-2004 :P

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