Saturday, August 14

Kicking Squealing Gucci Little Piggy

I randomly browse a shoe rack at Mango.
It had no signs of the babi bulat.
So I picked up a pair of pretty heels among all those dull sandals.
Checked around but there were no spots.
Asked Maria to checked it again. No spots.
Tried it and it was my size.
Still in doubt, I asked the cashier.
She confirmed it wasn't what I wish it wasn't.
Oh Joy! New heels!
Went back home to try it on again.
But this time I took the time to read the label which is in spanish.
It says there...
Sole 100% pork skin
Lining 80% cow skin, 20% pork skin.
Angry as I was I asked for a refund. I don't want to exchange with something else.
And the cashier told me she KNEW it was pig skin. She sold it to me because she did sell a pig skin shoe to a malay girl. Plus she refuse to refund me.
Called the shop manager and explained the situation. She refuse to refund at first.
Then I told her in a very angry tone. The shoe is not even broken and I can't even touch it why should I exchange?

At last.. I got my refund! hehe

p/s: why are all the pretty shoes contains pig skin lining? why can't they change the lining for muslim market? That would be awesome.

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